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  1. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Hawthorn I agree... We dominated Geelong for 3 quarters Fell asleep for a quarter against brissy but responded well at the end North was a good battle Ran out of steam against the tiges also just lacked a little composure with ball in hand. It just feels our players are slightly unsure exactly what their roles are which is causing a bit of hesitation. I think this will be rectified by the end of May
  2. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    It's frustrating as hell supporting this club.. but let's be honest our first 5 rounds have been against some strong competition. Geelong top 4 last year Norf actually looking decent this year, and a bogey team for us Brissy the easiest game of the lot and that was a way from home. Hawks- still has plenty of class however we just didn't show up. Tigers- last year's premier's, did well to fight back but just couldn't keep it going. Not to mention we have a new star in lever we are trying to arrange our back 6 around and we have been with out viney and tmac two top 10 players on our list. Looking at the next 4 rounds I antipate we will win all of them leaving us 6-3 heading into round 10 against the crows in NT. If you told us at the start of the year we were losing tmac and viney for the first 6-8 weeks and we got to 6-3 I would have taken that any day. The test is now winning the games we are expected to win. I am not giving up on this season yet and talking about getting rid of the coach and who to delist. I think it's also important to note just like a game of footy the season always runs with momentum. I would prefer us to be hitting our straps toward the end of the season and having that momentum in finals than just limping over the line and getting thrashed in our first final (Essendon last year)

    Watch us get done by 50 points here

    I really hate supporting this club. So weak.

    Umps have [censored] us here. No chance
  6. Changes v Richmond

    We cannot play Lewis and Lever in the same back line. Both cannot be accountable for a man and it is simply ruining our structures further up the ground. Because we have such a dominate ruck and seem to always do well in clearances I don't see the need to ALWAYS have a loose back. So Lever either needs to learn to play man on man and fast or he needs a positional change. I would like to see him playing a defensive wing or half forward where our mids can provide more assistance with his man and he can work to his strengths in contested marking and guarding grass making opposition half backs struggle to clear our forward half. Lewis really does look cooked, Harmes is being expected to play completely out of position, Pedo would give us so much more than Harmes right now. I'd like to Lewis, Harmes & Wagner out In Pedo, Hannan & Hunt

    Lever is simply just going to the wrong position three quarters of the time and never effects the contest. Really concerning how much he isn't clicking
  8. How's hunt been looking tonight?
  9. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Apparently Adelaide had a gale force wind that quarter as well... yikes
  10. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I like ANB and Harmes as players but they just haven't quite been there this year. Assuming Hunt & Brayshaw dominate in the VFL they will come in for ANB & Harmes. This will be my first game at the MCG in about 4 years so pretty excited for this one!!
  11. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Can't stop that one you dirty maggots. Absolutely disgusting umpiring
  12. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Norf saved by the ump again
  13. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Haha wow the boys playing for super coach points
  14. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Our forward line is quite dysfunctional
  15. GAME DAY - ROUND 3

    Silly frost