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  1. Training - Friday 20th January, 2017

    Skills32. I don't post often but seriously mate if you are going to be dropping medical insight make sure you're qualified. That is the worst description of a back related Hamstring that I have ever heard. The only thing you got right is "pressure.... of the nerve.....you feel hamstring pain when really there is nothing wrong with the hamstring" The rest is absolute nonsense. "Vertebrate shift"? What is that? Is it a animal with a backbone moving? Disc pathology, ligament inflammation or compression, muscle derangement all possible causes of neural compression. You can decide if I'm qualified or not.
  2. MFC v Adelaide, 1st Qualifying Final 1998

    I think everyone forgets that Jeff White got a knee injury within the last 5 minutes of the Saints game when we were cruising and in hindsight he should have resting. Whitey was the most athletic ruckman by a country mile back then and from the bounce would thump the ball into our forward line and to our advantage regularly throughout a game. The knee injury (PCL I think) completely took away our ability to dominate the centre square and also use White as an option around the ground where his high marking could be used as a chop out to get our Daniher run and carry game plan going. I think he had about 3 possies for the game after averaging 15-20 for the rest of the season. To me this is what lost us the game against North and the flag.
  3. Robbo's Top 50 players

    My thoughts exactly.
  4. Robbo's Top 50 players

    If you want to have a laugh, have a look at the Top 50 from that clown on the west coast, Karl Langdon, seriously how do some people retain their media jobs. http://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl/afl-2016-karl-langdons-top-50/news-story/b57c34e55cf397a9c36fa7998d06ee30
  5. Sam Menegola

    His endurance is well known. But I think the way he uses this to repeatedly get to the next contest is one of his best assets. For example going the other way, Dan Nicho and Ro Bail were known to be great endurance runners....but I wouldn't suggest that they willed themselves into the next contest time and time again Menegola does this and then has the footy smarts and body to impact the contest. Given our style of play he would be one to seriously look at. Plus has the ability to hit the scoreboard. Love Vanders and think he has been a great pick up but the WAFL is certainly level above the NEAFL and at 23 Menegola should only continue to improve
  6. Sam Menegola

    Maybe walk up start is a bit much, but i think he's got great upside and would seriously improve our midfield mix and would decrease the drop off in our depth
  7. Sam Menegola

    What are everyones thoughts on Sam Menegola from Subiaco as a mature midfield recruit? 23y/o 188cm 90kgs Athletic Midfielder who can win his own ball and kicks goals, was a forward as a junior so can swing into the attacking 50 and is good overhead (as he did numerous times this year with taggers) Has been on Hawthorns and Freo's list, but both times hampered by injury as he was at the start of this season. However, played the last 14 games of this season and averaged 28 possessions kicked 21.18 + 4.5 tackles, was clearly the best player in the WAFL. Ended up second in the Sandover medal on 41 votes (from 12 regular season games) winner got 45. While at Freo was regarded as their best endurance runner. His injuries have been a wrist at Hawthorn, knee at Freo and ankle at the start of this year. While no injury is great it is not as though have has had recurrent hamstring or shoulder issues. If he can stay healthy I think he would be a walk up start into our midfield and would be exactly what we need as a big bodied hard running goal kicking mid. The fact he couldn't break into Freo's or Hawthorns midfield shouldn't be held against him. Junior highlights here - Thoughts?