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  1. Just noted, we are back in the 8!!
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the farce that is the MRP may be an opportunity for everyone at the club to galvanise the "us versus them" mentality developed brilliantly in the Northey era. We were unfashionable but united, and when the likes of Rod Grinter and Big Strawbs O'Dwyer were regularly given holidays by the farce that was the tribunal in those days, it was used as a point of motivation and strength for everyone associated with the club. At the playing level, Hogan and Lewis will be be sorely missed, however, there will be two spots available for someone on the list to come in and play a role. More importantly, the team and the club have a golden opportunity to shove it up the AFL, its archaic "systems" and show that we are deadly serious about our improvement and our place in the football world.
  3. I thought the comments by Roos on FOX about breaking the lines were fascinating. Rather than kick long to the opposition defensive wall and a 50/50 at best, kick a half or three quarter kick to the hole before the wall, then go over the top and out the back.
  4. Yes you can. I got General Admission through Ticketmaster exactly for that reason.
  5. I just do not want this thread to disappear! It was the best of times. And just perhaps we are on the verge......
  6. .........McCann the spoiler, Williams the swooper.......
  7. Gold SWYL - compulsory viewing for all demons under the age of 40
  8. Absolutely brilliant. Up there with Round 22 1987 and the Elimination vs North and the Semi vs Sydney in 87. Never ever tire of watching those. A key link - the incomparable Tim Lane. "The G was awash with red and blue...." etc etc Fantastic! By the way, that number 4 can play a bit as well....
  9. Ahhhh! Great to have the footy back - share the loathing - the druggies, the filth or the clowns who adjudicate.....
  10. Yes, I agree - to have the thread or links permanently at the top of the board would be a fantastic on-going reference point. A brilliant resource. How good was Jackovic.......
  11. I have two copies of this gem of a book. One handed down through a family of demon supporters (my great great grandfather was a member at the turn of the 20th century) and the other I picked up at a garage sale many years ago. Fascinating history of the club up to 1958 (the year I was born as fate would have it), especially the pre Great War era and of course the golden era from 1939 through to the late 50's. Not sure what the dollar value would be, but priceless in terms of demon heritage.
  12. the house down........(just wanted to get poll position on this one!!)
  13. Ah the romance of it all - the football world love the doggies, but particularly the commentators and the yellow clowns in control - nauseating.....
  14. Just so sad that Jack Grimes turns it over and over time and time again. Career defining aspect of his game.
  15. It was, I think the game at Waverley versus Geelong, that I began to believe the miracle may be possible. I was teaching in Warrnambool at the time and I knew that one more loss would mean the end of the dream, so I made the three hour drive week after week, with the dream building its own momentum with each victory. The greatest days of my football supporting life - ending of course in the tragedy at Waverley (which I also refuse to discuss.) When you went into the rooms before the game in the Swooper era you could always tell if the boys were "up". It was a great insight into how smart Northey was. A little bit later I remember Neil Balme and Allen Jakovich doing reverse bananas around the pylons in the old rooms, probably 20 minutes before game time. A true "match day experience" - certainly not something that the marketing clowns who run the game today would have any clue about.