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  1. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    I think he’s a ripper. im looking forward to the day he’s seen as a star and his nickname changes from Nibbler to “Mount” Bullen
  2. Matt Febey golf acheivement

    Or a bushranger.
  3. Passing on Stefan Giro

    See yourself out thanks Skuit. Gees.....
  4. Oh - I forgot. Pump him up big time for taking Clarry. Positively. Inspired.
  5. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    You shouldnt be kicking the ball at somebody’s back Dr G! (Especially Gus)
  6. Agree DL, another super guest! I’d be keen to know how many years ahead of next years draft they are tracking juniors and how they manage regions

    Welcome back DA, missed you on the boards. Hope you’re doing ok
  8. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    Wouldn’t be the first player to have a renaissance at his second club, but I reckon we’re still better off overall.
  9. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Frost is not a goal kicker. Coaches tried that 2 years ago and, to their credit, tried for a lot longer than I would have. He’s a strong rebound defender.
  10. This graphic taken from a Herald Sun article in April - shows clubs revenues from Pokies in yellow...we'd need to find something like 22-25% of $45M in revenues equivalent if we were to drop the pokies. It's a problem - the difference between Nth Melb and Carlton is only the pokie generated revenue.
  11. Team Melbourne

    I thought Daisy was our expansion strategy into a new supporter base
  12. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Brayshaw very clever demonstone, very clever. Job well done.
  13. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    10 - Iverson?
  14. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    9 - Matthew Warnock?
  15. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    9 Strawbs O’Dwyer?