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    As much as I love Tommy Bugg’s intensity, his fast time trials and his “redemption”from last year’s brain fade, he simply cannot hit a target!
  2. 20 Great Games

    I’ve posted this a few times - but the last 8 games of ‘87 (including the first two finals, but not the never to be watched or mentioned PF) was just the most exciting 2 months of football one could ever imagine. Never to be forgotten.
  3. Peter Jackson on SEN 24/10/17

    Back to the Jake gags - me and a mate went without fail at everygame: Question: Why is Peter Walsh called “whopper”. Answer: Because horse, hose and snake are already taken. Boom tish
  4. Just listened this afternoon. What an absolute ripping bloke. One of the most exciting entertainers - any club, any era.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Now that we have Lever, any thoughts of simply taking the Watts deal/plan off the table??
  6. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    The music is OK! No doof doof, however the choice of songs are perfect with the massive elephant in the room!
  7. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Our mate clown 15 getting involved again
  8. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Adelaide looking pretty good, but Geelong exposed as to what we have all known this year. No amount of Lingy hype, Duckwood or Dangerflog can hide the fact. Bwooce is "stunned"!
  9. 17 Years Ago: At the Gates of Glory

    This oft forgotten game is up there with the 87 Elimination and First Semi Finals as examples of sheer brilliance by the lads in red and blue. I remember sitting in the Southern Stand just behind David Cordner who engaged in some fantastic banter about our "greatest No 28". A wet night at the G, but the excitement it created for the following week was profound. Of course Sheedy's unforgivable and never to be forgotten thuggery put paid to any chance 2000 might have broken the curse.
  10. AFL Finals - Week 2

    The AFL/Rules Committee/Umpires Department simply must do something about the complete disconnect between the "rules" and the "spirit" of the game. Add in the total incompetence of our alleged "senior" adjudicators and the we have our great game teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Rant over.
  11. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Maggot 15 - running away with players following , questioning, pleading. Very common occurrence. Where there is smoke there fire.
  12. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Maggot 15. Say no more
  13. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Up there with my most favourite "get me through the turnstiles" MFC players of all time - Flower, Jakovich, The Wizz, then........
  14. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I'm still banging on about the 2 Umpires at yesterday's Eagles game being Western Australian. I'm happy to be corrected, but No 22 and No6, are I think, listed as Western Australian. Does that not raise a whiff of an integrity problem in a game involving a Western Australian side in a game critical to the outcome of the whole competition? I know integrity and the AFL don't really mix, but fair dinkum....Incidently I thought the Crows were slaughtered at key moments. The front on tackle in the goal square to Crows McGovern - play on, and the free kick for the low tackle to the eagles back pocket, when he had taken the ball, taken the tackler on, been tackled over the boundary line and then dropped the ball. Unbelievable - that was clown No 6.
  15. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Just on the clowns - are not Maggot 6 and 22 both Western Australian??