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  1. Rocknroll

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    I dont get to the footy much as i live overseas, but i was lucky to see his first game v the doggies. Saw a nuggerty young bloke who played hard for every contest. Not much has changed except a few less folices and a few more tatts. well done jonesy, a mfc great
  2. Rocknroll

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Hogan ran a lazy 16.8Km today. Not a bad effort for a big lad
  3. Rocknroll

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 8

    So what is anb’s role? Hard to see from overseas. Does he take the dasher of the back flank. Does he guard space? He has not been as effictive this year, but running serious km during game. Hard to see in the telly where is he running to
  4. Clayton Oliver says hi
  5. Rocknroll

    My 3 word player analysis V Essendon

    Spot on with harmes. Needs to start doing the little thing better not pretend he is nat fyfe
  6. Rocknroll


    Hoping this game proves my theory that the game plan is more suited to the dome than MCG. Hogan to kick 6
  7. Rocknroll

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    My trouble with strech Mark 2 is his kicking lacks penetration. Most the time he's was rushed due to a fumble. But his kick were lobs forward. Compare that to Hogan darts he was firing in
  8. I asked in post match thread, where is he and strech running to? A km per touch is notgreat reward. Is he guarding or creating space? Because they were not using this run last night but hard the see the effort on the screen.
  9. Rocknroll

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Questionfor those at the game. Hard to see from overseas but the afl tracker has ANB and strech whith hugh kms and high kms at speed. Are they runnng around in circles? What is all this running for? Defensive positions? It is not to go get the ball. Though both were very poor, are they running around like a headless chooks?
  10. Rocknroll

    Watch AFL

    Im in nz, got the kids to bed, cracked a beer. Allready to watch. then 5mins in flicked to third. Got the score, tried for 10 mins to start again from the start, but only let me watch fron the third. Got stuck in some sort of loop. Did the usualy re boots. Would let me watch the cats game fine. wrote an angry email, whatched a sh#& final quarter now super [censored].
  11. Rocknroll

    Name 3 good things

    The Torp is back Oliver's hands Trac clearance work
  12. Rocknroll

    AFLW: Rd 5 v. Brisbane @ Casey

    That tackle by odea....absolute hard nut
  13. Rocknroll

    AFL Live App

    Just cancelled my afl app subscription. It used to be great. Not sure what to do now and are happy for guidence from the tech savvy.
  14. Rocknroll


    Non trump voice..... happy with the deal
  15. Rocknroll


    In my best Trump voice "I make the best deals, I should of made the deal, I would of make The crows pay for his travel (and the wall) and them throw in their number 1 round pick 2018, Sad deal"