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  1. I reckon Pedersen started to look like he was going to impact by crashing through contests in the third quarter. And then those marks in the last quarter. Interesting to see what we do when Hogan's ready to come back.
  2. Thanks. Any recommendations. I usually sit near the wing at the G
  3. Hi. I have bought a general admission ticket for Sunday for $20 (via Telstra Sport Thanks), and 2 free tickets for two of my children. Anyone able to tell me where I can sit?
  4. Thanks for explaining that clearly. I appreciate it.
  5. Forgive my ignorance. What do you mean, you'll be cashing out once his odds tumble?
  6. Hi Armstrong35. Condolences to you for the loss of your Pop. I am not aware of a slow version of A Grand Old Flag, other posters may be. At my father's funeral last year, we played a slow song at the end that reflected our Scottish roots. As thia aong faded, A Grand Old Flag trumpeted through. We had the wake next to the chapel immediately after this. It seemed to work well, honouring Dad's demon love and finishing on a high note.
  7. Thank you
  8. Thanks for update ... How are you getting this information?
  9. No, I couldn't get on the site tonight for a while ... Is there any way we can hear how the Casey demons are going?
  10. I am in too. Good luck all. On the other hand, I hope your wildcards backfire and your 50/50s are problematic. 😀
  11. Of the five ins, who do u think will replace Wagner and Oliver?
  12. Been up since first light. Camping with a friend and our four year old boys at Mt Franklin/Lalgambook near Daylesford. Cosy in our sleeping bags last night, pancakes on the fire with coffee this morning. Just checked into DL to get a feel for the game. Loved the comment that thus is the Pies grand final, for us just another game at the G- it's been a long time to see the tables turned. Will head home to see the game on tv this arvo. We really ought to win today, but must bring maximum effort. I am still a bit reluctant to fully believe. I so want to ... GO DEES
  13. Thanks for posting this footage. My first feeling was sad- Jimmy Stynes now dead, Garry Lyon in a serious battle with his mental health, the Rev seriously ill and dying. Also Sean Wight gone from that era. Any effort to reunite or gather this team must be strange. Also happy memories of a team in which my hopes for each week, often delivered- every other year anyway!
  14. Quite a different feeling travelling to the game this week. Know we are a reasonable team now, nervous that we may not play to the level we can. Hoping to see a consistent full on effort.
  15. For nearly the whole of the last quarter Nate Jones started the centre bounces at centre half back. When did this last happen? Dare I suggest we might have created the start of having some depth?