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  1. 29. Worpel 31. McPherson 36. Ross 47. Fritsch
  2. I think so, but I'm getting sucked in by the potential. I don't have a great idea of the other prospects available, but I think he fits our list profile to fill the longterm ruck prospect position. I'd expect his development to track similarly to Gawn's (4-5 years before being properly AFL ready). However it's a bit high for a ruck selection and I like King from what I've seen so far, and don't know what else will be left on the board at that stage. Seems like a real mixed bag outside the top 10 with a lot of different perceptions. It feels like "Taylor Time" to me. Would you take him?
  3. Sam Hayes sliding is a certainty. If it will be as far as our pick is what isn't certain.
  4. Guide to the Draft

    I get a bit of a Fyfe feel from Zac Bailey. He won't be available for us.
  5. Is this your first rodeo? Power Rankings usually the week before, phantom drafts a day or 2 before. Just relax.
  6. Great little result if Snoop's phantom comes to fruition. Some great options there for us.
  7. It's about where they rank the draftees as a prospect, as opposed to where they'll be selected (which is affected by specific clubs needs). Didn't think it was that complicated.
  8. The Irish

    How many irishmen have made the grade, and how many have been consummate failures..? I'd have to say we've been a bit more responsible and economical with our limited resources by not chasing the irish dragon, so to speak. Stynes was the exception, not the rule.
  9. Same thing with Garland & Jamar. Oh, except they got over their foot injuries. Hmmmm...
  10. It probably just means the media "experts" don't really know what they're talking about.
  11. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    If they're really that good, won't they get selected before our picks..?
  12. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    1 decision within one high pressure situation within one high pressure game? Appropriate sample size. Tom is a good long straight kick, but average short-middle distance. His decision-making has been poor, but he has learnt to generally not try to thread the needle, as he is not an elite kick. Beyond that, he's actually not too bad, yet better suited to being forward of the ball where he just needs to focus on kicking long & straight when he gets it. Deciding where exactly to place the ball and how to weight it to deliver it to a moving teammate is where his kicking skill lacks.
  13. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Based on what I've read and the very very limited amount I have seen this year, I think I'd be happy with Spargo, Houlahan, McPherson, Jackson Ross or Will Walker. Surely there'll be a slider too to choose if we wish.
  14. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    Is it just me, or does he look like Beavis? or Butthead. Never know which is which.
  15. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Nail on head. Only watched the highlights & was severely underwhelmed. Should have mentioned that. However, I tend to look for cleanliness as a key indicator & he looked quite sloppy even in moments when he had a bit of time. Doesn't mean he can't improve, just didn't justify the reviews imo.