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  1. Changes v Brisbane

    Will depend if Wattsy is at training tomorrow or not I guess if he's in the mix. VFL squad normally wouldn't train the day before a game or perhaps only do something very light. Shaping up to be one of the most interesting match selections this week. Really have no idea, and I reckon most were way off predicting the 4 being dropped last week.
  2. The Weed

    Harris Andrews is an excellent defender with a huge reach and I doubt he'd kick any on him. He might do better on McStay, but not much.
  3. Changes v Brisbane

    Not going to choose a guy simply on tackles. Might as well recruit Jordan McKenzie again then to play the position.

    2nd fastest 20m sprint by a non indigenous, bro.
  5. The Weed

    Agreed. Goodwin is a solution based coach. When Watts has solved his problematic areas, he'll come back in.
  6. The Weed

    Yeah, Carlisle's ability to run off Weid killed us in the third qtr so in that sense he was actually inhibiting the team. I reckon Harris Andrews will mark every ball kicked to him next week unless Tmac plays forward.
  7. Changes v Brisbane

    Like the rest of the posters, would like to see Watts in the VFL another week to work on those things Goody asked of him. I'm thinking: In: Stretch Out: Wagner No way Bugg comes back in the side after a 6 week suspension. Hannah is lucky he kicked those 2 goals in the last qtr, was Mr. Invisible up until then and didn't even have a kick until after half time.
  8. The Weed

    Goody isn't going to bag him out in the media. Don't think it was necessary about comparing Watts with what Weideman can bring. Think the issue was more so what Watts was bringing compared to what he is capable of. Why wasn't Hulett given a chance instead or is he on the rookie list?

    Yeah, nah. Only 9 pressure acts. Watts doubled that against the Giants and tripled that against the Roos. Watts also averages 2-3 tackles a game this season which is pretty good for a tall forward. Watts is out of form, been looking for the out the backs and hasn't been flying for them as much as he used to. AKA back to old habits. The posters who keep on saying it's due to pressure acts and tackles from Watts look misinformed when you read the stats. Watts needed to go back to VFL to recapture form and do the things mentioned above. Weid was the only option for Goodwin to choose, with the key word being only.

    I watched Curnow last night. He is going to be a superstar. If it wasn't for that drink driving thing we would have selected him. Not sure what attributes Weid brings apart from his courage in the air.

    Don't think any of the "statement ins" made much of an impact though. Gus was building and was likely to come in for Maynard. The move of Tmac back steadied us. Wagner and Weid were underwhelming to say the least.

    Harmes was amazing in that first qtr. Didn't even have an opponent I reckon. Pederson was industrious and reliable. One of his best games. Lewis' best game in red and blue. BoG for me. He actually committed to the contest a lot more. He must be able to smell September. Hannan was invisible in the first 3 qtrs but grabbed his moment. Forgot how good Brayshaw is. So much more composed now and his kicking was elite. A few negatives though: Petracca is badly out of form. He almost does things. Reminds me of his first year. Weid looked slow and not AFL ready. Laid some good tackles but couldn't commend much at all. 1 game in the VFL for Watts might not be enough though. I'd like him in ripping form before coming in. Wagner was sub standard. Salem would come straight in if he didn't get suspended. Garlett had Geary which could explain his quiet game.
  13. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Sounds like Keilty is really coming a long and sounds like an awesome intercept mark. Would love to see him in the seniors.
  14. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    I'm looking forward to reading Plappy's report. That's normally a good indication. Would think he'd need at least 2 weeks though.