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    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Bradke has remained whilst most of his rehab group have departed. He is a keen observer of the senior players and occasionally gets instruction from a trainer on the finer points of the current activity
  2. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Fritsch predominantly back
  3. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Hibberd everywhere in 3/4 field match play.
  4. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Bedford seems to have very good foot skills.... Pruess also hits targets ... Sparrow tends to give the short kick more air... Fritsch still the standout by foot
  5. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Impressed by Baker’s size... has a body to back his pace... looks like he will get games in 2019
  6. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    The main group had a lot of fun in the initial warm up... the final exercise had pairs with both hands on the one football. When the whistle was blown the pairs had to try and rip the footy out of their opponents grip.., Jetta proved too tricky for Max, while Weids and May were called into the centre of the group to contest the ‘final’. The rest of the group were asked to stand behind the player they thought would win. Great delight from the Weiderman group when he was lightning in snapping the ball away from May... then ran off hurling the ball into the air to the delight of his ‘followers’!
  7. waynewussell

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Everyone on list out on the paddock... Hannan was very strong in the boundary line runs with rehab group... Keilty and Maynard also running well, Bradke bringing up the rear. Gus Walker running laps at medium pace by himself
  8. waynewussell

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    All this talk about Petracca's body shape/fitness is mildly amusing and symptomatic of the off-season blues. I suggest the doubters get down to Gosch's and have a closer look first hand... if that is out of the question, show some respect for the supporters who have. Petracca is tracking very well and we are blessed to have his unique talents. He is powerful, intuitive and highly effective in the role he played throughout a successful finals campaign... If it ain't broke...!
  9. waynewussell

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Respect is such a difficult concept for some!
  10. waynewussell

    Farewell Dean Kent

    For those potting Garlett, check your stats on small forwards scoring 40+ goals in a season... Jeff has done it 5 times!
  11. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Viney, Jones... whats not to like? You must be a huge fan of yourself!
  12. waynewussell

    Bernie Vince Retires

    Love Bernie... he is so easy to love! I agree with all the great things that Demonlanders have expressed above. I hope we can keep him at the club for some time yet. He is such a positive influence! I wish him the best, wherever life takes him from here. Thank you Bernie for all the belief you restored, for all the fun you shared and for representing our Club with distinction!
  13. waynewussell

    Jetta and LeCras

    Yes... this is closest to the pin for mine! I thought I saw Nev making a backward elbow motion when explaining to one of the other players as they walked off. My guess is that Lecras was dirty on the tackle, and pizzed because the umpire did not award a mark or an 'after the bell' free. I suggest Lecras gave a sneaky high elbow to Nev's ear and the rest is as viewed by the masses. Why Lercras insisted on getting in Nev's face after he could see our man was livid is beyond reason!
  14. waynewussell

    Have we beaten a top 8 team yet?

    Title says all I want to say!
  15. waynewussell

    Congratulations Bernie Vince on 100 MFC Games

    There's plenty of bite in the old dog yet... a 'must' for finals! I love the cheeky grin, the take no prisoners attack on the ball and the smarts in the contest. A great recruiting coup by those concerned... can only hope he lands a key off-ground role with the club when he hangs them up!
  16. waynewussell

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    Oh yeah!!! Can hear the conversation now... "Stop sooking lad, just get out there and run it out you wimp" NOT!!!
  17. waynewussell

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    I'm pleased to report that they came against other AFL teams and they came in all four quarters of games played... you were saying!
  18. waynewussell

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    I recently responded to a claim in another thread that Hogan was a 'flat-track bully' by pointing out that he had already played well against some of the best. So I did some research. Hogan is on track to kick 50 goals this season. The last 23 y.o. Demon to kick more than 50 in a season was David Neitz in 1996 (56), so it has been 22 years. Before that... Allan Jakovitch 1991 (59) Gerard Healy 1982 (77) Mark Jackson 1981 (76) Fred Fanning 1943 (62) Fred Fanning 1944 (87)
  19. waynewussell

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    "Flat track bully" is a ridiculous term to apply to Hogan. To suggest that he doesn't perform against top level opponents is misleading. He may be inconsistent... but he certainly has performed against the best. As for the weekend... he had a very important hand in the goal that sealed the deal, in spite of his physical issues... never gave up... brought the ball to ground throughout the tough contests in the final qtr.
  20. waynewussell

    Umpire Report

    Just watched the highlights on The Bounce... Shaun Higgins goal... ran from the centre circle to a few metres from the 50 metre arc... I counted 16 steps... estimate from the lines that he was approaching 25 metres... There you are in One! The 15 metre rule is solely responsible for all the congestion!
  21. waynewussell


    Those that are screaming out for a chop out for O McDonald seem to have forgotten about Lever and Hibberd... Players of that ilk don't grow on trees... The team did everything possible to get the win... We just weren't good enough tonight! Who thought a MFC team with the likes of JKH, Frost, J Smith, Spargo etc would win away at the Cattery when the season began? However, we will improve in coming rounds and in 2019 with Viney, Hibberd, Lever, Hunt, Stretch, and AVB available.
  22. waynewussell


    Yes, there was a lot of the inevitable about the way we lost... but we didn't just curl up and roll over! I agree with the tactical stuff up with Gawn off early last qtr... but if you ever get the courage to watch the final minutes you will see two teams giving everything they could to win the ball and send it forward. JKH needed that goal for his own career... but he wasn't a passenger. Frost was amazing with his last desperate dash out of defence. Its a fine line between pleasure and pain. I see the game as a move forward in the teams development... This group know the CAN win in whatever Hellhole they find themselves in... Heartbreaking, yes... but I see it as character building! I'm not going to argue the point... Its just my opinion.
  23. waynewussell


    Yes, the tragedy that is MFC just grew by a chapter! Was a magnificent contest however, we had everyone covered but Hawkins!
  24. waynewussell

    Umpire Report

    If you want to see an example of corrupt umpiring switch to the GC v North game... I've been watching the first qtr and the bias toward North is disgraceful... I can't watch anymore... GC forward takes mark which is displaced by Thompson whacking him over the shoulder, "Play On".... GC backman marks clearly in front of pack... "free kick North for blocking!
  25. waynewussell

    Umpire Report

    I'm hearing quite a bit of discontent on the Media over the 50 metre penalties! Finally we might get something done about the trigger-happy field umpires expecting players to dissolve or transport themselves 10 metres away instantly. The resultant penalty often becomes a certain goal. Here's a few observations... The clarification on the restricted zone was never intended to lead to many of the penalties we are now seeing applied by the umpiring fraternity The current application of the 50 metre penalty for this offense is sporadic, painfully inconsistent (depending on the umpire/offending player/team), and for this reason, GROSSLY UNFAIR! The penalty should only be applied if the opposition player is attempting to hold up play or have a negative effect on the player who is taking or about to take the kick If the opposition player is running away from the protected area, IN ANY DIRECTION, he/she should not be penalised It really is a matter of common sense! The disturbing reality is that the current crop of whistle blowers don't have any! They identify themselves as severely lacking in knowledge of the game!