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  1. Embrace it

    I lived through '87 and as I've posted in a number of forums getting to the finals was the most exciting, all embracing sporting 6 weeks of my life. It had been 23 years, there was the Robbie factor, it was a final 5, not an 8, it was skin of the teeth every nail biting week in those 6 weeks - any loss meant the dream was over. No one really expected us to make it. Then the extraordinary events of Round 22 happened and everything fell into place. (If you can, check out a Tim Lane's "live" coverage of the events of Round 22 on the Winners on ABC - still sends goosebumps up my back). Then, there was was the Finals - I agree I have never seen any side, in any era, play any better than Dees did in week 1 or 2 of the 87 finals. Then there was the tragedy at Waverley and it was all over. 2017 for me is a bit different. If we do not make it will not because we did not dare to dream, it will because we had a golden opportunity to do something special and we just dropped the ball a couple of times (Norf x 2, Freo, Hawthorn). Go dees versus the mortal enemy, and if that fails, for god sake, go Crows.
  2. Member appreciation

    Great stuff HardBallGet and thanks for sharing with us when you got back to your seats! Now you know who I am on DL!!!
  3. Opponent in finals

    I just do not get this "we are there stuff". A loss to Collingwood with a win to the Eagles (with everything to play for) could very easily see us drop out. It has been my nightmare scenario for the last 3 weeks. Win against Collingwood and yes, start thinking about who we play. Lose to Collingwood and it will more than likely be irrelevant. Go Dees at the last (but very significant) hurdle.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Yep, only the Dees could finish the quarter that way. Back to the garden. I'm done!
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Clown 3 - Leigh Fisher, does not bode well either. Could not play, certainly cannot umpire. Always looking around corners, missing obvious ones and plucking random decisions - usually against the red and blue.
  6. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    Fundamental basic error by Clown 22 gifts Sydney a goal. Any comment on that one Scwabby?
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Am watching from afar - Siem Reap in Cambodia. I note that clown Maggot 15 is listed to run around and impose himself on the contest. Not a good sign. Despite that, go Dees, and both Jacks on their special days. A massive day - not the be all and end all, but a win could really set up the rest of the year. Go Dees!

    Strong club will not rush players back. I like that. Go dees in the top end!
  9. My goodness it's been an ordinary week for the Brand we know as AFL. I'm wondering if they might consider bringing back the reserves and having six games on a Saturday afternoon. Now there's a thought.....
  10. Match Review Panel Farce

    The AFL continues to display the qualities of a true banana republic. Pseudo intellectuals, co-opted legal counsel all supported by a psychophantic media scrum. The people's game no more. Nothing feels or smells even half OK by the extraordinary events of the last 5 hours.
  11. Match Review Panel Farce

    Lewis 3, Trengove 3, Hogan 2....... Lamb carried off unconscious.... Houli 2. Wow! AFL at its mind numbing best. Tribunal bringing the game into disrepute perhaps?
  12. When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    Ahhhh! HSC English - 1975! What a night for reflection!!
  13. Is Ling a commentator or special comments?

    "Hit the boundary line....... "I've gone Butch" .... "I've had three heart attacks already"..... and one from Ian Robertson at the glorious last round at the Western Oval in 87... "Cousins...., go for it harder son... this is a desperate situation...." Pure gold, that the fellows today could not even dream of!!
  14. Non MFC Matches - Round 10

    Yep, for the next 15 minutes - go blues.....
  15. Non MFC Matches - Round 10

    "God helps us with the rules of the game" - Gerard Whately ABC 9.36pm. Says it all.