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    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    One thing i notice in play is that you like light glove like boots for speed and comfort but face a 100kg bloke fall from a height to land on your toes in a contest This at ammo not afl level but suggest same applies
  2. dino rover

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Both teams have to play in those conditions at once as i recall.
  3. dino rover

    Tom Lynch (Adelaide)

    I suppose....depth.
  4. dino rover

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Jacobs has done a ton of work too We should break even on the fatigue bit and win on gawns superior rucking over pedo
  5. dino rover

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Who rucks for kruezer when he has a spell?
  6. dino rover

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    So are they in or out or undecided?
  7. dino rover

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    I see angus had a hole in one at Melbourne west course If he can play golf then the sandbelt (where he hails from) will add to the appeal of staying at the dees - and to play finals with us of course
  8. dino rover

    Glen Bartlett Appreciation Thread

    Ive had business dealings with him and found him to be fair and straight characteristics that serve one well in a governance role
  9. dino rover

    Round 9 Non MFC Games ... Shanghai Dumplings

    Get Sam Dastyari on to the job.
  10. dino rover

    What is Petracca's Position?

    Trac burns open forwards too often and then doesn't convert I'm not sure team first is strong in him
  11. dino rover

    The Jesse Incident

    Time to move on? Slow news day?
  12. Snowflakes melt really easily Sticks and stones....
  13. dino rover

    Clarry Plays Handball

    Yes I watched the game again last night He misdirected only 2 handballs one with @5 minutes to go quarter 2 and one 3 minutes before the end of quarter 3 - which is very good In the stress of first watching the game I over think the mistakes made
  14. dino rover

    Clarry Plays Handball

    He is very good but I'd like the stats on handball completions I thought several handballs went straight to opponents - plenty of pressure - indeed but a kick fwd might have been better In anticipation of howls of outrage of any criticism at all of our players ... Do your worst
  15. dino rover


    I've corrected the spelling Is that your issue or do you struggle with the reference?
  16. dino rover


    See the Bombers shoot up, up!To win the premiership flag,Our team loves the MDmaAnd always striving for vitamin k!See the bombers shoot up, up,The other drugs they don't fear,They snort up their best, As they effervesce As the bombers shoot up!Copyright: Lyrics © Dino rover
  17. dino rover

    Angus Brayshaw

    He can at least kick left and right well which is an upgrade on many of the team
  18. dino rover

    Be Patient with Lever

    He is lousy beneath his knees Can't pick the ball up Disappointed
  19. dino rover

    Who Makes Way For Viney And Tommy

    Viney and tmac to perform for casey first for mine
  20. dino rover

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Is the Hogan in the midfield experiment a bust? Worth a try but so far not much good?
  21. dino rover

    Remove the Ads with a Demonland Subscription

    Im gettings ads when signed in after payong lifetime subs Its not on every thread
  22. dino rover

    The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Trump is an embarrassment to America dont get me wrong but i see him and corbyn and now shorten as symptoms of a deeper malaise within western political systems. Politics and policy has been replaced with market segmentation and identity politics. I blame the dumb arse voter who is too lazy to look beyond the headlines and shock jocks Politicians like trump and shorten will adopt a new position like changing jackets. Corbyn at least is the trotskyist he always was (his positions on exiting eu fit the trump shorten mold). Part of the appeal of tony abbott pauline and co to a narrow constituency of churchy rednecks is they are at least authentic in tone and consistent in their current roles
  23. dino rover

    Women told to score more

  24. dino rover

    Women told to score more

    And its not sexist to observe different standards of skill between mens and womens footy No censorship of truth please
  25. dino rover

    Un-sportsman like conduct

    In the NFL there is an unsportsmanlike conduct rule. It impacts players who taunt or humiliate opponents usually after the offender has scored or succeeded in play. The behavior of afl players impacts kids who copy unsportsmanlike conduct. There is nothing sadder than kids taunting some guy who is already sick at getting beat. Should there be an unsportsmanlike conduct rule in the AFL?