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  1. Gawn I think is estimated to be back for the Bulldogs game and so I'm assuming with Spencer ahead of Gawn, Spencer will play for the Pies game. https://www.facebook.com/7AFL/videos/vb.510082722500876/815202831988862/?type=2&theater
  2. While yesterday was hugely disappointing and hurts a lot, I am trying to take a glass half full approach. We are a better side than North and should have won, but with the competition so close, unexpected losses and unexpected wins will happen (e.g. losing against North, winning against Adelaide). The absence of Gawn and Hogan is really being felt and if I told you that they’d only play for 3 and 4, respectively, of the first 12 games before the season started, you would have felt our chances were obliterated entirely – but they aren’t. We have been competitive in all our matches and have found ourselves in a winning position in every match. And ultimately, whilst our inconsistency does raise doubts, we still can make finals. The reality of our situation is that we are still an inexperienced side and our winning culture still needs to be nurtured and developed before we can be considered a serious side. However, all it takes is one win for everything to click and I do believe that win will come this season. When it comes, it may be just enough time for us to string some games together and make finals, and it may be too late but will set us up well for a strong chance in 2018. We’re steering in the right direction and this will be the team and Goody will be the coach to break our premiership drought. NB: it will be the team once we have added either May or Lever to our back-line
  3. got to give hannan his credit, he is getting us back into this game
  4. typical dees... hope we turn things around soon otherwise last week's win truly means nothing.
  5. From MFC: "This was an extremely early detection and Jesse is expected to make a full recovery and will return to football this year."
  6. how much time left??
  7. frost's run often goes unnoticed. paul roos once said that frost was one of, if not the fastest in the team.
  8. and effective in eliminating one of the umpires
  9. I think they will be without Cameron, but I reckon Lynch will get up for next week. Not looking forward to playing a fired up Adelaide, I hope we come prepared.
  10. Tom McDonald to ruck I think
  11. Following the Richmond game, I felt so deflated and began to think that perhaps our season was over given injuries and the loss of games that we really should have won. However, after careful reflection, I think our situation whilst undesirable and not ideal, is not as dire as it seems. It is going to hurt not having a ruckman for the next 6-7 weeks and will no doubt cost us some games as it already has, but I think with preparation and adjustment to our structure, we will be able to handle our next six games. I think a ruck combo between Frost/Pedo/Watts will make do and particularly think Frost has a relatively good leap to compete in the ruck contest. Pedo will be pumped to come in and I think he will give it his everything for us over the next few weeks. I have a lot of confidence in our midfield and have enough confidence in our forward line – I am cautious though of our backline and this seems to be a real issue for us. Whenever an opposition team enters their inside 50, you can almost guarantee they will score a goal; we are just fortunate that our high-pressure style is good at limiting the amount of inside 50s for our opposition. Our conversion rate and ability to capitalise inside our forward 50 is somewhat concerning but my answers to that over the last three weeks come down to this: Geelong game we were down our most important forward in Hogan and another forward in Watts as he had to take the ruck responsibilities; Freo game we were again without Hogan, but out of all the games, this is the most inexcusable; and the Richmond game, well we were down two key forwards with again Watts taking ruck responsibilities and Smith down meaning that it was only Hogan and Garlett the Richmond backs were having to defend. Three weeks in a row we have let one poor quarter of footy cost us a game and at some point, it is going to click for the players. With Lewis back in the team this week, I think he adds the composure and leadership we so desperately need. I love Jones and Viney, but they should have stood up more in the fourth quarter as Cotchin did for Richmond, leading his team along with Riewoldt to victory. There is only good that we can learn from the injury struggles we are currently facing and it will only make us a stronger, more resilient and capable side.
  12. With Clayton Oliver, anything is possible
  13. Both Lewis and Hogan deserved suspensions, but what bothers me is the consistency of the MRP and its obviously flawed system. The Lewis decision, whilst I don't like it, I can understand it given his previous bad record (which would have expired had this incident occurred a week later ). The Hogan one, however, is just one week too severe if the MRP wants to maintain a consistent approach in how they evaluate these penalties. Thomson gets off with one week? Varcoe one week? Both these incidents were on par with Hogan's, if not worse! Is it simply because Hogan's fist was deemed closed that he gets the extra week? If so, then what a joke of a reason! Additionally, to rely on the medical reports of the opposition's doctors is just crying out bias, especially if you play a bunch of sad losers who want to get back at you by stripping you of some of your best players. There needs to an external doctor, neutral to both teams, to evaluate the level and severity of impact from an objective perspective - not one who works for the opposition's team. I am happy to admit that both deserved suspensions and would accept them - particularly Hogan's - if they had valid reasoning and were consistent with the rest of the MRP's decisions, but they just fail to meet this criteria. ALSO, does anyone know if we are thinking of appealing Hogan's?
  14. Just heard on SEN that the general consensus was that Lewis would get 2-3 weeks and Hogan 1 week. Hope they are wrong.
  15. Oops! I got the days mixed up... Haha kidding, but good news!