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  1. At the break of Gawn

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Saints didn’t drop their heads at all. We all thought that would happen in the last qtr but to their credit they didn’t which made it difficult to get a 10 goal win.
  2. At the break of Gawn

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 7

    6. Clayton Oliver 5. Jesse Hogan 4. Angus Brayshaw 3. Max Gawn 2. Michael Hibberd 1. Nathan Jones Apologies to Lewis, Lever who were rock solid and Tyson who played one of his better games.
  3. At the break of Gawn

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    It’s difficult to judge Port’s forward line while Paddy is injured (I think he’s back this week though) as Dixon has had to ruck and that other young kid (Marshall I think) is out with personal leave, meaning Watts was there no.1 almost and he never does well in that circumstance. i just hope he keeps his spot so we can see him line up against us in a Friday night game (it’ll be an interesting dynamic to watch).
  4. At the break of Gawn

    Lever Quits Social Media

    I think if it’s just football centric criticism then it’s fair game. It comes with the territory, and most players (especially Lever) are adequately compensated. Essentially it’s the same what guys like Robbo or Caro write. Personal attacks are definitely not on, however.
  5. At the break of Gawn

    Changes Vs Essendon

    He thinks he’s Dusty Martin now that he wears no.4. Got caught holding the ball 3 times on Tuesday trying to do a fend off. He gets sucked into contests all the time when he shouldn’t and his foot skills are poor. What Harmes thinks he is capable of and what he can actually do borders on delusional. It’s a bit of an indictment on the match committee that he’s not even on the extended interchange this week.
  6. At the break of Gawn


    It’ll probably still be short of the vitriol you threw at Jack Watts over the years.
  7. At the break of Gawn

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    Yep, read the article. Can't wait to see the joke asking if it was Jordan De Goey's dog.
  8. At the break of Gawn

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    Surely just a dose of antibiotics would be enough...
  9. At the break of Gawn

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    From a dog bite? wtf? really?
  10. At the break of Gawn

    If we lose to Essendon

    Similar position to last year. We had just lost 3 in a row (Geelong, Freo and Richmond) and we just had to beat Essendon. Thankfully Danniher couldn't kick the side of a barn that day and we ran over the top of them in the second half. Watts and Petracca both kicked 4 that day. If Hurley or Hooker nullify Hogan, I just can't see us winning.
  11. At the break of Gawn

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    He actually did the exact same dumb kick just before half-time against Richmond last year (totally gave them a spark at half time). Scroll to 2:53 and you'll see.
  12. At the break of Gawn

    Nathan Jones is the problem

    On field leadership is definitely an issue for us. Without question. It's one of the main reason we can't stop the bleeding during those lulls. People blame Goodwin, but if a run-on starts 5 minutes into a quarter, Goodwin doesn't have a chance to chat to the collective group until 25 minutes later. Richmond's leaders saw the momentum swing in the 3rd qtr and wrestled it back. Unfortunately we don't have that same type of leadership to do the same. Jones isn't the only leader out there, but he certainly should be doing more when the opposition is on a rampage.
  13. At the break of Gawn

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Out: Harmes, AnB, Vince In: Spargo, Lewis, Tmac or Pedo (replace Harmes with a tall). I’d leave Stretch for another week. Harmes has to go. Has given nothing for 5 games.Vince is done and the statement Goodwin needs to make.
  14. At the break of Gawn

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Must not have noticed them. Didn't have much of an impact though and would still question why we would pick him above Pedo.
  15. At the break of Gawn

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Harmes has to be dropped. Can’t believe we let him have no.4. Stretch nervous and fumbly Vince has to be dropped, surely . Nothing game from Tyson i cant recall Weid taking a mark so not sure about some people calling it an encouraging game Goodwin had no answers when we lost the clearances in the second term. Just had to submit to Richmond’s structures. Only positives: Gawn again, Lever looked comfortable, Melksham returned to form, same with hibbo. Jones and Oliver very good in the middle. O Mac our best defender almost at the moment.