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  1. Daily Dose of Demons

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    What about in the first quarter I think jack took an easy mark saw it was Cripps on the mark and ran straight around him and burned him off. That was so satisfying!
  2. Daily Dose of Demons


    Jeez we make football look so complicated
  3. Daily Dose of Demons

    Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    I normally go to the duke on flinders street to watch the interstate games normally has a few Melbourne supporters. Nice food, good beer and great times!
  4. Daily Dose of Demons

    2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    1. Sydney 2. Geelong 3. Richmond 4. Adelaide 5. Melbourne 6. Port Adelaide 7. Western Bulldogs 8. Hawthorn 9. GWS 10. Essendon 11. St Kilda 12. Fremantle 13. West Coast 14. Collingwood 15. Brisbane 16. Carlton 17. Goldcoast 18. North Melbourne
  5. Daily Dose of Demons

    Sponsorship Problem?

    Russians, they’re trying to rig the next election using demonland to make Tony Abott Prime Minister
  6. Daily Dose of Demons

    JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Hamstring won’t play round 1
  7. Daily Dose of Demons

    Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Said before but you may of missed it keen to join if there’s spots Team name: El Chapo’s Cartel
  8. Daily Dose of Demons

    Mitch Hannan Signs on until 2020

    Absolutely love this guy! Pencil him in for 30 plus easy.
  9. Daily Dose of Demons

    AFL Fantasy 2018

  10. Daily Dose of Demons

    Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    I’ll get involved if you still have a few spots my mates always lose interest after round 6 or so and just gets boring. Team name: El Chapo’s Cartel
  11. Daily Dose of Demons

    Hand in your membership

    Don't worry boys we've found him!
  12. Daily Dose of Demons


    Just to let everyone know my dog likes to play fetch.
  13. Daily Dose of Demons


    I reckon it will be a closely contested first half. But then after the first half Gawn will have blown out the cobwebs and we will come out in the second half and blow them away! We are back!
  14. Daily Dose of Demons

    Changes v Weagles

    Maynard looks really good would love to see him at afl level early. Has that explosive speed to get out of congestion, fairly poised under pressure and could've kicked two goals on weekend but just missed. But most importantly he is hard at it and will definitely add to our manic pressure game plan.
  15. Daily Dose of Demons

    Christian Salem Article

    If we somehow managed to land Kelly I don't think I'd know how to handle myself. Have also loved salems kicking always purposeful and rarely or never a bomb in hope.