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  1. Harmes and Bugg below AnB and Stretch IMO.
  2. Saw footage of him running yesterday; Looked fine to me. I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning at training.
  3. Interestingly, Gawn said in his press conference Tommy Mac won't play on Buddy and it'll be OMac or Frost. So Tmac forward again it may be.
  4. I think injuries/niggles will be a revolving door due to this 6 day break. Would expect Watts and maybe someone else to cover Salem and potentially Garlett. Play Hannan deep with Watts and Pedo. JKH can play Hannan's HHF/midfield role. Tmac on Buddy Pedo ruck support Maybe OMac comes out if Garlett and Salem are right? Omac was pretty poor last night and was ineffectual against Petrie or McGovern. I know his form has been better, but Buddy could break records on him. Heeney would be too quick for him and Reid is suited to Frost.
  5. I'm actually going to put Tmac BoG. Career best game 6. Tmac 5. Viney 4. Vince 3. Gawn 2. Tyson 1. Mitch Hannan. Surprised people giving votes to Pedo. Thought he was pretty poor tonight as a forward apart from his last qtr. Only 3 marks.
  6. You bloody legend Tom Mac!!!
  7. Garlett on 1 supercoach point at half time 😳
  8. Harmes, Bugg, Pedo unsighted. Geez we'd look different with Watts, Hogan and Jones playing.
  9. Big loss. Quite strange as his scans came back clear. Will need to work with physios then to get it right.
  10. I feel people have short memories on here. JKH was deplorable when he had his chance. A good VFL player but that's about it unfortunately.
  11. I remember that night. Was pretty magical if I recall as it cemented our spot in the top 8.
  12. Well deserved by Goodwin. Can't help but ask, what does David Neitz have to do when guys like Barry Hall and Anthony Stevens are getting inducted?
  13. I know we're still concentrating on this Saturday's game, but I hope we get a solid crowd turn-out on next Friday night at the MCG against Sydney. With all this talk of North's dismal attendance last Friday night game (even chatter about them moving to Tassie), I think it's a really good opportunity for us (fans, members) to show we appreciate playing on the big stage by showing up in droves next Friday night. If you haven't already put next Friday in the diary, then do it now!
  14. Massive difference between a hamstring strain and tightness. I'll go with the latter based off the way he jogged off the ground.
  15. Most teams come off the bye pretty rusty. Melbourne a good case in point for the first half against the Pies. Don't think it'll do us any favours if we make the finals.