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  1. Paxi

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    Bugg had 28 disposals today. Always contributes, though some games are a little quieter. Provides plenty of forward pressure. With injuries mounting up he could still be a chance.
  2. And it didn't look that bad when he did it! I initially thought he had cramp and the physios worked on him for a while near the interchange bench. I thought Mitch King's knee injury was worse, yet he is a 50/50 chance this week! Ironic!
  3. Paxi

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    Corey Machaya is certainly a player to keep an eye on. He seems to get better with every game I see him in. He is elusive, clean hands in packs and delivers well be foot.
  4. Paxi

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    Once Mitch King went off injured Tim Smith was moved into the ruck and I thought her performed really well, winning several tap outs to advantage and as usual competing strongly around the packs, laying some great tackles. I was surprised that Filopovic was not moved onto the ball at this time, but was kept in the forward line. I worry that this may be Filopovic's last year, as I do not think the King and Lachie have really come on as much as would have been hoped.
  5. Paxi

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    Totally agree with you. Dec has had a really consistent year and has shown he can be a most versatile player, playing predominantly back, but able to go forward and take a grab, kick a goal, but also play in the ruck at a pinch. If we don't keep him on the list there should be a few other sides that take a serious look at him.
  6. Paxi

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL

    Mitch King has an elbow injury and will miss at least 4 weeks.
  7. Weideman has been spending time in the ruck in the VFL and doing quite well. I would think that he may spend some limited time on the ball, and to retain a tall presence in the forward line we may rest Max up forward.
  8. Paxi

    Coburg Lions v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 1

    Extremely strong side. Should be a very convincing win, especially with players pressing for senior selection. Kent and Frost's good form was rewarded with selection this week, so players must perform if they hope to play with the seniors. Hopefully Brayshaw can play well.
  9. I believe that Corey Wagner is playing with Casey, though I had no idea what he looks like. At last week's practice match I had to ask some non participating Casey players sitting in the stand who was the blonde haired player, with the hair bun - as he seemed to be getting the ball on a regular basis. They told me it was Wags! I also believe that Dylan Gordon has also played in the last two practice games. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure it was him - having seen him play quite a bit last year. However Whispering Jack seems to have greater knowledge of Casey Demons happenings than I.
  10. Corey Wagner is most definitely lining up with Casey this year and has played the last two practice games. I thought he had been quite impressive - particularly last week. He has no trouble finding the ball. I think he has been playing on ball or half back.
  11. 1961 is a little bit before my time 'dieter'. My first memories of the football are from 1964 (when I was 9) and watching the GF in standing room.
  12. The number 68 ruckman was Kieran Byers 203 cm 21 year old. Must be on Casey's list. I was like you and very impressed by him. One to keep an eye on.
  13. Had trouble getting s signal today, so had to wait till I got home. Casey 12 15 87 to Box Hill 4 8 32 Melbourne listed players participating were :- Frost - Solid in defence and in the air. Would love to see him in our best 22, but cannot see whose place he would take. Provides really good run and carry from defence. Jetta - Solid as usual, as we would expect. Provides plenty of attacking opportunities and blankets his opposition. Harmes - Played really well. Took some great marks and kicked at least one goal. Provided plenty of run. Tyson - Played a really good link up role and set up several attacking opportunities. Ready for round one. Tim Smith - Improved as the game went on and was more involved in the game than last week. Starting to find some form. Still a way off though. Garlett - Limited opportunities, but will be better for the run. Even spent some time in the midfield with Jetta. Kent - Played well, but missed out on kicking multiple goals. Using his body well in contests and starting to see his speed. Joel Smith - Did some good things in defence, but didn't see a great deal of him. Looking forward to him getting some more game time and recapturing the early season form he showed last year. Weideman - Kicked 2 goals and took some good marks. Had quite a bit of game time on the ball and I was impressed with his tap work. Competed well. Number 68 (for Whispering Jack) was Kieran Byers - a 203 com 20 or 21 years of age. I saw a team sheet that someone had and had to look him up. Really impressed me with his ruck work and follow up and uses his body quite well for one so young. One to watch I would have thought. None of our young players played today - Spargo, Balic, Petty. King, Filopovic, Keilty (injured ribs), JKH, Baker or Johnstone. Casey Demons dominated the game today in hot conditions.
  14. Paxi

    Casey Demons 2018

    I know Casey Demons struggle to get sufficient volunteers e.g canteen on the far side of the ground rarely opened. Maybe they have not been able to get anyone to update their web page and keep it current -listing things such as practice games and team lists.
  15. A hotly contested game in extremely hot conditions. According to my car temperature gauge it was 42 degrees when I got back to the car and it didn't drop below 36 all the way home. Players rotated frequently and they appeared spent when sitting on the bench. It was a gritty win for Casey Demons as both key defenders in Keilty and Gordon went off injured by half time. This left Petty as the key defender, and though he was out muscled on a few occasions he showed real promise (in my humble opinion). He is still lightly built and at present will struggle against bigger bodied forwards, however he reads the play extremely well and is good overhead. Also a good kick to position. JFK looked to be our stand out player over 4 qtrs., though he understandably tired as the game progressed. 3 goals was just reward for his work rate, Spargo has great skills and provides plenty of outside run, as well as winning his own contested ball and creating opportunities for others. Kicked 2 goals I think. Harley Balic looked very promising and not far off a senior game. Strong bodied and wins plenty of the ball and uses it well. Weideman kicked a goal after a strong mark and became more involved as the game progressed. Started winning the ball up on the half forward/wing. Often finds himself double teamed and competing against the full back and their ruck dropping back in to defence. Oscar Baker has good speed and tries to be creative to set up attacking opportunities. Uses the ball quite well and also takes a good mark. Uses his speed to get o plenty of contests. Used off half back today. Good to see Tim Smith back after 12 months out. Looked understandably rusty and the run will do him good. Took a couple of typical strong marks. Keilty was good until injured. Marked well overhead and used the ball well from defence. Dean Kent was his usual bullocking self and kicked at least one goal and could have got a couple more. His strong contested work does set up opportunities for others. Dion Johnstone was in the same boat as Kent, but I did not sight him as much. Still an excellent tackler. Matt King's ruck work was very good, often giving our mid fielders first use of the ball. He has a good leap and he could have kicked a few goals if he had held on to all his marks. Lochie Filopovic has really filled out and competed well against two bigger bodied Port ruckmen. He collected a head knock which required bandaging several times. Great to see Jade Rawlings giving plenty of positive feed back to the players at the breaks. On another positive note Casey have maintained Dylan Gordon, Mitch Gent, Angus Scott, Goy Louk (finished the game on crutches after coming off in the 3rd qtr) and Jimmy Munro. Jack Hutchins didn't play and will certainly help bolster the defence. Max Gawn. Cam Pederson and Bayley Fritsch were MFC players in attendance.