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  1. At the break of Gawn

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    I think another point people may be forgetting is the media commentary that JW was always receiving and Goodwin said in a statement that the narrative wasn’t changing, plus it was distracting to the club. 2017 fuelled fire that his 2016 season did to ease it. Can you imagine the media commentary this season if he wasn’t in the best 22? For every good news story about us making finals there would be three articles about Jack Watts.
  2. At the break of Gawn


    Another 10 votes for him you’d think for round 22 (the AFLCA keep rnds 22-23 votes hidden to add some suspense). He was on 80 at the end of rnd 21 with Cripps on 83 and Mitchell on 87. Mitchell had an ‘ok’ game against the Saints (might get 2-3 votes) while Cripps had a slow start to the game (2-3 votes) but the big votes will go to the Dogs. Based on that, I think another good game from Max and he’ll win the AFLCA award which is probably the second best individual honour in a season.
  3. At the break of Gawn

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Agree with this. JW never had courage in the air and I feel he never wanted it enough as some other players. He’ll look back on his career as something that has opened doors for him (such as Skwosh and maybe media related stuff) but I feel that he’ll definitely look back on it with regret at what he could have achieved.
  4. At the break of Gawn

    MFC has created generational negative supporters

    The great thing about this forum is that we can share the pain as a collective and use the forum to air our grievances. I feel sorry for the passionate isolated Demon supporter who may not have any friends or family to share the pain with and are unaware of sites like this.
  5. At the break of Gawn

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    How does a team kick 15 goals in a row? Geez Freo are bad.
  6. At the break of Gawn

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Can’t see us winning this game unless we see a dominant performance by a couple of players. Perhaps Gawn, Oliver and Tmac. I just want to see someone take the game by the scruff of the neck and lead the way (and preferably not McGovern).
  7. At the break of Gawn

    What is the point?

    I’m in Europe at the moment on my honeymoon and I actually wish in some twisted way we were like Melbourne of 2008-2009 where I’d check to see if we’ve won any games at the end of my holiday. Instead I got up at 7:20am to follow the scores and end up feeling deflated. Giving hope and then tearing it away with disappointing losses is actually a lot harder to stomach.
  8. At the break of Gawn


    Sam Michell wrote in his autobiography that Clarkson sent him a text in 2010/11 asking “have you ever played well in a final?”. This is the sort of brutal honesty that Goodwin needs to ask Jones but replace the word “final” with an “extremely important crunch game”. If he can’t stand up with any authority in the last 2 games then he can’t be a captain next year. He’s getting into Taylor Walker territory.
  9. At the break of Gawn

    Gawn walking laps in tracksuit, HS telling us not to panic...

    Hamstring strains are never one week. Was always going to miss at least 2.
  10. At the break of Gawn

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I’m not sure if that has been posted yet, but this season is reminding me a little of the 1998 season at its end. We beat Sydney at the G on a Monday night in Rnd 21 to secure a spot in the finals and then we defeated Richmond in rnd 22 to secure a top 4. Richmond needed to win to make finals but having lost to us, instead finished 9th (which could be like for GWS although I suspect they will still make it)
  11. At the break of Gawn

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    With top 4 now up for grabs, I have an even stronger doubt that we’ll win this game as every time it’s happened, we’ve dropped one. Surely we can’t lose to the GC. Even if some of our “leaders” don’t stand up, the competitiveness of someone like an Oliver and Brayshaw won’t let this slip.
  12. At the break of Gawn

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    I’ve just had a quick look at the Suns injury list and with S May also not playing, if we were to lose this it’d be our worst defeat since the 186pt game.
  13. At the break of Gawn


    I’m going to assume it was a rush of blood to the head and that he’ll never do that again.
  14. At the break of Gawn


    I’m o/s at the moment so I didn’t see the game (just highlights and the last 2 minutes), so I just have two comments. 1. Petracca’s barrel was one of the dumbest pieces of clock mgmt football I’ve ever seen. Ever. I reckon he got scolded pretty bad for that, thus the tears. He had plenty of opportunities to go sideways. All in all it was a horrible last 2 minutes but by god that was awful. 2. Any team that lets the opposition double its goals kicked for the game in the last qtr doesn’t deserve to win. The fact that Geelong kicked 8 goals in 3 qtrs of footy and then 8 in the last is simply disgusting.
  15. At the break of Gawn

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Has been in a purple patch of form of late. Bit of a worry for us in a fortnight.