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  1. Rocky

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    its also to remembered that footy is a business. and hogan is a blue chip in our organisation. as boring and lame as it sounds, he has worth and if we just bend over and give him away for nothing, even if we get in an ok backman and a who knows what second rounder, that is a loss. we need may and a really solid pick that is pretty much guaranteed to play all year and be a star. not some kid that we get at pick 27 or whatever, who might quit footy in a year after struggling with the speed of the game at casey.. it is a negotiation.
  2. much rather 5 & 23.. draft drops away after 7.. we don't need any more inside mids or players from wa and that's what the rest seem to be. i'd much rather get a gem at 5 and let jason taylor work his magic at 23.. plus, it means that we will stop the crows from getting who they want.. win-win 🙂
  3. Rocky

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    again. we need 5 and next year's first from freo. or, 5 and brayshaw/cerra. cough up dockheads or F off!
  4. Rocky

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    lol. hope he's aware jesse is currently in perth. haha. nooooo ideaaaaa
  5. who else is around that mark that has pace? not many options.. i think we may take him should we go the draft that high. we sure as hell won't get the sa boys, or concern ourselves with the kings.
  6. we've could end up with duursma, should we get 5 in hogan trade?..
  7. next year's first and a third would be about right..
  8. i agree with a previous poster.. needs to improve his tank. hope he's about to start running training with gawn asap.
  9. Rocky

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    we'll see..
  10. Rocky

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    i bloody hope not.. we can do better than that. we ain't using that 2019 first unless its for whitfield/kelly..
  11. Rocky

    Go and get Gaff!

    haha, not nmfc skuit..although... i was referring to this annoying thread.
  12. Rocky

    Go and get Gaff!

    shut it down
  13. clearly needs to be smarter with his physicality.. i'm all for it, but jumping and bumping is dumb. and missing games regularly for MFC will be freaking annoying.
  14. i don't want to argue back and forth over this, suffice to say both players have deep underlying deficiencies. it's just that personally, i believe that frost's are more easily fixed via coaching and game-time. oscar is soffffft. even if he adds another 5-10kg, he will be soft. he is a great kick, if not a bit slow (decision-making wise), but super reliable and doesn't make brain-fades like his brother used to. HOWEVER, he is not competitive. one of the very few in our team with this trait now (an essential trait of a defender if you ask me!). frost is competitive. sam lacks super-reliable foot-skills and composure now, but i believe they would come, in the same way that oscar has developed his. re: what the footy dept. will do.. you are probably right. i don't agree with it, but you are probably right. i understand o-mac doesn't need to be overly physical with so many of those types now in our backline. however, in pointing out how much turnovers coming out of our backline kill us, you are turning a blind eye to the one-on-one disasters that o-mac is consistently involved in. whether it be buddy or a lesser forward from a bottom club. the ball moves past him and oscar takes an eternity to JOG back after it. just no desperation. no balls-to-the-wall attitude that we get from hibberd, jetta, and frost. again, each to their own, this is merely my opinion.