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  1. We should demand independent doctors officiate in our next game against Carlton. #nothingbutdodgy
  2. Schofield 2 weeks down to 1 for intentional hit on Oliver and nothing to see with Viney/Hurn clash. For once, I'm in complete agreement with the MRP. Wonders will never cease.
  3. Love the avatar Nasher.
  4. Andy - I'd like to report you. Typical of DL to find something wrong and whinge. Even the admin team have to plug the gap when there's nothing to find fault with!
  5. Elbowing players in the face after the siren is not a great look for the sport. The media and AFL would be better placed focussing on sending this message rather than arguing whether it was a glancing blow or not. from my perspective, Oliver's reaction clearly demonstrated it hurt. #givehimweeks
  6. My wife walked into the front room where I was watching the game last night just as Plugger Mac kicked the winner. She looked at me strangely, as I was standing right in front of the TV shaking my fists in a more animated version of Goody. It took me a while to explain we'd just gone in front with 20 secs to go because I was panting quite hard. she understood in the end, I think. Took me a while to wind down!
  7. I'm amazed the guys didn't get the right boots on after the warmup. Lots of slipping, esp. compared to them.
  8. Back in the dark ages we could see exactly how bad we were. Sure bet we were going to lose. not today, however. Dees by 4 goals.
  9. If Gus can't get past these concussions (god forbid), then we'll just trade him for hawthorns best 2 players at the time. They should be happy enough with that...
  10. So never in the last 25 years then
  11. Have we ever played them at night in Perth? As we keep on winning, these hoodoos are going to become more and more obscure.
  12. Hopefully they haven't made the banner for this week yet on the assumption he was playing! They might have to resurrect last week's banner and save this week's for next?