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  1. Revenge is a dish best served cold ....Wish list for season 2018

    I get the feeling that even when we beat them somehow it won’t be easy , they’ll get themselves up for it (or the media will play up the unbeaten streak line) and turn it into a grind, and we’ll be made to sweat it out right to the end . Hears hoping we destroy them though !
  2. Ok now that we’re in the back end of January , the disarster of round 23 2017 and associated torture is becoming more and more distant each week. Rather than lamenting and self loathing in past failures , like a true demon supporter , I thought best to channel the vitriol to thinking of endeavours that the football club (or more accurately the players and football department) can now control , that being .... how they respond in 2018. As supporters we are at the mercy of the how the players and coaches choose to respond , apart from coughing up our hard earned and signing on again in 2018. Accordingly we can only dare to dream and I’m interest to hear everyone’s wish list to avenge in 2018 So apart from making finals, clarry winning the Brownlow or the dees doing a bulldogs or Richmond in September I thought of my top 3 . 1. Dees finally beat north in Rd 3 with a goal after the siren , brad Scott looses his [censored] in the box , despite north again getting a helping hand from the umps. Dees go 3-0 2. Queens birthday , the dees smash collingwood by 12 goals adding to a 4 game loosing streak for the pies. Bucks under severe pressure again and Taylor Adams is added to the jack viney made me cry thread 3. A red hot Melbourne side anilhilate west coast by 80 points in rd 22 severely eroding their % and ending their finals aspirations. Go dees !

    And shot themselves in the foot with it !

    Watching this game ... the Weapon and hird on the boundary line BT commentating saying that he’s met the weapon and how he’s turned Essendons fortunes around ... lol how funny BT

    Essendon v Melbourne rd7 2012 now on fox footy .... whatever it takes remember this game we got up in the end
  6. Trade rumours

    Lets see how Adelaide go dealing with Carlton today , serves then right, both arrogant pack of [censored] teams haggling over extra second rounders to the Gibbs deal. As I said previously we are the best (and by far most reasonable) team to deal with in trade week. Other clubs have held out for something better or have been hypocritical in their demands when the shoe is on the other foot no wonder those bastards lick their lips when we come knocking
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Paid overs for Lever and cop unders for watts... hell , we’ll even paying some of his salary MFC best club to negotiate with since 1897
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    What a load of 💩 not happy if true
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Bye Jack , it’s ok mate, we all know that your flawed genius was left un nurtured by the rabble that manged this club early on and you were (and still are) simply misunderstood by the football masses. all the best at port , however do try to get yourself omitted or out of form so you we don’t have to agonise over you proving a point that we shouldn’t have traded you (let alone for pick 31 .... FMD if you going to shoot bambi at least get [censored] better than pick 31 in return .... geeez !!!)
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    https://mobile.twitter.com/WillHillAus/status/783080512705277952/video/1 then we get to recycle this gem

    Firstly Welcome to the MFC Jake Lever! In the end I think we’ve been more than generous to the crows with that deal... what probably irks me though is that other clubs will play hard ball on the watts trade and we won’t get what we want the road unfortunately never goes both ways , the crows have sooked it up a bit and we’ve blinked . hopefully we will have the premier defender in our backline for the next 10 years
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    If all we get out of the watts trade is a sweetener for adelayed I’ll be fu$&&king ropable ...especially if those pricks from down deliverance way (Geelong) get him for nothing We are in control of the Lever trade , it’s 10 & 27 or go get [censored] Burton and lever walks to the pre season draft if the club are just trying to make an example of watts , then they’ve [censored] up too, play him at Casey for first 6 weeks if u want to send a msg about standards just leave it ... FFS
  13. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    So was Simon Goodwin in Rd 8 i take your point though , they were unconvincing minor premiers
  14. Years since last AFL/VFL Grand final win

    Finally on top of the ladder ..... oh f&[email protected] it !
  15. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    I don’t think enough credit has been given to Terry Wallace laying the foundations for this premiership with his 30 year plan ... what a visionary