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    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Are you kidding i reckon 22 bombs into fwd Barrass had a field day Still when under pressure and without another option its to be expected i suppose
  2. dino rover

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Except he cant get on the park
  3. dino rover

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    He didnt butcher the ball like jones anb hogan and spargo McDonald
  4. dino rover

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Its quite amazing how poor jones has become so quickly Loyal servant and great player for us but used by date fast approaching
  5. dino rover

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Tmac may play extra man in defence floating fwd?
  6. dino rover

    Max the Lone Ranger: Hitouts to Advantage

    Stef martin in 2nd place? Freo / sandy back presumably because of injury
  7. I dont get that some dont get that a backman will look bad if the ball moves into a forward line quickly and precisely If the fwd runs to goal and the defender does cover that it gets kicked over If you defend that and the fwd doubles back to the kicker the defender is behind and cant contest Blame fwd turnovers blame midfield pressure blame matchups (frost) and blame omac when appropriate but dont make him cop the bulk of the blame
  8. dino rover

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Yes i thought he looked good gave it everything and his athleticism often made a difference in frustrating the cats
  9. I just dont see the potential in jkh I dont blame omac When the ball comes in like it did at times backs cant do much - face it Hawk is on 41 goals and he didnt get there only playing Melbourne
  10. Its a fair question I think our priorities are... Mid sized half back with speed and kicking efficiency Speedy wing with kicking efficiency Crumbing pressure fwds
  11. Hogan in his final year of contract He may re sign he may not Do we recruit insurance or is the weed that?
  12. I doubt it jones seems a regular tyson and jkh fringe
  13. dino rover

    The Clarry Pass

    Does he have a left foot?
  14. dino rover


    Sounds right If we can win in darwin and win next week why not take the money?
  15. dino rover


    What happened to the darwin effect?
  16. dino rover

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    I think the swaps are about right given whats on offer We need a foot skilled dasher off half back (an extra hibberd) and robbie flower on the wing Easy!
  17. dino rover

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    I agree his kicking is generally elite But he is playing a last back sweeper role in a hard press Its like the extra man in defence role your possesion count looks great you look great but that isnt where the game is won I want someone who can bend over and pick up a hard ball and cop a tackle if necessary and can kick as a sweeper Hibberd and jetta do it. Is that too much to ask ffs!
  18. dino rover

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    As a golfer i say his swing plane is all wrong Needs to follow down the target line more emphatically Tmac (t1000) does it well in his stiff cyborg like action
  19. dino rover

    Angus Brayshaw

    His work with gawn at the centre square is great I assume depending on who is tagged of oliver et al a call is made as to who is the recipient of a gawn tap? Or is it more random and his good judgement?
  20. dino rover

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    He sqibbed it for mine because bending over and picking up the ball gets harder in the wet and attracts a tackle Oh and his hacks werent close / didnt connect
  21. dino rover

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Fresh air kicks to avoid picking up the ball Turnovers
  22. dino rover

    My 3 word player analysis V Fremantle

    Lewis - 50m penalty was undisciplined and tendency to avoid picking up the hardball looking to soccer it / disposal wasnt as effective perhaps the humidity / not his best
  23. dino rover


    Actually based on vfl form petty and tyson got games so that is no guide at all I stand corrected lets go the opposite of what we have been doing cus that aint working
  24. dino rover


    Jeffy is no answer based on vfl form