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  1. Call Me What You Will

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Massive opportunity this Friday night to regain the momentum lost last Monday. Media blackout please - drain the bath water - lads, simply go over there and get the job done.
  2. Call Me What You Will

    Jordan Lewis is absolutely cooked, never pick him again

    Wow! A bit harsh I would have thought.
  3. Call Me What You Will

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    I remember the day well. Sitting in the members on the “Tavern Bar” level. Remembered vividly for the Tilbrook and Swann show - had no idea it was the debut for our superstar.
  4. Call Me What You Will

    Simon Goodwin on SEN (7/6)

    What an incredibly powerful interview! For me, the big takeaway is the strength of the new culture that drives this club that we all love so much. Go Dees.
  5. Call Me What You Will

    Round 16, 1990 - Essendon vs Melb at Windy Hill

    Magic commentary by Ian Robertson: "....what...they say umpires don't influence games......"
  6. Call Me What You Will

    Give us some credit! (Media reaction merged thread)

    Just watched the replay again - as much as I normally loathe the Channel 7 coverage, I thought Bwooce and BT toned down the matey banter a bit. (No “Lingy” No “Richo” to share inside blokes gags). Message there Channel 7. Daisy is a gun and BT’s NT travelogue stuff showed a more sensitive side to him. What I simply cannot abide is Bwooces fawning pathetic love for “Duck”. I believe “Duck” is not really a very nice person, and yet we hear the dribble coming out of Bwooces mouth at every opportunity. I thought he may have been better than that.
  7. Call Me What You Will

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Started going to the footy in 65, 66. Remember 64 but too young to go. This is simply the best side I have ever seen. 87 was a brilliant emotional ride and The Reverand’s every second year teams were giid fun and ripping personalities - but this team goes way beyond that! Got to make it count now.
  8. Call Me What You Will

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    That is seriously big news!
  9. Call Me What You Will

    What's Our Most Iconic Number?

    Paul Goss?
  10. Call Me What You Will

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    Yep, Dare I say it, I loathe this club and its entitled arrogance more than the Filth. Not quite up with the Family Club, but pretty much line ball!
  11. Call Me What You Will

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    Whilst I am neutral in terms of my personal empathy with Mr Neeld, Essendrug’s gradual unravelling is the gift that keeps on giving. May they go down the gurgler slowly and painfully.
  12. I banged on about this in the aftermath of Round 23. The crucial Eagles vs Crows game was maggoted by No 6 and No 22 - both Western Australians I believe. We all know how it went that day. AFL arrogance and the maggots being untouchable ensure “integrity” or at the very least “perception” of integrity is never on the agenda in our game.
  13. Is one of the worst - often blind sided, looking around corners and guessing....
  14. Call Me What You Will

    Daniher under the Pump; Will Destroy Us

    I must admit it has been a recurring nightmare since ANZAC Day.
  15. Call Me What You Will

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    The Northey Medal?