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  1. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Trump is an embarrassment to America dont get me wrong but i see him and corbyn and now shorten as symptoms of a deeper malaise within western political systems. Politics and policy has been replaced with market segmentation and identity politics. I blame the dumb arse voter who is too lazy to look beyond the headlines and shock jocks Politicians like trump and shorten will adopt a new position like changing jackets. Corbyn at least is the trotskyist he always was (his positions on exiting eu fit the trump shorten mold). Part of the appeal of tony abbott pauline and co to a narrow constituency of churchy rednecks is they are at least authentic in tone and consistent in their current roles
  2. Women told to score more

  3. Women told to score more

    And its not sexist to observe different standards of skill between mens and womens footy No censorship of truth please
  4. Un-sportsman like conduct

    In the NFL there is an unsportsmanlike conduct rule. It impacts players who taunt or humiliate opponents usually after the offender has scored or succeeded in play. The behavior of afl players impacts kids who copy unsportsmanlike conduct. There is nothing sadder than kids taunting some guy who is already sick at getting beat. Should there be an unsportsmanlike conduct rule in the AFL?
  5. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    One day of trading is just that. All politicians take undeserved credit and get undeserved blame when economic cycles and past policy decisions are the likely cause. Trump no different here.
  6. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Dr turf i like and a supporter. I would give dr turf a lead role.
  7. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    “Fashion designer Prue Acton yesterday lashed out at rumours linking her with the death of former Liberal Party leader Sir Billy Snedden,”
  8. Seb Williams

    I didnt see him last year at the rovers - at least pre and start of season. Where did he play?
  9. Tiger flag lessons

    What do you think are the lessons of the Richmond win? They were critiqued here as 4 good players and the rest average but they did the job. Tackling pressure, a small fast fwd line, self belief or something else? What does it mean for the MFC?

    How did he play in the Gf?
  11. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    Equating where you went to school with your hardness is a rubbish argument Having played against plenty of teams from "tough" suburbs i have found as many squibbers in non grammar backgrounds Tough enough to whack you behind play from behind but not so tough getting the hard ball You might be right that privilege breeds complacency but it might easily be seen to demand higher standards than the riff raff
  12. Changes vs St Kilda

    Brayshaw to play according to my well connected source

    Angus bray to play according to my unimpeachable source Apologies if already reported
  14. Get Ben Brown...

    Apples - forwards who kick goals
  15. Get Ben Brown...

    The latter A bird in the hand
  16. Get Ben Brown...

    More consistent than watts and more reliable to make it than weid
  17. Reconciliation Action Plan

    Not just mfc stories Australian stories
  18. Critiquing the content not the person

    When scribes resort to personal abuse you know they have run out of arguments or cant see that there can be differences of view - that things are rarely black or white The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing Says socrates
  19. NT disaster

    I saw the headline and thought damn those [censored] and their surprise attacks!

    I want to recognize Carlton here - yes I know its all about us but they have some players and they aren't easy beats. Our win is as good as the opponent and they were a challenge. Casboult - big unit great hands, Gibbs / Murphy - busy, Silvagni, Curnow, Krueser marks around the game - seriously we won ugly and our analysis (in most games) doesn't recognize opponents. They have some players there - I never felt they would open us up on the rebound - credit to our defensive running perhaps - I also thought that Brendon Bolton spoke well on the defeat arguing that in adversity comes learnings - something we know only too well. Well done Carlton in defeat!

    Played without presence
  22. My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    The smith selection baffles me They must have seen a lot in one quarter
  23. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    I was against him fwd Proven me wrong Marks speed endurance and kicks better than i thought
  24. Seb Williams

    Doesnt brett williams (father) work at mfc? Recruiting i think Saw seb at little athletics - was all athlete - fast endurance and leap as well - not big