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  1. wheaters31

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Garlett for Spargo. Just back Garlett in.
  2. wheaters31


    Maybe this is a bit of a "old man" view, but, I don't think it was great preparation for our players to be at Jake Lever's engagement party on the night before a crunch game. The likes of Petracca, Jones Gawn and others were all there having a great time, whilst the Swans would've been minds on the job at their hotel, together, and preparing for the big game. No surprises all uploads from the party on instagram have now been deleted.
  3. wheaters31

    Changes vs Sydney

    Wagner in for Smith. Hibberd still a week away atleast according to Goody. Frost to Buddy. VDB out for Melksham if fit.
  4. What about Jake Lloyd from Sydney? Perfect replacement for Bernie across half back.
  5. wheaters31

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Coaches and players were out-smarted. Completely beaten on the spread. Looked tired late. Need to utilise the bye to learn how this happened, and come up with ways to combat the strategies the Pies used, because no doubt, our opposition over the next few weeks will be looking to this game to show how we can be beaten easily.
  6. wheaters31

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    With Puopolo, Rioli, Breust and Impey, we need pace in the back half next week. Hopefully Hunt has a good game today for Casey.
  7. wheaters31

    Trade rumours

    Would anyone do this deal for Watts if he goes to Port? Port give: Pick 30 and 33 Dees give: Watts and 45 That makes Watts the equivalent of pick 22. Leaves us with: 28, 30, 33, 35 and 65 Use 65 for Balic. Possibly package two of the second rounders to get further up the draft to give us the mandatory three selections.
  8. Nothing more than pick 65 for Balic. Take it or leave it Freo. If not, then we'll pick him up in the draft. No other team would use a selection for him.
  9. wheaters31

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I'd go to Geelong and say we'll give you Watts and 35 for Cam Guthrie. Promise him midfield time. Hasn't been given much with the inclusion of Dangerfield. He's got some speed and good around stoppages. Before Danger he looked like becoming a real top-of-the-line mid. Lack of minutes have cost him IMO. Demon supporter as a kid, out of contract at end of 2018.
  10. wheaters31


    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/western-bulldogs/western-bulldogs-ruckman-tom-campbell-explores-trade-options/news-story/b2844852bf3cd5f64689671d8e8c1884 Western Bulldogs ruckman Tom Campbell explores trade options. Should we enquire given Spencer's departure?
  11. wheaters31

    Trade rumours

    So Hogan is upset Watts is traded one hour down the highway to Geelong, so intends to ask for a trade to the other side of the county. They are just reporting a story that people will want to know about. It was written in the Perth Now, simply to get clicks and sell papers.
  12. wheaters31

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I'm nervous about 2018. Going into next year, reminds me of going into the 2011 year. We had shown strong improvement up until that stage under Bailey and then had a horror year. This trade decision isn't helping my nerves about 2018. We all know we got incredibly close to getting into finals in 2017, and I just hope we don't go backwards next year. Rumours that trading Jack given his popularity within the group could possibly lead to some players getting offside. Bringing in a 21 year old on 750k which is above the salary of servants on the list, could lead to some players demanding more when it comes to negotiating their new contract. It's all getting me nervous. My trust in the club, particularly Taylor and Jackson, has never been stronger despite our performances in the last decade. I just hope we can perform on a consistent manner once again, with no quarter-long lapses, and I can rid myself of the continual pessimism I have whenever I sit down to watch our matches next year.
  13. Give pick 64 for Balic and pick 77.
  14. wheaters31

    Trade rumours

    Sam Collins from fremantle has been delisted. I'd be keen on him.
  15. wheaters31

    Farewell Jack Watts

    With Watts meeting Geelong today (according to Mitch Cleary), it is good for us that Adelaide have offered a big offer to Motlop. Means Geelong may get an even better compensation pick for losing him. They currently have picks 20 and 33.