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  1. qwerty7

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-06-05/tommy-gun-locked-and-loaded sure has!!
  2. qwerty7

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Poor guy. Really feel for him. Not that I think this will eventuate - though it is entirely possible and i would love it to - but imagine if we made the Grand Final and won. Last year misses out on a GF and then if we were to make it this year misses out in playing and winning one. Obviously jumping to so many conclusions that most likely won't happen but imagine how heart-wrenching that would be for him. Anyway, one soldier out, another one in. Though he is a gun and we are certainly a better team with him playing, as long as our structure holds strong and cohesive, we should be able to sufficiently replace him with one of our defenders in the VFL. Go dees
  3. qwerty7

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

  4. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Suspected acl apparently stated by Goodwin according to my friend - I haven’t heard it myself but passing on what my friend said he heard on radio
  5. qwerty7

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    You’re funny. How much time left?
  6. qwerty7

    Injury List - Season 2018

    please no 😓
  7. qwerty7

    The run from here

    You’re certainly right about that. I loved hearing his “voice of the game” commentary on the weekend, he really is a natural leader. Despite obviously being limited in his first game back, his on-field leadership was still there and as good as ever, constantly encouraging and seeking the best out of his teammates. Such an important figure to our club.
  8. qwerty7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Great post. Hope you’re right and we can still make finals from here - would be heartbreaking if we didn’t. Also terrible umpiring in 3rd quarter - I think the game could have had a different result if they weren’t on the field. The deliberate out of bounds that should have been paid to us and gave us a shot on goal ended up being a goal to the tigers, give them their 12 point lead back. Not saying it’s what cost us the game, but it cost us not going into the last quarter with more even scores.
  9. qwerty7

    Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    But see, in my opinion, the trust you have in our team to always put up a fight and remain competitive until the end of the match, is valid and shouldn’t be lost. 99% of the time, we do stay competitive, and we know that we will bounce back after these goals have been leaked and try our utmost to win the match, which sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. The Hawthorn game was simply an anomaly – an outlier that doesn’t truly reflect what our team stands for; all it reflected was the frustration of missing goals, undesirable conditions and things simply not going our way, that it just blew out of proportion. The issue with trust in the Melbourne FC comes down to our inability to hold a lead, which as supporters, we already knew – it seems the media are only just starting to pay attention to it. We certainly have issues in goals being leaked and we certainly need to address them, but we aren’t the only team in the competition right now with problems. Why don’t we see article after to article about how Essendon or Collingwood cannot be trusted? They are just as hot and cold as we are. Don’t take this post as me defending what Melbourne dished out on the weekend – the second half was deplorable. But I still trust them to deliver this year because like you said, every team will have a [censored] game throughout the year and I think this is just one of them. I still back Goodwin and still back the boys to deliver a competitive season that will take us to finals. We are only going to get better throughout the year and we will only grow stronger from this loss – we aren’t the Melbourne of old anymore.
  10. qwerty7

    Freo poised to pinch 2

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-04-17/demon-laughs-off-comical-trade-talk love this from Brayshaw. Of course another click bait article and Brayshaw's firm response to it is very comforting.
  11. qwerty7


    had any flashes about us making finals or winning the premiership?
  12. qwerty7


    do not see us making the eight this year. lost by 3 points to a very unimpressive geelong thus far. beaten brisbane and north (woooo!!!!) and being smashed by hawthorn. and wtf goodwin, no wing players in first quarter- sure might work for a quarter but do you really think a genius in clarkson wont figure you out?
  13. qwerty7


    can agree. his game last week was great, but the other two? nothing crash hot. he isn't living up to his expectations at all
  14. qwerty7


    You're right, we are in it for sure but i think it's frustrating because we should be winning? kicking behind after behind, making poor decisions inside 50... i just hope we tidy up and win this because we really cannot afford to lose