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  1. I am grateful for ...

    Is that a qualified medical opinion Webber?
  2. Bankers and shankers

    Jack Watts has proven himself in this regard already, last year vs Suns at the G.
  3. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    [censored] he has to lose some weight to get a body shaped like Tulip's. About 30 kegs I'd reckon
  4. I am grateful for ...

    Anyone else reckon Clarry looks like Bluey Truscott?
  5. I am grateful for ...

    I'm grateful our team came good before my 11 yo boy lost all respect for me "making" him barrack for the dees.
  6. Embrace it

    Only one team wins the flag - the other 17 teams and their fans have to focus on other positives. We've won more games than last year, our team is in the top 50% of the competition regardless of results next week. IT IS time to get excited - not so much about whether the cards fall our way this weekend - rather its a massive stepping stone to an all out assault on the flag next year (assuming we don't have a WB type tilt at it this yr).
  7. AFL blackballing the media

    But we do need to work out a pathway to get Slobbo out and Mike Sheahan v2.0 in. id rather read one insightful article a eeek against the volumes of crap printed at the moment.
  8. Redpath 3 weeks shocker.

    Must've been a Carlton doctor giving an expert opinion on the level of damage
  9. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    What are Cameron Bruce and Scott Pendlebury doing in the team??
  10. The Weed

    I remember at the time thinking that Curnow had a great highlight reel but the fact he got done drink driving a week before draft night showed he's not the best decision maker and was a risk. Bolton has clearly had a good influence on him, and it's worked out in retrospect. Weids with a bad ankle was a different risk and I'm sure the medicos looked closely before giving away pick 8/9 on him. He'll be a keeper, no worries at all.
  11. The Weed

    We've all got eyes, but I trust Jason Taylor's eyes much more than mine. Hasn't got one wrong yet, and I'm confident in 12-18 months we will have a player taking us to our next flag
  12. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    joeboy - best summary yet
  13. Changes v Brisbane

    Bring back Watts for the Pies game so he can strike another dagger through their rotten hearts.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Hopefully WJ "the end is near" for our finals drought rather than our 2017 season
  15. Sam Weideman re-signs

    Better than a Jacko-style handstand DA!