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  1. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Got down to Gosch's today for about 80 minutes... observations other than those already mentioned, Bernie's predicted demise was premature! His ball handling and kicking to position in the conditions was of the highest quality and he was up to speed in the sprints Ditto Lewis Impressed by Filipovic's increased bulk, athletic running and sure hands Jetta terrific in man on man defensive rebound activity Oscar McD consistently effective at spoiling in the arial contests Tom McD had the safest hands in the marking exercises I watched Petracca bustles like a bull and gets what he wants Bugg is looking like best 22 again Lewis an unlikely dead-eyed-dick on the day Oh yes, a bloke called Clayton continues to make the difficult look easy
  2. Where's Harrison Petty?

    This may be a little petty, but I note that Harrison and number 35 have disappeared off the listed players on the official site... has he been seen recently?
  3. Where's Harrison Petty?

    Ok... he may be next up!
  4. Where's Harrison Petty?

    Interesting that the Cocca didn't mention him in the latest list assessment...
  5. Max Gawn Contract Extension

    Fabulous outcome for very obvious reasons which Max referred to in his press release. Any detractors on this thread would be better suited to scouring the JFK files to find who it was on the grassy knoll... fair dinkum!
  6. Trade rumours

    This thread certainly identifies which posters I'll bother reading in the months ahead... for that I am grateful
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    So much has been said... I didn't think I had anything to add leading up to Jack's transfer. Now I feel the need to say something about the significant contribution Jack has made to our daily football diet here at the MFC. I have met Jack a few times inside and outside of the MFC precinct. He is a model citizen in my opinion. Jack is gifted in the sense that he is intelligent, handsome, and athletic. He is a 'natural' people person. He oozes charm; is a mother's dream as a positive role model for boys.... oh, did I mention extremely marketable! That is my opinion of Jack as a person... as a footballer, sublime skills... can make time switch to slow-motion in tight situations - in my top three deliverers by foot alongside Robbie and Flash! Jack plays football like a basketballer! Andrew Gaze reckons he had a career with the Boomers if he wanted it instead of AFL. This is where the cracks appear! Goodwin doesn't want his team to play basketball (Roos had a soft spot for that skill set). I love Jack and what he brings... I wish him the very best in this next chapter. For Jack there has always been more to life than football. To win a Premiership we need 22 blokes who believe football is everything!

    Goodwin critics are premature...

    I'm not even going to bother to rewind to find who suggested trading Brayshaw.... My advice "Get a grip!"
  10. Colin Sylvia

    Don't believe in putting the boot in when someone is down!
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Love Jack Watts... agree with all the positive comments made here. I'm keeping it simple.... Jack represents the most obvious means for MFC to improve its list. He has value... a hell of a lot more value than anyone else we would contemplate trading. We will benefit from Jack's impending departure!
  12. Bernie Vince Re-Signs for 2018

    Bernie is very comfortably best 22! As for kick-ins, don't the detractors watch other AFL teams... all the kick-in specialists stuff up once in a while. Bernie has a few bloopers but offsets this by being a genuine hard nut who can unsettle the star performers in other teams. He probably needs to be relieved of the high-pressure defensive stuff occasionally. Bernie has a lot to offer as a forward (in small doses). Being a competitive beast, he thrives on a challenge. Haters, keep telling him he is washed-up and we'll get another decent three years out of him!
  13. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Thanks KC, you're coverage is sensational! I depend on you and you always deliver. I hope this relationship continues into 2018 and beyond.
  14. Great man Trenners! He will find a place, blokes of that quality are hard to come by. I don't think his playing days are over, but I understand MFC's point of view. About Oscar... he is young. He has some stats that are impressive. His ball use by foot is pretty good... but he is a slow mover, and he doesn't invite physical contact! I'm prepared to wait and see if he can improve on his weaknesses!
  15. End of year delistings

    Justin Plapp: "Josh Wagner: Josh had 26 disposals, including 12 contested possessions, three tackles and four rebound 50s. After being left out of the AFL team, I thought he was pretty significant in the first half. He was able to get his hands on the ball and link-up. As the game went on, we had to shift him to half-back, where he’s more comfortable. But his game, on a tough night, was solid." Haters... show me the data where someone else who plays this role did better last weekend... for any team!
  16. End of year delistings

    IMO supporters who claim Vince and/or Wagner should be delisted have no cred. Wagner is sponsored by Demonland FCS! Vince is a recent B&F who brings much more to the team than the occasional turnover!!! I don't have time to list the data... so I guess that makes me a [censored] with an opinion!

    Methinks a couple of Deemomlanders need to revisit some clips of David Neitz! Comparisons with our Tom are taking the pizz, surely!
  18. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Sit back and watch the umpiring kick in!
  19. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    I hope the flogs who represented us on Saturday are watching and realizing how much it stings to hand your destiny to even bigger flogs out west!
  20. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Time to name names... who wasn't up to it? 2 ordinary 10 didn't contribute 11 ordinary 12 struggled 19 outplayed 25 uninspiring 28 pretender 43 didn't contribute
  21. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    We don't give up a ridiculous 1st Qtr deficit... guess what? We win. Weak as .... Demons!
  22. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    You will know that I am reluctant to have a go at players, but tonight I am going to lash out! Oscar McDonald is too slow to play this game, Frost is a much better option. Tom McDonald is only marginally better in a tight situation... has no skills below the knees and intelligence is debatable. Harmes gave us nothing today. Hannon was only rescued by 4th Qtr. Gawn was beaten and did not rise to the occasion.
  23. Christian Salem offered a week

    Just as I anticipated... Salem's impending execution was postponed due to a reality check. The hysterical noise that was generated over this incident borders on fake news. I think the reaction of all the opposition players nearby sums it up for me.
  24. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    Most of the free kicks against Gawn at the centre bounce were NOT in the spirit of the game. Furthermore, those decisions showed a lack of football intelligence by the umpire(s) adjudicating.
  25. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Clear example of umpire corruption! Razor can't help himself. He is a blight on the game. Loves a momentum shift and is prepared to create one. I acknowledge 3 glaring MFC mistakes that qtr. The rest was umpire momentum. New ruck rules invented against max. Bounce the ball so it lands above Max's head, then don't let him protect himself with hands..... Corrupt AFL...