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  1. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    I can so relate to all of this. I was 15 in 1987, still remember how amazing getting to the finals felt. And I too know that the world won't end today if the worst happens. There are bigger things going on- believe it or not. Like the fact my father isn't around this time, and all sorts of other things too. Still got excitement building within though. Good to see many other Dees fans on the train.
  2. Collingwood V Melbourne Round 22. 1976

    It's great to read these memories. I was 4 years old in 1976. Was there in 1987, and only knew we hadn't been in finals since 1964. Fills the black hole a bit- my earliest memories are of Robbie playing in a team that never got near the finals, and hadn't since 1964. So, not quite true. We're there other years between 1964 and 1987 that others remember the Dees being close to finals.
  3. Changes for GWS

    A fair bt of SEN is a rabble. I listen selectively. The morning crew are terrible, IMO and I don't listen to them. I tend to listen to selected topics or segments via their online content. Most stuff is available an hour or two after it was live.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Yep, and they only kicked 3 goals in 2nd half. To me, that makes how we start today even more important.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    What a strange time to start a game of footy. Sat around 2pm. ... Oh, hang on, there's something strangely familiar about this. (In my mid forties, things start to flood back) I remember son, at quarter, half and 3/4 time, filling in the footy record, A v B, C v D etc, taking a tram to this other that suburban ground, the thermos of soup my aunt and her friends brought. ... (Shaking myself back to today) It feels good not to have to wait too long into the afternoon for the game to begin.
  6. Our Indigenous History

    The MFC website has put up a lovely video acknowledging the indigenous players who have represented the club. It starts with footage of Jeff Farmer, rolls through Jurrah, Davey, Wonaemerri, Jetta and Garlett. It closes with acknowledging (no footage) some of the less spectacular or well known players- Whelan, Bennell, Charles, Pickett, JKH and Newman (female). All in a minute and a bit. Well worth a look. A focus on their football presence, refreshingly.

    Remind me, in what quarter did this happen?
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    May I suggest if you haven't yet. ... Regardless of what has happened in your lives, say thank you to him. For being the best dad he could.
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Got my seat on the forward flank in the members. My Dad died nearly two years ago- I miss him tonight. A big game- we didn't get to do that together much since 2006. (Yep we were at the western oval that day in 1987, and the finals that followed.) This is the first year since then that I have felt such a build. GO DEES.

    I reckon Pedersen started to look like he was going to impact by crashing through contests in the third quarter. And then those marks in the last quarter. Interesting to see what we do when Hogan's ready to come back.

    Thanks. Any recommendations. I usually sit near the wing at the G

    Hi. I have bought a general admission ticket for Sunday for $20 (via Telstra Sport Thanks), and 2 free tickets for two of my children. Anyone able to tell me where I can sit?
  13. Clarence Oliver

    Thanks for explaining that clearly. I appreciate it.
  14. Clarence Oliver

    Forgive my ignorance. What do you mean, you'll be cashing out once his odds tumble?
  15. Melbourne theme song

    Hi Armstrong35. Condolences to you for the loss of your Pop. I am not aware of a slow version of A Grand Old Flag, other posters may be. At my father's funeral last year, we played a slow song at the end that reflected our Scottish roots. As thia aong faded, A Grand Old Flag trumpeted through. We had the wake next to the chapel immediately after this. It seemed to work well, honouring Dad's demon love and finishing on a high note.