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  1. "...and for the third year running, the noise of all the Richmond supporters leaving the ground early tonight reminds us of wheels falling off a bandwagon. Ironically it was the same game last year when these noises surfaced and killed off any hopes of the Tigers doing anything meaningful for the season."
  2. Yep, tried that two years ago. With the crush, three small children (8-10 yrs old) get quite claustrophobic in the crush.
  3. Watch the replay of last years' win whilst I deal with my denial issues.
  4. Anyone know a good place to park? Last year we were stuck in the carpark for a good 45mins - 1hr trying to get out. I did see the club were expecting 75,000 tonight - not sure we'll see that after 60K for the last two years and rain expected tonight, but with three small kids coming along I'm keen to find somewhere local to park without the LONG queue to get out afterwards. Best suggestion wins a prize
  5. Looks like Declan had a good game drunkn - how'd he pull up?
  6. Hawthorn won a flag with Chips playing.
  7. MKR is a crap show, the footy will rate well. I'm sure of it. Frankly I'd watch us in black and white. Love the sentiment, and the jumper as well; but the details to the game plan are important too. If anyone is going to get rubbed out for Hoges, then it should be Col Garland.
  8. Not sure if I'm regurgitating, so apologies if so. the key stat I like out of this is that we have similar i50's to last year with an extra 3.5 shots on goal per game. Not bombing it into the fwd line nearly as much which really [censored] me off last year. Still too early to worry about clearance delta. Don't mind the big increase in UP, we look good when we move it quickly forward through short accurate kicking. MUCH better than years gone by when we would get locked into our half back line and either lob it down the line or do circle work until we turned it over.
  9. Come on guys, look to the positives... he could be playing like Cyril Rioli.
  10. Agree a agree in part Ron, but going missing for a quarter a game in virtually all 4 we've played (q1 stk, q3 carl, q4 heel, q3 fre) is definitely concerning. Geelong result only explainable of these given the injury to Maxy and subsequent lack of depth in the fwd line. Other 3 games like we've come out of the sheds and decided to start playing after giving them a head start (and gifting a few right on half time doesn't help either). what is pleasing however is our performance in the other 3 qtrs. My 11yo boy actually wants to go to the footy now - BIG step up from 2-3 yrs ago.
  11. Only if we were playing Carlton. All other clubs don't [censored] on the medical reports
  12. A couple of questions going through my head: Are the hawks playing for a priority pick? Paul Roos the Hawthorn coach for 2018?
  13. That's really bringing yourself down to a Freo supporter level, especially if you bludgeon a female. Not worth the lifetime ban, especially since we're on the cusp of finals. id have been much happier with a lifetime ban in 2013.
  14. Are you the Riddler? If so, I'm still [censored] off at the draft riddle that didn't have an answer.
  15. Wouldn't sweat being wrong on a developing player DD. What I'm REALLY looking forward to is the day that Oscar has a breakout game and all the detractors (myself included) are proved wrong on him. Primarily because filling this gap is key to our premiership aspirations. Probably side swiping this thread somewhat. Apologies to mods and to Hunty (go you good thing).