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  1. xman97

    Delisted Free Agents

    We're Jamar and Fitzpatrick down from this year so i think we need another ruckman. If Gawn and Spenser go down, we're rooted. I don't think King is an 80% game time ruckman. He's more your back up who can go forward in my opinion.
  2. xman97

    Delisted Free Agents

    I'm hoping they put J.Hunt on the rookie list, as I don't think he's signed up yet. That will leave us with 1 more player we can pick up. If we we're going down the Delisted FA path, I wouldn't mind us looking at Redden from Port. He will be a good back up to Gawn and Spenser, and only 24yrs old which is young for a ruckman. Put it this way, we need another Ruck through this path or the draft. We can't go through the whole season with 2 genuine rucks. That's my thoughts anyway.
  3. I doubt both Weideman and Curnow will be gone before our 2nd pick. We only have Ess and GC in between our picks, and I'm pretty sure GC won't pick up a tall fwd. They have Lynch, Day & Wright. And also, Essendon need young mids as well. In my opinion, they pick up one of Weideman or Curnow with their 1st pick. And their 2nd pick will be out of Balic, Francis, Milera or Parish (if we don't pick him at 3).
  4. xman97

    AFL 2015 MOCK DRAFTS - TOP 12

    Rice I've got as pick 30, Collingwood bid. I don't think he's better than the players below. Silvagni will go late 2nd or 3rd round I think. The rest I have: 26.Fre: B.McKay 27.Ess: Partington. 28:Ess: Hibberd 29:Nth: Cole 30.St.K: Rice (Collingwood bid)
  5. Collins is a gun with a senior body already. I wouldn't pick him up though as I like the T.McDonald - Frost future we have. We have Dunn and Garland as 3rd and 4th talls until O.McDonald is a regular. We need a speedy mid and a tall forward, which 2 top 10 picks should fill nicely. I'm a big fan on taking best available, but I think this is the last year of the so called rebuild, so we should fill spots of need. If we make finals from 2016 onwards, say goodbye to top 10 picks, so I reckon lets get what we need, then the boys can grow together and towards our 13th premiership. Gee, I can't wait for the day!!
  6. xman97

    AFL 2015 MOCK DRAFTS - TOP 12

    I think Schache and Weitering know where their going already unfortunately. Brisbane knows Carlton will pick up Weitering. He's the stand out player this year.
  7. xman97

    AFL 2015 MOCK DRAFTS - TOP 12

    Pick 34 and 39 would be awesome. I think Dunkley is making up his mind this week whether he wants to go to the Swans or not. With all their picks it totals 2,179 points. With the 20% discount they get, they will need 1,787 points for Mills at a pick 3 bid. Then they need 676 points for a pick 22 bid for Dunkley. That adds up to 2,463. Unless they go into about 300 points deficit next year, they won't be able to get Dunkley. Did you add up your points wrong or did I? haha
  8. xman97

    AFL 2015 MOCK DRAFTS - TOP 12

    **PHANTOM DRAFT 1.Carl: Weitering - Done deal. 2.Bris: Schache - Done deal. 3.Syd*: Mills (Melbourne bid) - Roos will want this kid. Will make Sydney bid high. 4.Melb: Parish - Outside run and a bit of pace is what we need. He will add to the grunt we've previously added. 5.GWS*: Hopper (Essendon bid) - Essendon need mids and will happily bid for Hopper. 6.Ess: Curnow - Essendon need back up for Daniher. 7.GWS*: Kennedy (Essendon bid) - Essendon need mids and Kennedy is probably the next best mid. GWS will pounce still. 8.Ess: Balic - I think they could pick up Francis but with Curnow being that in between height also, I think they'll go a midfielder. 9.GC: Francis - They'll have to pick him up if he gets to 9. Francis could go as high as 3 though. 10.Melb: Weideman - Hogan's partner for the next decade. If not, I'd go Tucker for run off half back. 11.Bris*: Hipwood (Carlton bid) - Carlton need a KPF so I think they'll bid. Brissy will pay this price in a heart beat. 12.Carl: Milera - They need a goal kicking half forward. 13.Ade: Collins - Not a lot of tall backmen at the crows. Collins is the 2nd best KPB. 14.Bris*: Keays (Carlton bid) - Carlton will want mids. I think they'll bid. 15.Carl: H.McKay - A tall forward is a must for the blues. 16.Rich: Ah Chee - They're crying out for a small fwd and I'm almost sure they'll pick him. 17.Ade: Tucker - Too good a player to be any lower. I think draft needs pushes him to 17. 18.Stk: Matheisen - Mids is what they'll be after. They went tall last year. 19.Haw: Gresham - Quick mid which Hawthorn will like. They need young mids. 20.GC: Oliver - The Suns will love how he goes about it. Bennell out so they will want a mid. 21.Nth: Rioli - Small forward is what they need. This kid could be anything. 22.Haw: Dunkley - They'll like his leadership qualities. Another young mid for the future. 23.Carl: Burton - More like a 3rd tall, but they need talls up forward. 24.WB: Bonner - The doggies need young backmen as it's an ageing backline. Will transition from Dale Morris. 25.WB: R.Clarke - Next best mid who I think they'll get.
  9. Tom Boyd will be one of the best KPF one day, don't worry. I was more talking about how he moves. Especially his high marking.
  10. Have a look a 2min27 in mate. Reminds me a bit of Tom Boyd. http://www.facebook.com/FutureStarsTV/videos/vb.130437356973525/1180023382014912/?type=2&theater.
  11. On that topic though, we could trade for pick 2 (Schache). Maybe package up our pick 6 and Howe (If the Pies deal falls over). Or Pick 6 & Dawes. Or Pick 6 & an early 2nd rounder (Toumpas trade). But I think we can get Weideman at Pick 6, who is more than capable of being a better player than Schache. If Weideman wasn't injured for most of the year, everyone would be talking about him as pick 3 imo.
  12. xman97

    Darcy Parish

    Parish will most likely go 3 who ever has that pick. Because of Curnow's size, I think he could slip to around pick 10 to be honest. Clubs will bid high for Mills, Hopper & Kennedy, to make the Sydney clubs use high picks. There's obviously Weitering, Schache & Francis. Weideman is more your key forward who clubs will most likely favour instead of Curnow. So in my opinion, he falls at pick 8 at least. Then there's Balic who's a gun mid. Collins who's the 2nd best key back who I don't think will go past Adelaide's 1st pick (currently 9). And then there's Tucker.
  13. Key Forward. 196cm. 91kg. If we don't trade our Pick 6, would we be better off going a Key Fwd instead of a midfielder type, to have a long term partner for Hogan? I've heard a couple of recruiters say if he wasn't injured this year, he would be a top 5 pick easily. Thoughts?
  14. xman97

    Aggressive trading

    I think everyone should calm down. There's better things to worry about then someone's trade opinions. Just on the A.Moore situation. Would we be better off going for A.Young? He would increase our midfield depth and he's got some good speed that we need. By memory, he's out of contract.
  15. xman97

    Aggressive trading

    If you don't try you don't get