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  1. salem has really impressed me this year with his hardness and pressure acts.. couldn't help but think he was a bit soft the past few years. not anymore! wins his own ball too, which is a bonus. hopefully that thyroid issue never comes back again!
  2. if anyone is watching/listening to this game, how's kieran collins going for the dogs? i remember him being a big lump of a lad leading into his draft year and had hoped we might've got him.. there's been all this talk of lever and day, but how's he goin? obviously not great if he's in vfl..
  3. get up lions! get feisty! working the ball out nicely.. geez i wished we coulda got hipwood. i remember liking the look of him in in the draft.
  4. didn't this guy train with the dees over the summer?
  5. they're hopeless.. on radio and tv. as long the commentators get to ask gawn *zany* questions about his beard 😳 the old players still have no respect for us. but it'll come. once we're entrenched in the 8 year after year, they'll know alllll about us!
  6. i watched the whole game on my phone in the car and switched between stations.... geez it was hopeless! the commentary was rubbish by all. didn't give us much of the spotlight at all. i normally listen to abc.
  7. interesting... i recall he was predicted to be taken by us at the pick we eventually took weideman at..8? from memory he has a basketball background (that famous line) and was quite quick between the ears.. could be add a bit of class to our list for sure. doubt freo would let him go for a 4th rounder though! they took him in the teens didn't they?
  8. forward? he's no where near physical enough.. he still looks like a frightened kid out there. seriously. he has a better kick than his brother (which doesn't say much) but i seriously cannot see what people see in him.. yeah the coaches are playing him, but what are the other options? i reckon he'll be gone in a year or two. seems like a nice kid, but just soft and apprehensive. he'd never take intercept marks like jack leslie did late in the game against the eagles yesterday..
  9. really looking forward to seeing what the club does with our picks this year..
  10. who cares.. he was never gonna leave the club. he's a bomber. its like trying to work out if jack viney would leave to play for another team.. not gonna happen.
  11. i take mine out & chuck it in my sock, cos if it comes lose as i'm running in i'm even less chance of kicking straight!
  12. personally i felt that last year when we smashed the hawks.. when they string some consecutive scalps together, then we can relax
  13. still (a long way) ahead i'd have thought. hibberd is GOLD. melksham...meh
  14. absolutely! i've always seen him as a soft, easy ball kinda guy.. he was dare i say it.. intimidating 😳