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  1. qwerty7

    Goody Presser (16/8)

    To be fair to Goody here, he probably didn’t change things up because we simply weren’t doing much wrong – it was just our execution letting us down…although I do agree on the OMac part, Frost should have gone to Hawkins earlier. Besides the Collingwood and Hawthorn game, we have literally been in every match… we are just missing the final touch that one can only gain from experience and maturity. Also read somewhere that Goodwin has one of the best coaching records since John Northey thus far in his career. Pretty good start. He gets some hard criticism purely because of the club he is coaching - we have been so deprived of success that all we want is for it to happen immediately. Not making excuses, I do think finals is the pass mark but I am still pretty happy with where Goody has taken us so far and where I think he will take us in the future. Also, I am not implying you are being critical of Goodwin, just speaking more generally as some on here are!
  2. qwerty7


    Have met him a couple of times as I work with Challenge - the not-for-profit organisation, which supported him through his first battle with leukaemia and which he has been ambassador for over the last 15 years or so. Last time we spoke we chatted about the Dees and how it seems like we are finally heading on the right track. Hope he is around long enough to see some (hopefully) finals success this year. He gave so much to the Challenge organisation and is truly one of the most selfless and giving humans one can meet. It would be a nice gesture by the MFC to do something for him and to wear a yellow armband in support of not only Jarrod, but the Challenge organisation, which he loved and gave so much for. Great guy and sending all the love in the world to both him and his family.
  3. qwerty7


    where did he say this?
  4. qwerty7

    The Last Time they Met - Round 19

    Such a nicer time. Really is a do or die game - lose this and it’ll be another year of no finals 😓
  5. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    In addition to what you just said, Rance Dusty Cotchin etc. are all in their prime - our stars haven’t even hit their peaks yet. Oliver 20, Brayshaw 21, Hogan 22, Viney 23, Petracca 21, and the list goes on and on.... our list is so young and we are only going to get better - how promising is that! Give it 3-4 years and let’s then see how those “plodders” are travelling.
  6. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    I understand losing sucks, and I think it is more frustrating particularly when you believe your side deserved to win, but Friday’s effort was enormous. I think overall, we were the better side of the match, unfortunately we just weren’t when it mattered most. My brother and dad went to the game and they said the game was incredible and if we had won, that would have been enormously HUGE by us. I think when you’re at home watching from the TV, you don’t really realise the home ground advantage the Adelaide teams have. Every time Port kicked a goal the lights black out and the stadium alights with a thunderbolt – it’s incredible apparently. Both said basically when Port hit the lead, they knew it would be hard to get over them purely because of how electric and exciting the crowd became. They also said the Adelaide teams have no right to complain about the GF in Vic when they have such an advantage with their Adelaide Oval fortress. We were gallant and for the most part, better, but unfortunately, we didn’t cross the line because of poor efficiency inside 50 as well as a couple of dodgy free kicks in that last quarter. Expect us to bounce back STRONGLY against Saints, and really hope we can make the run home to finals. I think we deserve to be there, it is simply about capitalising and taking every chance we get. Need a few guys to lift though to return to the form we had a couple of weeks – namely Hogan.
  7. qwerty7

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-06-05/tommy-gun-locked-and-loaded sure has!!
  8. qwerty7

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Poor guy. Really feel for him. Not that I think this will eventuate - though it is entirely possible and i would love it to - but imagine if we made the Grand Final and won. Last year misses out on a GF and then if we were to make it this year misses out in playing and winning one. Obviously jumping to so many conclusions that most likely won't happen but imagine how heart-wrenching that would be for him. Anyway, one soldier out, another one in. Though he is a gun and we are certainly a better team with him playing, as long as our structure holds strong and cohesive, we should be able to sufficiently replace him with one of our defenders in the VFL. Go dees
  9. qwerty7

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

  10. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Suspected acl apparently stated by Goodwin according to my friend - I haven’t heard it myself but passing on what my friend said he heard on radio
  11. qwerty7

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    You’re funny. How much time left?
  12. qwerty7

    Injury List - Season 2018

    please no 😓
  13. qwerty7

    The run from here

    You’re certainly right about that. I loved hearing his “voice of the game” commentary on the weekend, he really is a natural leader. Despite obviously being limited in his first game back, his on-field leadership was still there and as good as ever, constantly encouraging and seeking the best out of his teammates. Such an important figure to our club.
  14. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Great post. Hope you’re right and we can still make finals from here - would be heartbreaking if we didn’t. Also terrible umpiring in 3rd quarter - I think the game could have had a different result if they weren’t on the field. The deliberate out of bounds that should have been paid to us and gave us a shot on goal ended up being a goal to the tigers, give them their 12 point lead back. Not saying it’s what cost us the game, but it cost us not going into the last quarter with more even scores.