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  1. Why do you think Bell publicly announced Hogan’s mental illness issue late yesterday? Out of the interests of transparency? They knew this was coming and wanted to beat the media outlets to the punch. Now, rightly or wrongly, no one can question his actions or decisions without looking like an insensitive uneducated pr*ck. Freo knew some minor details, but weren’t aware of the whole picture. Bell was posturing for a better deal. He took it beyond the point of no return, then pretended to opt out. Little did he know he was being played. Mahoney made the early announcement because we weren’t going to settle for this deal not getting over the line, and he didn’t want others to interfere and tempt May elsewhere. We dominated the trade period.
  2. Sadly, Freo are just getting on the front foot here, openly discussing mental health issues as a protective measure against what is yet to be fully revealed... Theres already videos circulating & there will be more. We knew what we were doing.
  3. Really touching on the big issues here.
  4. “Monkey see, monkey do” is a phrase I use sometimes and I’m in my early thirties. I don’t think it’s that rare. When I saw it, I immediately understood it to mean that the AFLX players were just copying what they have seen elsewhere in American sports (with disdain), and kept looking for another comment that could be seen as more directly offensive. I admit it that on reflection it was likely intended to elicit such a response, but hardly conclusive. It’s not cut & dried. Having said that, I’d expect a coward to hide behind such an ambiguity.
  5. I’m a little confused because I though the alleged slur was just a commonly used phrase, and would seem appropriate in the context, except for the fact Betts is indigenous and it has been construed as much more. Or is there something I have missed? Admittedly, I’ve only seen the comment in passing.
  6. Skill and innate footy nous. Nearly always makes the right decision, if he doesn’t hit the target outright, he puts the ball in the right area to his teammates outright advantage. Just a beautiful thing to watch.
  7. I think technically it IS correct though. Not long now.
  8. Monday announcement. Perfect fit, true to type. Won’t say more.
  9. I think the first chapter of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” may hold the key to this one.
  10. Can’t see why anyone would boo him. He’d only be taking up a spot at Casey if he stayed.
  11. Jesus H Christ, be careful on that. I’ve come across a couple of blokes in recent times who have been in a similar situation, but that false sense of invincibility has only come to hurt them, and deservedly so.
  12. I think he’s showing more of a strong distaste to that growing culture. And I’d agree. It’s narcissistic & vacuous.
  13. Do they still have a bar over in Perth called The Bog?
  14. It’d have the opposition licking their lips, putting a speedy attacking HBF on Lewis to exploit his lack of pace and agility. He’d get burnt repeatedly & be benched within 5 minutes.
  15. Lever’s & May’s additions to the backline are the reason I think Jordan Lewis will play <10 games in 2019, maybe as few as 5. He shifted into Lever’s role as an intercept defender, but if Lever is back to fill this role, where do we shift Lewis to? He shuffled around like he was wearing gumboots as it was, but just can’t see him managing to perform in a role where he doesn’t zone off.
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