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  1. Yea i understand that and your right but she's 33 and has been with us from the start, i really hope she can get back it will be hard missing the first flag
  2. Really bad luck for Mel bloody horrible ,we are going to miss her
  3. BLOODY WRAPPED !!!! with this news about time ,never go back to white again .
  4. Great game Gus stoked for him and us
  5. Just like arguing about religion or politics the argument will just go around in circles,you have your opinion i have mine and really dont care enough to go on about it....agree to disagree,each to their own and so on. I wont be booing or turning off the TV or spew up but have fun which ever way you go.
  6. WOW amazing how many people on here have never made mistakes in their life,hats off to you . I think the only mistake Hird made was trusting the wrong people ( Dank ) just as the players trusted the club, i dont believe they tried to cheat the system, just get as close to the line as you can,which you can do legally . They just had a weak dog (Dank) running the show,who has never said a word , Hird made a mistake he has paid a huge price as have the players ... time to let it go . Happy for him to present the medal and hope there is no booing not a good thing for the player who wins it either just to hear booing .
  7. Agree with this, hopefully we learn from this. The boys just ran out of gas.
  8. Just being bored I was thinking about our over all play in games and how many quarters we have won so far this year,so i put together a ladder on quarters won by everyone to see what the ladder would look like ... yes i am bored so i gave 1 point for each Q won,none if the Q was drawn and 1 point if you won the game. So before last nights game 48Q have been played we have won 30 and lost 18,we have won 7 games so that gives us 37 pts and % would be the same so the ladder would like this... Ade 42 pts compared to the real ladder Ade 36 pts P.A 40 GWS 36 GWS 39 Geel 32 Melb 37 P.A 28 Geel 32 Melb 28 Ess 31 Rich 28 Rich 30 WC 28 WC 30 Ess 24 --------- ------------- Syd 29 WB 24 WB 28 StK 24 StK 27 Fre 24 Coll 26 Syd 20 GC 26 Coll 20 Carl 26 GC 20 NM 24 Carl 20 Fre 24 NM 16 Haw 24 Haw 16 Bris 17 Bris 8 Ok i think i will go and mow the lawn now ....
  9. What are you saying ? you pot him saying he does nothing then say we would have won if we had him play,you have a foot in both camps or in your mouth.
  10. I think we will win this one , think Cox might play to try and stretch us fwd / ruck, need to win the midfield battle and hit them hard ....GO DEE'S
  11. As long as he can play next week dont care either way
  12. Have heard Lou Richards has passed, very sad the end of a great time in footy grew up hearing him.he had a good life and thoughts with his family
  13. im excited for Spence as well i think he will do very well and hold his own," go thru em Jake"
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