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  1. Mach5

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    You don't know Brian Cook then. Avoid like the plague, but fortunately there's a snowball's chance in hell anyway.
  2. Mach5

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That's not venting; that's clearly demonstrating to all that you are misinformed, regardless of your biases. From reading your posts over time, it's obvious you would like to be taken seriously. This is not the way to go about it.
  3. Mach5

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I'll make it clear for you - I don't have any respect for your opinion. As to "inside knowledge" you either have none or its prone to poor accuracy due to bias. It was no coincidence that I made the post I did in this thread on the day PJ announced his intentions, shortly before it was public. Your views are poles apart from those inside the club.
  4. With the new clubs coming in, surely we're expecting some of our girls to be poached. I'm hearing that there's a few that have been approached but don't want to leave because of the strong culture, but sadly some will go, and some have already committed to do so.
  5. Mach5

    Jake Melksham

    I remember this too. And also thinking Melksham would be delisted without a game for MFC following Hunt's breakout season.
  6. Mach5

    Jake Melksham

    I recall a time when Alex Rance was THE Richmond whipping boy. Instances such as these should teach us something as football-followers.
  7. Mach5

    Angus Brayshaw

    Too slow, not versatile enough, dodgy kick, too prone to concussion, trade bait...
  8. Mach5

    Jake Melksham

    Automatic inclusion. When he came across I recall there being the possibility that we'd signed a bloke for 4 years who wouldn't play in his first season, and by the time we was able to play he might not be able to squeeze his way into the side dependent on the development of the similar kids we'd recruited. Not sure if you'd call him a "moneyball" acquisition, but he looks like it after the fact.
  9. Mach5

    Jake Melksham

    The handful of times I have met him, I have been thoroughly impressed. I think he's grown a lot since the Essendon sage and having a kid, from those days referenced in the Cooney mad monday article.
  10. Mach5

    Dylan Shiel, anyone?

    As always, depends on cost. Not sure we'd want to pay that much or even if he's worth it.
  11. Mach5

    Go and get Gaff!

    Sloane? Not sure why anyone even bothers mentioning Sloane...
  12. Mach5

    Jayden Hunt

    Kicking for goal Tom only has to get it long and straight; he doesn't have to hit a moving target or worry about the correct distance, like he does when aiming for a teammate. Getting him out of backline fulltime is one of the best things we've done in the last couple of years. Opposition sides were setting up to force us to get the ball in his hands.
  13. Mach5

    Jayden Hunt

  14. Mach5

    Dom Tyson

    Handy depth, but he's barely going to get a chance to play in his preferred role, if Viney has been out all season, yet Dom hasn't been given a go in the middle. Maybe time to cash in our chips on this one. I don't care what he cost us, or missed opportunities - it's about the best net result for the club from here onwards.
  15. Mach5

    Dom Tyson

    Really? If all players are fit, who do you remove from the inside mid rotation for him, and how do you cover for his defensive shortcomings? Sam Mitchell got away with it because of how good he was offensively. Dom Tyson isn't that good.
  16. Mach5

    Salem ready to make his mark

    Yeah, nah. You just need to watch closer. He's been hard at it, putting his body on the line, since his first match. Maybe you haven't noticed; you need to watch closer.
  17. Mach5

    What is Petracca's Position?

    Petracca has been frustratingly quiet of late, but that judgment is based upon his incredible potential. His trajectory will be similar to Hogan. In time he'll be great, will dominate; we know this, we'd just like to see it happen now.
  18. Mach5

    Salem ready to make his mark

    Watch closer.
  19. It really depends on what Joel's end game is here. If he really feels his career was ended because he was a problem, then I think he's barking up the wrong tree and is on a hiding to nothing. If he's using his situation in an altruistic manner to bring a spotlight to the problems of racism in society, then he may manage to achieve what he has set out to do, although I don't think he's gone about it in a terribly clever way. Either way, it's crap what has definitely happened to him, and even worse if all that he has said is true, and I'm sorry that he feels that way. He needs a bit of a cuddle, and I hope he gets what he needs.
  20. Mach5

    Salem and the Nic Nat tackle.

    Beyond the fact I don't quite understand what you're saying, I think the highlighted section is incorrect. Watch closer.
  21. I wonder if there ever will be...
  22. Is Joel himself engaging in racially prejudiced behaviour by suggesting it's a problem limited to people who identify as being "black" and not other races? What about asian, european, latin-american..?
  23. Mach5

    Salem and the Nic Nat tackle.

    Agree he drills them; I love it and don't think he needs to change.
  24. Mach5

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    Not disputing that, but in the short term as a replacement for PJ, it's a bridge too far.