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  1. goodwindees


    That off season drama must have been a real distraction to his pre-season
  2. goodwindees

    Changes vs Adelaide

    I expect that because the game is in Alice Springs and we have totally committed to this NT thing then they’ll drop Spargo for Garlett. I will find it very disappointing but Can’t have Eddie Betts hogging all the indigenous limelight.
  3. goodwindees

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Okay enough. This is just stupid.
  4. goodwindees

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    This has to be the most ridiculous post in many years. I just can’t imagine what sort of meaningless life one would have to lead to allow such an insignificant comment by a sports journalist that has to fill 19 hours of microphone time per week to upset them in the slightest.
  5. goodwindees

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Have got to the point where I just can’t afford the time to travel & watch suburban grade footballers like, Harmes, ANB, Stretch, Wagner, Kent & Garlett. By the way, would the fools on this site that continually go into raptures after Garlett plays his one good quarter every 4 weeks please see him for exactly what he is: an absolute cat. Some of us on this site have been calling for only players with genuine leg speed, good decision making and kicking skills to be recruited for the last 2 Drafts now, but oh no, we continually have to select one paced mids who can’t kick the footy. And we can finally say the Tyson & Salem for Picks 2 (Kelly or Bontimpelli or Cripps) & 20 ( You don’t want to see the number of very good players taken at Pick 20 or after) is a FAIL. My last point is that before all the sycophants and eternal optimists start raving on about the Recruiting guy and Josh Mahoney and Todd Viney, just look at the terrible depth and weaknesses in our list DESPITE having so many more early picks over the last 5 years than Richmond, Adelaide, West Coast, North Melb etc, etc who continually finish higher than us every year.
  6. goodwindees

    Josh Wagner

    Hey, Magner, Maynard. Not too much difference in ability, even you’d have to agree.
  7. goodwindees

    Josh Wagner

    Wagner a beast. Wow, what rubbish! And NO, the coaches don’t always know better than all the keyboard warriors. If Demonland selected the side, we’d be 3 - 0. Still can’t believe that they picked Magner and didn’t select Frost & Tyson from Round 1. The same lot cost us games early last year when they refused for weeks to select Pederson. The same lot made a horribly short sighted decision to rush Viney back, look how that’s working out! Just because you’re a manager or a coach doesn’t mean you’re always right. Those on here that continually say, ‘in Goodwin, we totally trust” are too easily pleased.
  8. goodwindees

    Be Patient with Lever

    It would certainly be stupid to HATE something so prematurely that you have paid such a high price for! It is plain lazy for those that promoted the Lever at any cost argument to call those that wanted him, but not at the cost of ruling us out of a first round pick for 2 years, haters.
  9. goodwindees

    How do we STOP Ben Brown?

    I’m not so sure Lever plays like a Tall. I think Lever plays more like a Hibberd than a KPD. I think it is absolutely critical to bring in Frost so Lever can go do his unaccountable, sometimes creative, sometimes big defensive spoil type thing.
  10. goodwindees

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    Well if we all believe Brisbane has such poor tall forwards, I certainly hope our 2 x first round, $800k CHB really stands up. I’m happy to go on record as saying we paid full RRP.
  11. goodwindees

    Training Week Commencing 26/3

    Lost by one kick to one of the weakest sides Geelong will field all year, plus they lost a key player early. I am filthy at the thought of those who state this was a gallant/brave loss. This was a matter of not being good enough to beat a weakened team on our home ground after an off-season of talking tough and saying how we’ll rebound after a pathetic end to last season. If you lose a game you should’ve won, that is a bad loss.
  12. goodwindees

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Why is Tyson as emergency a surprise? Many on here have said for some time that we won’t be a serious competitor until players with the limitations of Tyson’s disposal & one-sidedness and Bugg’s disposal, particularly goal conversion are seen as simply depth players.
  13. goodwindees

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Can't believe that anyone would be STUPID enough to think that Port would be in a position to bring anyone into their Club today on $500k for the next 2 years. FCS, have look at their list and who they've brought in this week. I texted SEN/David Schwartz during the Mahoney interview to make sure they asked Mahoney about how much Dees were paying of Watts' salary and Mahoney after a pause was VERY shifty & misleading. Can't believe Mahoney said that it would need to be worked out with his Manager. It's got nothing to do with Paul Connors, it was agreed to with Cripps of PA that we are paying 40% for next 2 years Botom line is Dees are paying $200,000 per season for next 2 years. This is a statement trade by Dees but handled very poorly. I think if you wanted to write how to stuff up a trade/negotiation, look no further than the Dees & Bulldogs in 2017.
  14. goodwindees


    But we would have also retained Pick 20 after which there were also good players selected.
  15. goodwindees

    2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Viney must have been given votes for playing when far from 100% fit because he had a lot of poor games when obviously not fit and when you add those to his missed games this is a horrific result.