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  1. Gill and marvel will be happy , increased sponsor exposure . Wouldn’t be surprised if the afl eventually have a superhero round ... whorethorn can bring back their power ranger top that Thor guersey is right up there with the west coast spew job circa 2000
  2. Well ... you actually can if your club is owned by the afl ... heck you can even roundhouse that Muppet for good measure and it’ll only cost you $1500
  3. If you ever needed a reminder for why you should hate hawthorn .... thankfully we still beat those [censored] that day !
  4. That’s a great point .... I often wonder if that’s one of our players in the same predicament in the next couple of years whether we would be afforded the same level of leniency.... with a grand final on the line barry hall in 2005 , Aaron Hamill 1999 and Cotchin in2017
  5. Just like when it decided to clamp down on tanking, the AFL again decide to use Melbourne “to make an example of “ for removing indirect head high contact from a player holding his ground... easy target to send a message . I’m glad the club at least contested it and mummy still got off for an intentional hit to the head ... FMD
  6. It was Mick Malthouse shooting from the grassy knoll at Casey , he doesn’t want us to pull out of vietnam (or the dees win the flag)... missing frame 217 will prove it all
  7. Interesting how his head goes back , and then to the left .... back and to the left .... back and to the left are there missing frames that the CIA (sorry AFL) have taken out of the zapruder film which exaggerate the violent head movement we see in the footage ....
  8. Looking at the quote from slobbo’s article it refers to “Subiaco“ ??? I thought it was played at Optus stadium do jounalists actually proof read anything they write nowadays or did he just limit it to wiping away the beer spill on his note pad when he drafted this gem at 3am one Sunday morning
  9. I’ve put my tv on mute , noting west coast supporters booing and Dwayne Russell commentating
  10. As long as Robert Walls doesn’t tip us for the flag Malthouse ... 😂 I though it was about who you actually think (as opposed to who you want) to win the flag
  11. You’re right there Rodney In my supporting memory there has been a lot of bath water consumed , so I never take anything for granted 1994 > 1995 prelim to missing finals 1998 > 1999 prelim to bottom 4 2000 > 2001 grand final to missing finals 2002 > 2003 semi final to bottom 4 2006 > 2007/17 semi final to 12 years of misery but I really do think this is a group that is mature and has a core now entering their prime and ready to take the next step , for once we just need a bit of bloody luck too and these boys might go out and make some history
  12. Interesting to see after ending a 86 year bambino curse in 2004 the Red Sox have now won 4 World Series in under 15 years making them the most successful baseball team in the 21st century Whilst not a huge baseball fan I’ve always had a soft spot for Boston as a team because of some the many similarities to the dees , notably the colours and also given their history and how they were waiting so long to end their drought of success for their die hard fans we can only hope the mighty demons can follow and once the drought ends , the floodgates might then open again
  13. I really hope we keep hogan, that kid could be anything , I’ve always wanted a superstar forward in the red and blue winning games off his own boot , Carey , Frankiln or Brereton like.... I still can’t understand why he wants to walk into that mess at freo , simply mind boggling A but I’m realist , the FD wants May & co to make us more well rounded so that’s what will happen + some loose change , I’m not sold on this but have to back in the club to know what they’re doing the stakes are high here , our first flag in 55 years may well depend on what goes down tomorrow, Mahoney had better had his [censored] weetbix for breakfast tomorrow
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