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  1. Call Me What You Will

    We’re going to win the Flag next year - what do you do when we do?

    Coping with the Grand Final itself will be half the battle. Having lived through 88 and 2000 live, part of me still has trouble with the trauma of those fateful days. Having embraced our wonderful 2018 journey, and putting aside the huge let down of Preliminary Final Day over there, I watched this year’s Grand Final with a strong “what if” mindset. When Darling took that mark in the 3rd quarter, I made the comment “the filth will lose this”. I backed it up with - “this is the sort of game that Melbourne would find a way to lose.....” Clearly, I still need my therapy, but my god, these are exciting times......
  2. Call Me What You Will

    Good Luck to all the VCE Students

    I thought Charlie was still only in Year 8!
  3. Call Me What You Will

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Quite simply, what a wonderful extended family we all belong to - so much diversity, yet united by a common love of all things and people red and blue.
  4. Call Me What You Will

    2019 Fixture

    How on earth can a multi-dollar organisation delay its announcement because the feedback was not positive......Ah, sorry, I forgot, we are talking AFL here! Beggars belief.
  5. Call Me What You Will

    2019 Fixture

    Every game will be a danger game as we become the hunted. To be honest, I don’t care who we play, when or where - as long as we win lots and lots of them. The commercial side will look after itself if we do that. Quite possibly, an opener in March against Port will draw a lot more people than a cold afternoon or evening in the middle of winter against the same mob.
  6. Call Me What You Will

    Let the Yawn Fest Begin

    Now the dust has settled, watched the Geelong final again last night - straight through - no ad breaks! How good was the tackling! How we missed those second quarter goals!! What an absolute smashing. Elimination Final tonight vs Hawthorn.......... Yep, could be a long summer!
  7. Call Me What You Will

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    The “squad” approach is an interesting one. Yes, in the world game where teams play 40 to 50 games a season, astute managers will do just that - manage the squad. Key players will be rotated and rested. In our game, with less games and less margin for error, the mantra of “don’t flirt with your form” has always resonated. Interesting times.
  8. Call Me What You Will

    Calling all MCC Members

    Yep, No squirming here either. Full MCC for 40 years. Full MFC - 31 Consecutive Years - plus underwriting 4 other MFC memberships for my beloved family!! (M51 Reserved Seats). Very proud MFC Member who happens to be lucky enough also to be an MCC Member as well!
  9. Call Me What You Will

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Wow! Just wow! Circus ! Now we embrace Jessie - map a very clear pre-season plan for him at Centre Half Back. Engage David Neitz as a personal mentor - Neitz’s transition from Forward to Back and then Forward again should be the template for a Jessie Hogan 5 year plan at the Dees. we should all embrace this new opportunity.
  10. Call Me What You Will

    The 1964 Grand Final Banners

    Gil and his corporate clowns have so much to answer for.......
  11. Call Me What You Will

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Money had nothing to do with the May conversation - it was more about accessing draft picks to get the deal done. Gaff is a free agent I believe.
  12. Call Me What You Will

    Josh Mahoney - Trade Radio 2/10/18

    Gripping 15 minutes. The more I hear and see what our back room team do, the more comfortable I am with the direction of our club. We are in good hands! Clear and concise. Brilliant.
  13. Call Me What You Will

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Whilst not compensation for the disappointment of the weekend, how good was it to have 3 players “taking votes off each other” - brilliant work lads and bring on 2019.
  14. Call Me What You Will

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    The dream is over, but not angry! Just sad it had to end like this. Lot’s of “learnings” from today, but a fantastic ride over the last 6 weeks. This team will get better and better - especially by referencing the disappointment of today.
  15. Call Me What You Will

    The Other Preliminary Final

    Seriously, Bwooce is a complete [censored] on nights like these!