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  1. Cotchin out?

    When I first saw it I thought no chance he will be rubbed out. But the replay looks like he goes the man as well as the ball and clearly collects shiel in the head resulting in concussion. Poor record can't afford a fine I think he needs to go for that... Grand final or not the rules shouldn't change
  2. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    How the [censored] can stevie J not make the distance from 40 out.
  3. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    I wonder who Gil wants to win today... Surely his baby the Giants... but surely a Tigers win is good for business
  4. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Really hope the Giants win purely to shut the Tigers fans up. But then GWS to lose next week after a scully free kick gifting Adelaide a goal after the siren to win by 3 points. Scully in tears.
  5. I got no doubt there are others on the list who's professional standards aren't up to scratch... Those 4 boys which got caught drinking mid season... were they playing firsts or were the relegated to the 2nds? Are they on a large contract like watts? Have they been at the club for 9 years? (Spencer probably however he has now been de listed )
  6. Too many beers, too much KFC doesn't really matter exactly what it is... he is pissing off goody and Jonesy, with his [censored] poor preparation. It's not good enough.
  7. Yes I did mention the 2 goal discussion, highlighting just how close we were to a finals berth. The point of it being raised is to show you can't cary people through a season if they aren't willing to help them selves. As I said not 100% on Watts however he has been mentioned by coach and Captain, there is a reason for this, he is meant to be a senior player and if you cant get it right after 9 years it won't click for him. Back to the idea of Bosses and tactics, I'm sure after 9 years you would have done this... and possibly decided this guy doesn't have what it takes to be great. For years we have asked why from Jack, It's no longer about development, he is at his peak... he ain't getting better there is only one way to go for him.
  8. In his first 40 games... against the opposition number 1 backmen every game with your best support being Chris dawes. Compare is first 40 games to any other key position forward and Hogan will blow them away. The guy is a freak!!! I'm willing to bet after 125 games Hogan will be very close to a 300 goal forward.
  9. I did mention not 100% Watts' fault. But sure go on a "it's all jack watts' fault tangent If you're happy with a Medicore team who will never push for greatness, then sure hang onto players no matter how talented who don't want to apply them selves fully. Question for you... If you were the coach calling the shots and Jack was your "employee" would you trust him going into a do or die preliminary final knowing full well he had 1 too many beers the weekend before and hasn't prepared as well as he should? I sure as hell wouldn't
  10. I've been a jack supporter until this year. We missed out on finals by 2 goals and this guy couldn't turn up to the start of the year in shape, and cant be trusted away from the club... Not saying that us missing finals is 100% on jack, I just get frustrated when people are happy to keep someone who isn't 100% committed to the club or team, just because he is "a good kick"
  11. Over the 2 years referred to in the previous comment bob
  12. I'm agreeing with you.... previous administration would keep Watts, 9 years (Holly [censored] it's been 9 years) is too long to be having these off field issues now.
  13. I begg to differ now with the new coaches/administration... we cut pick 4 toumpass pretty quickly when we realized he isn't up to it. I just think that was our mentality and unfortunately we can overturn our entire list in 2 or 3 off seasons it takes time. We are on the right path, and if everything about watts is true then to continue down that path we need to cut ties with him. No matter how good of a kick he is.
  14. Even if it has been stated by Captain and coach that he isn't up to scratch off the field?
  15. No I don't think we would because he would have been de listed or traded after 4 years and forgotten very quickly