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  1. Josh Kelly will only consider signing a long term deal at one of three Clubs. His management has been told to only engage with GWS, Kangaroos & Carlton. Whilst my info was pre Christmas, it came from another player looked after by his management team and I believe it’s on the money.
  2. I agree that the lack of 2 or 3 players with genuine line breaking, burst speed is a weakness. It’s the main reason why it would be so beneficial if Hunt was able to improve some other areas of his game and force his way in. The promising news is that a couple of senior players have told me that Toby Bedford is the new recruit that has made the biggest impression amongst the playing group up until Christmas and they believe he will play some 1’s in 2019.
  3. He’ll get plenty of chances before they drop him.
  4. Yeah, they’re just the most successful club of the modern era and have won about 10 Flags since us. That said, you are missing the only point which was just what a Smokey this selection was.
  5. Makes me wonder why we re contracted Josh Wagner if we’ve been tracking this guy closely for 3 years. Blind Freddie can see this blokes a better player than Josh Wagner.
  6. True that Clarry was a bolter, however, within 2 weeks of Draft night everyone knew he was first round and improving. Everyone is still trying to find out who James is 24 hours after the Draft. Encouraging thing for me is the bottom age aspect. Let’s hope!
  7. I spoke with Jayden Hunt’s dad last week and he told me that Jayden was buoyed by the fact that Goodwin told him in his Exit interview that he was a required player and they would not entertain any trade discussions about him. His Dad mentioned that Jayden is really targeting the Wing position as his best chance of breaking in.
  8. This is an interesting selection. I can tell you that Hawthorn classified him as Not Draft Quality. This is the label they attach to all players they believe are not worthy of Draft consideration. I also looked at a lot of Phantom Drafters and I don’t recall seeing anyone nominate him in a Top 50. Let’s hope Jason Taylor proves them all wrong.
  9. A mate of mine that Is on the recruiting team for an AFL club mentioned that he likes one called Will Golds or similar at Oakleigh Chargers I think. Thought he represents value for a late Pick. Any thoughts?
  10. No negotiation in any of those you mentioned. Hibberd & Melksham were so obviously a 2nd round picks at where we were. Never 1st or 3rd rounders. Lewis & Garlett we’re pushed out by their Clubs and nobody else wanted them, once again, no negotiation skill required. Vince, read Hibberd & Melksham. Plenty would argue we paid a little too much for Frost, put it this way, he wasn’t a steal. We are one of those Clubs that seem to be very easy for other Clubs to deal with and for just once I want to do an Essendon type deal where we clearly can say we got Overs.
  11. Please tell me one single trade deal we won at the negotiation stage since we got what appeared to be overs for Darren Jolly. Got done over in both the Tyson & Lever deals so I await evidence of winning negotiations.
  12. Ok, well let’s not recruit any fast, skilful players because one we did Pick was a spud. Let’s go and find more Tysons & Maynards because we mustn’t have enough of those slow, unskilful types.
  13. But seriously, Hutchins is barely C Grade ammos. What’s the Go with him?
  14. Casey play one short. Number 1 (Hutchins) hasn’t touched it in 2 weeks.
  15. Alistair Clarkson obviously agrees with you, or else he’d still be a Hawk. Clarko thought Jordan had 1, possibly 1.5 left in the tank but told him to go and get himself a 3 year contract at a Club that was prepared to bring him in. Next year, unless we have a shocking run of injuries, it probably should be either Jones or Lewis in the 22.
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