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  1. IF we win today, next week's game will be a battle of the two most in form teams...will be awesome! Hope we get a win today, I think we will feel Watts' absence a fair bit and miss Jones' leadership...however, I still think we've got a chance! I'm tipping it'll be a close game with the luckier team on the day to come out on top.
  2. i agree, but i also dont like the sound of playing a west coast team that's lost four in a row...
  3. OMac I believe has the potential to be a really talented key position defender and we saw glimpses as to why in the second half of that game. He has all the qualities and skills to be a star but he just lacks confidence at this very moment. I have a feeling Goodwin must have said to OMac at half-time that he needs to stop panicking and to just back himself because the Oscar we saw in the first half was just a shadow of the one we saw in second. He fought hard to make a contest and showed great composure in what was a really frantic last half of footy. The truth of the matter is that key position players take time to develop and it's rare that they are born stars. We let players like Dunn go and persevere in giving OMac games to hopefully fast track his development and it is slowly starting to pay off. I hope this is a turning point for Oscar as yesterday's game will only enrich him with confidence and belief that he really can take on his opponents and win contests. Goody made deliberate mention of Oscar's game in the press conference and for good reason, he deserved it! I think the issue is we are expecting too much of players like Oscar and Weideman who are only still early in their development. Their inexperience will sometimes frustrate us, but giving the games is the best way we are going to see improvement and build a strong future - particularly for Oscar as we desperately need to improve our backline.
  4. maybe he is saving himself for a big second half?
  5. we are choking, can't believe we are doing this again.... ah it hurts to be a melbourne supporter
  6. [censored] me, we aren't going to win this
  7. come on dees, silly mistakes costing us
  8. good to see we haven't started slow... but got maintain it and give a good four quarter effort. Omac needs more confidence in his ability, he is holding himself back. Come on dees, let's win this!
  9. Luck hasn't been on our side in the first half of the season, but the way I see it, it has to come at some point and perhaps it will arrive in the second half of the season...or, potentially even better, in finals!!!
  10. wow jake lever is an absolute star. would love to get him but think he is almost a certainty to stay at the crows... we still should try and make a big offer to him
  11. this just spells a loss.... whenever we have a chance to jump up the ladder, we always lose. i hope this time is different
  12. You really would hope that's not the case as it's so important that he can get his mental health under control. If it is, regardless of Collingwood and Buckley's situation, you have to prioritise and secure the well-being of every player before anything else. It would be hugely disappointing if they were willing to jeopardise this all for a measly four points.
  13. Fasolo has also put his hand up for selection. Good to hear he is feeling mentally a bit better
  14. i think goldsack might be out too, he could barely use his arm in the last quarter
  15. I can't wait for the bulldogs game when we have both gawn and hoges back and hopefully our full best 22 side in... if we win that game, i'll be confident of finals.