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  1. Ugottobekidding

    Jack Watts video

    Was not hard to get a game a few years back...
  2. Ugottobekidding

    Jack Watts video

    They are not going to admit hard drugs... i'd say Jack will be under some scrutiny from drug testers. Still a very dumb thing to do legal or illegal.
  3. Ugottobekidding

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    Yup and his boyhood idol was Mathew Richardson.
  4. Ugottobekidding

    AFLW: Practice Match vs North Melbourne (19/1)

    Was goining but it clashed with my book club and knitting.
  5. Ugottobekidding

    Shadow Sparrow

    Swallowed up by the system as spat out
  6. Ugottobekidding

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    He grew up following Richmond... not much pie in him
  7. Ugottobekidding

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    In my lifetime collingwood 2 melbourne 0.... not going to gloat😐
  8. Ugottobekidding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Not sure... some of the things that they do these days wouldn't happen when i was the same age. Not without a clip around the ear... i guess too many parents just let their kids run all over them.
  9. Ugottobekidding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Dont know about that... younger generation in general are lazy and bad mannered.
  10. Ugottobekidding

    Crystal Ball 2019: Predictions for next season

    My prediction is that Melbourne will play 22 games at the least 😊
  11. Ugottobekidding

    Mark Neeld

    A source from essedon reckons there wasnt a tear to be seen when Neeld left.
  12. Ugottobekidding

    Majak Daw seriously injured

    It doesnt matter who you are, mental illness is a serious problem for those who suffer from it. Maybe you do not... but for those who do, it is a difficult path. You cannot know the true nature of depression or anxiety unless you experience it. As members of forums, you can gloss over the fact that your put downs of players in public is ok necause they are professionals and well-paid. Even so, they are people like you and me. Reading harsh criticism can be devestating to someone who probably in all entirety, is just trying their best. In my line of work, you have to put up with bullying just because their coffee or food didnt meet their highly opinionated expectations. Instead of just being accepting that today it didnt quite meet expectations, they have to bully or humiliate that person probably online. What makes that individual so special or how good are they at their job blows me. People try their best, and online, what we write can have a huge impact on someone else who maybe struggling. I can admit i have been guilty. But if something i wrote pushed someone over the edge, i would be devestated.
  13. Ugottobekidding

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    How does the weid look?
  14. Ugottobekidding

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Had he have had better coaches he may have been more consistent.