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  1. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    But see, in my opinion, the trust you have in our team to always put up a fight and remain competitive until the end of the match, is valid and shouldn’t be lost. 99% of the time, we do stay competitive, and we know that we will bounce back after these goals have been leaked and try our utmost to win the match, which sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. The Hawthorn game was simply an anomaly – an outlier that doesn’t truly reflect what our team stands for; all it reflected was the frustration of missing goals, undesirable conditions and things simply not going our way, that it just blew out of proportion. The issue with trust in the Melbourne FC comes down to our inability to hold a lead, which as supporters, we already knew – it seems the media are only just starting to pay attention to it. We certainly have issues in goals being leaked and we certainly need to address them, but we aren’t the only team in the competition right now with problems. Why don’t we see article after to article about how Essendon or Collingwood cannot be trusted? They are just as hot and cold as we are. Don’t take this post as me defending what Melbourne dished out on the weekend – the second half was deplorable. But I still trust them to deliver this year because like you said, every team will have a [censored] game throughout the year and I think this is just one of them. I still back Goodwin and still back the boys to deliver a competitive season that will take us to finals. We are only going to get better throughout the year and we will only grow stronger from this loss – we aren’t the Melbourne of old anymore.
  2. Freo poised to pinch 2

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-04-17/demon-laughs-off-comical-trade-talk love this from Brayshaw. Of course another click bait article and Brayshaw's firm response to it is very comforting.
  3. Psychic

    had any flashes about us making finals or winning the premiership?

    do not see us making the eight this year. lost by 3 points to a very unimpressive geelong thus far. beaten brisbane and north (woooo!!!!) and being smashed by hawthorn. and wtf goodwin, no wing players in first quarter- sure might work for a quarter but do you really think a genius in clarkson wont figure you out?

    can agree. his game last week was great, but the other two? nothing crash hot. he isn't living up to his expectations at all

    You're right, we are in it for sure but i think it's frustrating because we should be winning? kicking behind after behind, making poor decisions inside 50... i just hope we tidy up and win this because we really cannot afford to lose

    I'm sorry but bugg is the dumbest footballer and tbh, if he is going to play like this, i prefer he play like a pest.... he brings nothing but his stupid haircut currently

    we don't capitalise on our dominance in first quarter and now we disappear for second... this is terrible. we aren't going to win playing like this and the competition is so even that we simply cannot let this game slip. breaking my heart dees
  9. We might be in trouble this season.

    On this point, I think it's a pretty promising sign that we know a lot of our players weren't playing to their maximum capabilities (e.g. Melksham, Garlett, Lever, and more), yet we still managed to lose by only 3 points and even almost win the game. No doubt you raise valid points about our marking issues and so forth, but I think you have taken an overly pessimistic approach to the game. I'm still nervous about the season, but not because of anything I saw on the weekend - mainly due to the Melbourne FC history and the lingering fear that this will be just another season where we are left in the land of "could-have-been”. We had a dodgy second quarter for sure, but that was purely due to the fact we were being outplayed and outcoached in all facets of the game – we lost control of our game plan and everything just began to unravel. But that’s footy… sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This isn't a defeatist attitude or a complacent one, it's a realistic one. However, the fact that we were able to address the issues of the second quarter and realise where and how we were being outplayed and out-coached is also fantastic. We addressed the issues and then had an awesome third quarter and a fairly strong fourth quarter. The only difference between our second half and Geelong’s second quarter//sort of first half was that we weren’t able to capitalise to the same extent due to some of the issues you previously raised such as marking and lowering eyes inside 50… but hopefully we will work on these and continue to improve. I still believe we are top 8 side, maybe even top 4… the game, at the end of the day, was either of the teams to win. I expect us to bounce back against an improving Brisbane side, and if we don’t, then perhaps there is a cause to be worried. Let’s just wait and see.
  10. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Determining whether or not trading Watts was the right or wrong decision shouldn't be measured against the quality of his season at Port. I'm sure the MFC knew Watts was a talented player and that he was capable of very impressive games like today's... they just didn't see that talent fitting into our success unfortunately. The decision to trade him will be justified by the quality of OUR season and whether or not we take that next significant step to success. Watts is going to have some amazing games because he's a great player, but if we see the improvement and success that this decision was expected to deliver, then letting Watts go might have been best (for both parties) after all.
  11. i hope you win the crystal ball
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    https://www.3aw.com.au/jack-watts-says-its-been-an-emotional-few-weeks-following-his-trade-to-port-adelaide/ I'd recommend listening to this interview from this morning. Such a great guy and only wished the best for the club. None of us can comment yet whether this was or wasn’t the right decision by the club – this time next year we should. However, I think it is fair to say that it is all a very sad situation. He loved the club and wanted to stay, but the coaches didn’t see him being part of the success the hopefully not-so-distant future entails. I hope they are right that Watts might have been the anchor keeping us at the shore, but I am not convinced. Good luck, Wattsy, and thanks for everything! Go Dees
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Me too still think there's hope tho... !
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Don't think it's meant to be cryptic, his girlfriend is in pic and is overseas ATM so he's probably flying over to see her soon
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    I can't see Jack wanting to move interstate though - he has a girlfriend based in Melbourne and don't think she would move to Adelaide for the next 5 years.