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  1. goodwindees

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    No negotiation in any of those you mentioned. Hibberd & Melksham were so obviously a 2nd round picks at where we were. Never 1st or 3rd rounders. Lewis & Garlett we’re pushed out by their Clubs and nobody else wanted them, once again, no negotiation skill required. Vince, read Hibberd & Melksham. Plenty would argue we paid a little too much for Frost, put it this way, he wasn’t a steal. We are one of those Clubs that seem to be very easy for other Clubs to deal with and for just once I want to do an Essendon type deal where we clearly can say we got Overs.
  2. goodwindees

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Please tell me one single trade deal we won at the negotiation stage since we got what appeared to be overs for Darren Jolly. Got done over in both the Tyson & Lever deals so I await evidence of winning negotiations.
  3. goodwindees

    Electrifying Aboriginal forwards

    Ok, well let’s not recruit any fast, skilful players because one we did Pick was a spud. Let’s go and find more Tysons & Maynards because we mustn’t have enough of those slow, unskilful types.
  4. goodwindees

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    But seriously, Hutchins is barely C Grade ammos. What’s the Go with him?
  5. goodwindees

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    Casey play one short. Number 1 (Hutchins) hasn’t touched it in 2 weeks.
  6. Alistair Clarkson obviously agrees with you, or else he’d still be a Hawk. Clarko thought Jordan had 1, possibly 1.5 left in the tank but told him to go and get himself a 3 year contract at a Club that was prepared to bring him in. Next year, unless we have a shocking run of injuries, it probably should be either Jones or Lewis in the 22.
  7. goodwindees

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    I can’t believe you would think I was saying that. Their first Rounder plus one for Moore, gives them 2 first rounders to possibly move further ahead of us.
  8. goodwindees

    Electrifying Aboriginal forwards

    Many of us have been lamenting our chronic shortage of outside running midfielders & a couple of smallish, lightning fast, tackling forwards for years. Surprise, surprise, look what happens when you take a whole team of slow, contested players to a fast track in WA. Football Department seems obsessed with slowish, inside midfielders and key defenders and it absolutely staggers me to hear we are even wasting our time talking to fat Steven May, particularly when he isn’t a Free Agent and GC want 2 First Rounders. FCS, 2 First Rounders for May, and we don’t have the players that are required to take to WA and play on FAST grounds???
  9. goodwindees

    Time for Jack Viney to lead on his own?

    I just don’t know where Jones plays in 2019. He sure ain’t an outside running wingman. Look at Collingwood’s wingmen, Sidebottom & Phillips. Wouldn’t they love the thought of playing on Jones.
  10. goodwindees

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    Pies have much better experienced players in Pendles & Sidebottom compared to Jones & Lewis. Grundy matches our key player in Gawn and they smash us for outside run. They’ll trade Darcy Moore and end up with 2 first rounders this year so let’s hope they don’t nail their picks again.
  11. goodwindees

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    I’m amazed at the calls for Vince to come in. He was in terrible form before injured, in fact, poor for most of the year. We were terrible tonight with Tyson & Jones on the wings so surely we need to replace at least one of them and we know it won’t be Jones. out Tyson and in either Hunt or Joel Smith fir some leg speed on the fast WA track.
  12. goodwindees

    The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    I had him in best 8, possibly best 6 in what was a superb team performance. We are so lucky Alistair sent him our way. Those that persisted in extremely negative posts on Lewis & Frost either have to apologise, change their identity to keep posting or just shut up.
  13. goodwindees

    Slamming Sam Frost

    I’m going to persist in reminding all the Frost knockers how bloody stupid they were and how little they really understand the development of a tall afl player because they were relentless in their bagging of him. There are also some fools who have been relentless in their posting that Jordan Lewis should never play again. Boy has Jordan made them look stupid! They must all be embarrassed by their poor judgement.
  14. goodwindees

    Luke Dahlhaus

    My comparisons (no need for your apostrophe) weren’t based on playing close to goal, they were simply small/medium players that regularly make best 22.
  15. goodwindees

    Luke Dahlhaus

    Dahlhaus is a superior player than, Spargo, ANB, AVB, Hannan, JKH & Kent. He is also more of what we need than Tyson. To say he’s not Best 22 is just wrong.