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  1. two things: 1. surely carlton wouldn't get rid of weitering.. they know what they have. however, he was a dees supporter growing up (crazy bastard) * probably a basketballer too 😮 say we got him, wouldn't he be too similar to lever? i think that maybe with those two and hibberd, things might get messy? not sure though, i don't watch carlton play 2. there's no way may would come down to us. he's from darwin isn't he? his family would be all up north. goldy weather would be somewhat similar. why on earth would he move to cold and wet melbourne?! i reckon he'll stay as sole captain until the AFL finally packs that club in.
  2. Rocky

    Changes vs Adelaide

    so do pillows..
  3. Rocky

    This club kills me

    yep. i'm not ashamed to say that i had a bit of a meltdown when tuohy took that mark and started to well up. once he kicked it and the cats were carrying on like porkchops it was like we'd just lost a grand final (sad in itself..i can't imagine how bad that would hurt). [censored] cried like a baby for about a minute. i rode that game so hard. heartbroken they lost. but it is just a game. and i'll be a dee for life. i really hope the players felt as bad as the supporters, but also that they know we are behind them (by & large) and only want good things for the team. go dees
  4. why yes, i do like drugs, however, on the topic of JKH & O-Mac.. JKH should only be played against rubbish sides/if we have no one else to play. Personally, iId rather have Bugg in the team (or ideally VDB). I've never been a fan of O-Mac, however, I believe the calls for his head after this game are crazy. He wasn't to blame for the loss. The coaches messed up and should have altered our structure, or at least NEVER put him on a power forward. He is a skinny kid. Maybe quick between the ears, but weak and half-hearted as all get out. I feel he has a place in the team, but only as a third defender. Also, he needs to stop dumping the ball out of our defensive 50 'just to get rid of it'. in games of no consequence/shitty opposition, he has time and has good footskills. these all but disappear against decent opposition. so. depending on the situation, JKH I would say should not be played and O-Mac stays, but NEVER gets a power forward again. also, the coaches need to adjust their....oh why bother...
  5. Rocky

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    carn lions, do it for old Fitzroy!!
  6. Rocky

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

  7. Rocky

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    the most nervous i've been for a game this year.. totally do-able, but also, we could fall apart. COME ON DEES!!!!!!!
  8. Rocky

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    phaaaaaaaaarq, i hate essendon sooooo much.
  9. Rocky

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    true.. but, if the ball was on the ground and there were a handful of tigers jumpers around, cotchin is getting that ball. almost plays like viney when he is playing at his optimum. just brutal. re: the 2016 against the bulldogs. i think there was blood in the water at that stage wasn't there? i dare say our young kids knew and attempted to beat them up, having been beaten to a pulp many times by them over the years.. but yes, it's frustrating. i think we can it these days much better over a game, but just not PEAK PRESSURE. not sure why. maybe today? 😛
  10. Rocky

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    just watching the 3rd quarter and billings has taken a mark & then mucked up the gimme set shot.. bruce says 'quiet first half from jack', or something to that effect. more like, 'quiet first half of your career jack'. so stoked we didn't take him. also, i gotta say, trent cotchin is such a great player these days. so physical and tough in the contest. if there's a loose ball to be won, he generally wins it. such an improvement from the level he played at for years when richmond just couldn't get above 9th. impressive.
  11. Rocky

    The Many Sides of Jake Melksham

    he first impressed me at some of his early training sessions at gosch's.. i thought he'd just be a feisty mid. he has surprised, bringing leadership to our relatively young group & has impressed me with his laser kicks to the other forwards and vision. i just wish he was more consistent. good on him!
  12. Rocky

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    dance down the street & jump into an amsterdam canal for a dip
  13. Rocky

    How desperate are North Melbourne....

    with respect, who knows if any of the rumours are true with regards to who north are chasing.. i guess its better to ask than not ask. but 700k for polec? if that bit is true, HOT DAMN!
  14. Rocky

    There is a role for Bugg

    fingers crossed then. i can't say i'd be upset to get a pick under 50 for bugg, but i'd definitely be surprised
  15. do they even exist at the moment? people throw up the likes of isaac smith alot, but if every player in the afl was gettable, who has the speed & footskills that the dees need? they're either flakey, fast and have poor footskills (see hunt), only run in straight lines (also see hunt, but obviously a lot of others), or have amazing foot skills like a matt suckling. gaff (especially considering our list demographic) seems like the best bet for our group. he will compliment and not need to really win his own ball. oliver, brayshaw, etc will feed it out to him.