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  1. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Thinking out of left field - the Balmy medal?
  2. List of shockers in past two seasons.

    Bit too graphic for my tastes SWYL!
  3. Where to play TMac?

    Definitely not at Casey
  4. Training 19/4

    I for one can vouch for this training regime, I'm super fit.
  5. Changes v Richmond

    Bugg 4 goals 1 vs Roos and 0 goals 6 in his other two games. The best type of pressure is scoreboard pressure. Needs to kick 30+ at a decent conversion ratio in the magoos before he gets another look in.

    To quote Arj Barker Put a filing cabinet in your toilet and sort your [censored] out.
  7. Clarry's goal

    So you prefer him over Pedo PD?
  8. Lyon on Brayshaw

    Sounds like a solid preseason
  9. Lyon on Brayshaw

    If this was true, I’d be fit enough to put my hand up for a game
  10. Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    Stretch had a blinder ehen we beat the Hawks in 2016, gee I’d love to see him do it again.
  11. Dal Santo names Jetta 6th Best Defender so far.

    As much as I love Jetts, I reckon he’s had a pretty quiet start to the year, so this is a bit of a surprise. loved his bump on BBrown that said
  12. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    We are equal first for quarters won. Stats say dees, Sportsbet say dees, MFCSS says Hawks
  13. The Last Time They Met

    But we did have Viney, Red, and Jack Watts. (stirring.....)
  14. Stats-file 2018

    I like this stat this weekend our 1s and 2s kicked over 300 points
  15. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Frosty fined for the sling tackle and nothing to see here for Nev’s bump on Brown. Happy days, both available for Sunday i also notice that the MRP didn’t cite Umpire 26 for bringing the game into disrepute