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  1. Delusional demon 82

    Ladder predictor

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/latest-afl-run-home-predicted-final-ladder-and-finals-series-projections-round-17-2018/news-story/2b9b3d0a4e2ad7365d0830e5ff6ace62 FWIW an outside view on the ladder predictor , I think we can get at least the 3 wins bare minimum required , but might surprise with 4 wins as suggested here . However my delusional side still hopes for a 98 or 2000 esc momentum ride into the top 4. I guess we have an enigma factor so really anything’s possible. I also think there’s still a few twists to play out yet , as the weekend just showed, so trying not to get too carried away with the ladder predictor. I’m hopeful of beating one of either Adelaide or Geelong, then GC and then probably one of Sydney or GWS, would prefer Sydney so hopefully it’s all settled by round 23 and it’s just positioning for a home final that we are then concerned about😳. Either way in all of our remaining games we are a genuine 50/50 proposition, and GC an expected win (always a dangerous proposition with us) so I would back us to get at least 3 wins out of 6 and our % carry us over the line.
  2. Delusional demon 82

    Bernie keen to lure Sloane to the Dees

    5 year deals are fraught with danger imo with long term injuries always possible (especially players late on in their careers) , I’m pretty sure Mercuri and kouta signed 5 yr deals to keep them there at the time when both at their peaks , but that never really paid off for either club in the long run Adelaide clearly desperate
  3. Delusional demon 82

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    No your right , that was the norf losses last year , I remember the demonland server couldn’t cope and was offline for about 12 hours after the loss in Hobart - nowhere to vent after that loss 🤐
  4. Delusional demon 82

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    The St Kilda loss will be significant one way or another , it is either a kick up the bum that gets us going with momentum or it could be like nth Melbourne rd19 2017 loss in Hobart that cost us % is good now , much better than last year, but so are the cats% , % will help against norf and probably the dorks, Giants have a draw but crap % I think we can get 4-5 wins if we hold our nerve over the next 3-4 weeks particularly if nth and the giants drop games with their hard draw - that I think would see us in the 6-8 bucket depending on %
  5. Delusional demon 82

    Run home to Finals - 2018

  6. Delusional demon 82

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    That’s ok we’re building a consecutive wins record of our own at our new fortress at Docklands 🤮
  7. Delusional demon 82

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    Watched parts of the game last night, quite a disgusting spectacle, even putting aside the ups paying multiple cheap frees to duck wood and ablett, the level of congestion and rugby style scrums made it awful to watch. Personally I blame terry Wallace ... that flooding tactic way back in 2000 started this all!
  8. Delusional demon 82

    Game against Freo - umpiring

    I totally expect a few more momentum killing goals conceded from 50m penalties from encroaching the protected zone as they say “look at me !”
  9. Delusional demon 82

    Worst selection of 2018

    Your right Wise, he did clarify that he hadn’t been following form at Casey, and he did know that Hunt was injured when Brown (I think ) raised why he wasn’t playing. I just found the way he responded was quite different to previous comments he’s made on our structures and game plan during the year , he has always seemed to be quite upbeat on our progress but last night he seemed genuinely at a loss to explain why we’ve set up the way we have and don’t seem to fix these issues, I know he’s removed from the club now and an outsider like all of us, but he watches our games and is a supporter and he’s often said the “old “ Melbourne is long gone , I just think he seems as equally confused and frustrated as we are, which is a concern . Will be interesting to see if they press Lewis again on this tonight on 360, but knowing Robbo it will be limited to bath water drinking and nothing useful like addressing structures or gameplan. I just hope Lewis isn’t as dimissive as he was last week when they raised Garry Lyons criticisms from a week or so back , something to the effect that Lewis said that everything gets analysed 10x more by the coaching staff then anyone in the media or outside the club could possibly do and that they’re best placed to know what’s actually wrong and what needs to get fixed. I guess that response only holds up when we get results and these problems seem to get fixed or at least responded to in some way, here’s hoping the MFC brains trust are on to it as we speak
  10. Delusional demon 82

    Worst selection of 2018

    Wise I’m not one to presume to know any better than those in the inner sanctum, but the vision and the stats associated with them are pretty damning atm and the repetition of these issues particularly over the past 3 losses without appearing to be addressed in any way are a concern for me , I think we are within our rights as members to question and have answers on the following : -the lack of two way running, - too many players trying to impact and contest and leaving their man free and able to breakaway meters ahead (exacerbates point 1 above) - lack of speed and the associated selections (e.g. bringing in petty instead of frost) - often playing too high press leaving defense exposed (further exacerbated by lack of quick defenders and mids running back - why frost might have been handy) - lack of forward pressure then enabling opposition to break away - again causing opposition to rebound unopposed and put defenders under even more pressure. —Selections not simply based on endeavour at training but picking your best 22 if form reasonably warrants it, I get the culture aspect that Goodwin is trying to achieve , but why Garlett or frost is not in is when we have these issues is a bit hard to understand to the uninformed This has been happening pretty much since the freo loss early last year , I can’t believe that St Kilda could have such improved scoring efficiency per inside 50 entries for any other reason than us being so poorly set up and the lack of pace. Yes they had a real crack too but then then on paper we should have had their measure Was it Jack Steven that said on radio that st kilda dilberately set out to copy ports approach to rebound and overlap on us? Why can’t the coaching box see this and have a plan b? Why does it take until the last quarter for us to do something about it? To date I have trusted Goodwin and co to be better placed and know far better than any of us , however it becomes very hard to keep trusting when it keeps happening and there’s no change or suggestions that it’s being fixed or even understood. Maybe he has a grand plan that he is sticking too , but all I know is that we are now staring down the barrel of another season not playing finals which is simply unacceptable. If we’re not inside the 8 after rd 23 and we’ve failed to do anything about it over the next 8 weeks then Goodwin has a lot to answer for in my opinion.
  11. Delusional demon 82

    Worst selection of 2018

    Clearly, without directly critising Goodwin , Roos is questioning our selections
  12. Delusional demon 82

    Worst selection of 2018

    Roos on the couch questioning why frost or Garlett isn’t being selected, but he qualified that he hasn’t been watching the magoos . General discussion was on lack of defensive running both by defenders and mids , and also highlighted too many players contested ball happy and if they’re at the contest and opposition win the ball there’s no run and opposition can break away quickly
  13. Delusional demon 82

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    How a round of upsets shakes up the race for September https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/latest-afl-run-home-final-ladder-and-finals-series-projections-round-15-2018/news-story/d4dc7fa46bef43b0ea5c31b8fc50c5c2 I was positive about making the 8 until yesterday , we’re done now , can’t see us getting the 5 wins , any team that concedes 19 goals to the aints that easily can’t play in September and won’t be able to take a scalp
  14. Delusional demon 82

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    At least we’ve had Geelong balls up this round , and port didn’t gain much % off carltank either I’m 50/50 on gws dorks , as the dorks will almost certainly make the 8 with their easy draw , might be better to shut gws out We just need a strong win tomorrow to get back on track
  15. Delusional demon 82

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    Yep this will get messy % boost coming up ... there goes the pipe dream of a Gold Coast upset already 😠