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  1. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    I think we've done analysis of OMac to death...
  2. 2017 Player Reviews: # 7 Jack Viney

    Congrats on the back to back bluey's JV. You're an absolute champ.
  3. 2017 Player Reviews: # 4 Jack Watts

    Lest we forget.....
  4. 2017 Player Reviews: # 6 Jordan Lewis

    12 months on, I'm still smiling that he came to us. We get another season from him and the "gamble" on a 3 yr deal was totally worth it.
  5. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Or supporters who can accept mediocrity?
  6. 2017 Player Reviews: # 5 Christian Petracca

    I'm not one for overstatement but I believe he could be the greatest player the AFL has ever seen.
  7. AFL Finals - Week 1

    I hope our guys watched that game last night and thought that could have been us. God knows I did. not sure what the statute of limitations is on holding a grudge, but this one should take me to R1 next year
  8. MFC Goal of the Year

    I was sitting right behind it. Needless to say, redundant argument because the one guy whose opinion counted was the goal umpire and he called it.
  9. MFC Goal of the Year

    I'll never forget the eruption of noise from the Punt Rd end after Watts sealed the QB game. Magic moment, and the look of pure joy on my boy's face. but I picked Clarrys goal from the point of view that I'd taken the family across to watch that game as well and I took sheer delight in whooping loudly and yelling out "how good was that" to the sad maggot stunned crows supporters. PS - it didn't hit the post WB
  10. Three identifiable problems

    My three issues are: 1. First Quarter performance across the year. Q1 - W11, L11 75.7% (ranked 11) Q2 - W12, L8, D2 116.8% (ranked 3) Q3 W13, L9 121.7% (ranked 4) Q4 W13, L9 110.1% (ranked 6) When we win a first quarter, it's by average 11 pts. When we lose, it's by average 23 pts. Pre-bye rounds: Our cumulative points differential from rounds 1-10 (points for - points against) was -96 for first quarters. Biggest positive qtr time margin pre-bye was 6 pts (out of 4 wins), biggest deficit 27pts (out of 6 losses). Post-bye rounds: Our cumulative points differential post bye was -31 for first quarters. Biggest positive margin post bye was 32 pts (Saints), notable 25 pt margins v WB and Port. Nothing else to write home about. Biggest qtr time deficit was 36 pts (GWS), 35 pts (Adel), 32 pts (Coll). Better than pre-bye performance but wildly inconsistent. Only against St Kilda (R1), GCS (R10) and Carlton (R16) did we turn a deficit at qtr time into a win. 2. Our coaching staff, with all their access to stats, did nothing visible to improve first quarter performances across the year. Need to change something up fellas. 3. Suspensions. Bernie needs to take a good hard look at himself. Lewis same, you're both supposed to be leaders FFS. Bugg has a bit to answer for. Carlton medical staff can GAGF.
  11. Deep Dive for Viney

    If he was done for the season, I'd trust the club to tell us that was the case. I believe he's got the classic 426 and the club are massaging this message taking account for the bye. because nobody trusts Misso when he says 426 anymore.
  12. Jake Spencer courted by other clubs

    Pencil + 1st rounder to crows for Lever?

    Balls, you're spot on with respect to Dunn - the comment was made by Taylor Adams just before QB game, not by Lynden. I share your views on his leaving the club, and always look forward to watching him unload a torp from full back. Also agree with your views on Howey - he left for a life kicking goals in a successful club and finds himself where he was with us four years ago. Stuck in the backline of a not-good-enough club. He can suck a bag of dicks.

    He's sending that message to the whole list. If you're in form, we'll give you a crack. And we do what we say we do.
  15. NJ 2 signed and worn guernsey

    Is it your signature or Chunks?