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  1. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Went today, home now... got up the courage to watch the first quarter on replay. Just sayin', Joel Smith can be proud of his efforts in the first (can't believe the criticism) and Big Max owned Grundy in the first... If you find this observation runs against your own firmly held view, I invite you to watch the first quarter with a critical eye!
  2. waynewussell

    Why is Nev invisible to the umps (and Match Review)

    Well done Daisy for calling it how it is... Nev is a niggly, pesty, clinger to opponents... even at MFC training. He is an A Grade stopper of small forwards and he he has more strings to his bow than that! Maybe the umps are bias towards the good stoppers!
  3. waynewussell

    My 3 word player analysis V Gold Coast

    I never reply to these 3 word posts... but this one is the most positive. I am a Tyson fan but agree that he had a poor game and if Viney comes through today, is the most logical choice to make way. My only gripe about these summaries is Weid... I've liked everything about him this time 'round... and I am witnessing his coming of age in the big league (I am also a Pederson fan!)
  4. waynewussell

    We might be in trouble this season.

    or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (yawn)
  5. waynewussell

    We might be in trouble this season.

    Over-analysis! We are over-analysing... 'See Ball, Get Ball' = Viney (when available), Oliver, Petracca, Jones, Jetta, Hunt, Gawn, Hibberd ... Just need to add to the list. I suspect Lever, Brayshaw (when picked), Harmes, Vince, Lewis, Tyson (when picked) also have that factor... then there is 'X-factor' = Fritsch, Hannon, Hogan, Garlett, followed by Faithfull Servants = T Mac, Pederson, Melksham, Bugg... next... Developing/Emerging = Salem, O Mac, ANB, Wagner, Stretch. I could go on... 'Shown Something', 'The Sky's The Limit'... whatever! This is a good list and these guys are going somewhere great together. Round 1... lost round 1 to Cats in 1964. Now is a time for belief, not half baked analysis that will disappear into the ether by round 4 (my prediction).
  6. waynewussell

    We might be in trouble this season.

    On the basis of the one competitive game I have witnessed so far in 2018 I make these slightly premature observations (by comparison to 2017) Petracca has gone to the next level Fritsch is a handy replacement for Watts Lever adds an important layer in the back half Harmes continues to develop into a significant contributor Oliver has maintained the lofty standards he set in 2017 ANB is on 40+ goals pace Wagner played a Hibberd-like quarter in round 1
  7. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Wagner critics should do themselves a favour and take another look at the 3rd quarter... one word, "inspirational".
  8. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Just worked out why Lewie was so upset with the umpire on that free kick to Parfitt... Parfitt tripped himself, right foot behind left calf, at the precise moment that Lewis laid a hand on his hip.
  9. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Point of clarification... feel free to enlighten this genuine inquisitor... 16. DISPOSAL FROM MARK OR FREE KICK 16.1 STANDING THE MARK AND TEN-METRE PROTECTED AREA 16.1.1 Standing the Mark When a Player is awarded a Mark or Free Kick or is Kicking into play after a Behind has been scored, one Player from the opposing Team may stand at the position on the Playing Surface where the Mark or Free Kick was awarded or where the field Umpire otherwise directs the Player to stand. The position on the Playing Surface where the opposing Player stands is known as “the mark”. 16.1.2 Protected Area The Protected Area is a corridor which extends from 5 metres either side of the mark to 5 metres either side of, and a 5-metre radius behind, the Player with the football, as illustrated in Diagram 2. No Player shall enter and remain in the Protected Area unless the field Umpire calls “Play On” or the Player is accompanying or following within 5 metres of their opponent.
  10. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Why were the Cats allowed to have four men on the mark for Gawn's last shot at goal? Careless umpiring... in my view it should have been a 50 metre penalty with the mark repositioned on the goal line... Try missing from there Max!
  11. waynewussell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    I went to the game. My summary... it was ours to lose! Great contest... so much better to watch than several other round 1 games. All of the critics here need to take a breath and think what they would be writing if Max kicked the goal. I didn't see a Demon player who didn't contribute in some way. There has been so much stupid stuff written here that I don't have time to make the corrections. Our 2018 campaign is off to a healthy start with a lot to look forward to. Fritsch proved he is more than a goalsneak... Lever had the same sort of influence that gained him a reputation at Adelaide...Max, Ollie & Trac were superb. Bernie showed why he is a favoured son on many occasions... none better than when he rode the bump that left a Cat sprawled in his wake... Hogan was creative and hit the scoreboard in his normal manner. Harmes, Hunt and Hannon lifted in the second half to bring us back into contention. Wagner is all bustle and bash... what he lacks in finesse and finish is made up for in fearless attack on opposition bodies. ANB continues to bob op with deft touches... Jones got us going in the first quarter (those that thought he was ordinary need to watch the replay)... Pederson continues to be a wonderful contributor who is now showing that he is a cool head in a crisis (that kick to Max instead of shooting for goal was centimetre perfect!... Mind you, I have seen Pedo score from that position). Neville was playing hurt and may miss next week. I would expect Brayshaw and Tyson to come in to contention... but I certainly wouldn't be making more than one or two changes. Congratulations to the coaching panel for preparing such a fit and motivated team for the beginning of 2018.
  12. waynewussell

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    I had Tyson and Brayshaw in my best 22. The explanation that Brayshaw is coming off op (infection common with Wisdom extraction) and Tyson slightly underdone are the most plausible explanations. Don't agree with the Wagner haters... he competes in the air and on the ground... he gets to contests... he plays his role fearlessly (no wonder the Cocka loves him). I see it as a positive that we are going in with a different team than the one that rolled over in round 23. Maynard tackles hard and tackles often... when he feels at home in the seniors he will accumulate big figures!
  13. waynewussell

    AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    I'm not finished yet... the commentary is atrociously anti MFCW... Throughout the first half the male commentator continually gloated that the Bulldogs only had to win to make the GF (that alone was not entirely true)... seeming to ignore that MFCW only had to win to make the GF!!!!
  14. waynewussell

    AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Do the research! We've lost several close games because opposition teams win free kicks in front of goal! Its running at 80/20 over two seasons. I refuse to dump on the coaching panel when it is blatantly obvious that we are playing with an unfair handicap. I want women only to umpire women's games! Male umpires seem incapable of making difficult adjudications against women who are bending the rules! Jumping on backs... legitimate handballs... dragging the ball in... etc etc... Daisy is mauled every game... protection factor NIL!!!
  15. waynewussell

    AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    I've watched all our games and I don't have any criticism for female umps.... but my God... male umps are atrocious!!!! Two goals from dubious free kicks in front of goal seals the deal! Free kick count was 11 to 3 in the first half, after that I knew who would win. I congratulate the Demon women for being able to score a couple into the wind. If we had received one dubious free in the forward 50 we would have won and we would be playing in the GF. It must be difficult for the players to accept