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  1. Rocky

    The Braydon Preuss Thread

    i like it..but i think lewis serves an important function with stability downback. not his biggest fan, but he has really good games and goes missing in others. think the club will still put him in best 22 anyway. love the weed. hopefully if he gets more consistenty (like late in the year) he will cause selectors problems... might be a battle between him and preuss. still not completely sold on preuss. seen him do amazing stuff, but could just be a big oaf runnin around not doing much. anyway, depthhhhh. and good for the pies and eagles games. liking smith and tyson out though.
  2. Rocky

    Brownlow Medal 2018

  3. Rocky

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    excited to see him in the red and blue.. sounds like exactly what we need.
  4. Rocky

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    i'd be keen if i was still in amsterdam..moved on to the greek islands now though!
  5. Rocky

    The Nic Newman thread

    better bleach in syders..
  6. yuck. hope bombers crash in the trade period. wanna see them down the ladder for another decade (at least).
  7. Rocky

    Lord Nev - the t-shirt

    and then there's always the people that treat everything as 'no big deal' & keep their mouths shut about [censored] up [censored] on the internet (almost stubbornly - no matter what it relates to).. if nev is ok with it, i am ok with it. but i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a shirt that is designed by a beer company (there's numerous potential issues here), with nev being redrawn to be a bloody lord/pope or whatever that design is.. its pretty offensive.
  8. Rocky

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    succinct bin. and with that post your crystallised my feelings. i henceforth state i will never enter this bucket of turd again.
  9. Rocky

    Free tickets for tonight.

    legend! what a great human.
  10. Rocky

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    how so? surely tigers smalls and the pressure the general team provides would win out against the foot skills & two rucks that the hawks have?
  11. Rocky

    Enough with the bloody past already!!

    so relevant to us.. in lots of ways. surprised no one has referred to this yet.
  12. you could probably use one of his elbow's if he did land at the dees..
  13. Rocky

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    i'd've love a jack higgins type.. he likely? imagine jack in our team providing pressure and enthusiasm. JAYZUS
  14. orrr, the club could launch a new range of smokes? 'pj premiership edition'. all funds raised going to building toilets next to the new training ground so that the players no longer need to defecate in the long grass of gosch's. lol.