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  1. Puts things in a bit more perspective. While many think we are premiership contenders, its easy to forget we are still a fairly young and inexperienced side who is still growing on field. Proves we are still going to have teething problems this year.
  2. Biz was brilliant and underrated in so many ways. I remember his 2nd and 3rd desperation efforts down the members wing in the semi final against adelaide back in 2002. And now a passionate Melbourne supporter now days!
  3. Wouldnt it be good though if Oscar actually became the quality once in a while? Sick of players relying on others to make them look good. I remember early on a 188cm Clint Bizzell would play CHB on the power forwards and beat them hands down. And this is around the period where Bizzell at certain stage in his career was our number 1 defender.
  4. Been saying for years on here that Oscar is a scrubber. He is pretty much our own version of Zac Dawson who will probably cruise to 150 games spudding it up each weekend. I wish Goodwin grew a set and actually drops him once in a blue moon. Petty showed more in his game against Richmond then Odcar has his whole career.
  5. He was looking proppy even just warming up pre game. Someone had mentioned he was 'Trengove pace' all game. Fair to say that comment is pretty much spot on. Looked slow and didn't crash in like he did around finals time last year. Is it Jack's decision to play or the coaching staff? Who knows.. but right now he either needs a month off or just continual match fitness.
  6. To be honest its actually pretty [censored] poor we have to rely on the fine contribution by our fellow demonlanders by going down and doing a report because our MFC website department is useless.
  7. Read a comment on facebook that Preuss was quite, but Keilty and Baker played real well.
  8. @Drunkn167 great report. Such a pitty about Petty because i would have him come in straight swap for McDonald. I'm hoping Baker debuts soon. Dec would also be very close to debut you would think?
  9. The positives for me were Salem Wagner and Sparrow. Salem is a star in the making in my eyes. I cant wait until he reaches the 100 game mark. Looks incredibly fit and is set for a big year. Wagner worked his way into it with some nice tackles and used his speed well. I would like to see him line up on a wing once we get Garlet back because he has the speed and gut running we definitely need on the outside. There's definitely something to work with there. Sparrow was the surprise packet for. His JLT games were pretty unimpressive and i just thought he wasnt ready. But he showed great compure and hardness and surprisingly used the ball well. Solid lad for sure, i would like to see him rotate through the midfield at some stage once he gets some games under his belt.
  10. Oscar Baker and KK are two i am quite interested today. I feel like their run and drive will be crucial for our line up over the next few weeks. Hope Preuss plays well also.
  11. Instead if drafting VFL or NEAFL half back flankers, its time our recruiters put some work on recruiting quick outside midfielder or speedy elusive small forwards. Cannot continue to stock up on inside mids or half back flanker every single year. Watching someone like Zac Butters completely out run our more senior mids was embarrassing. Unless its a big name star that we can potentially bring over, our first round pick needs to go to the draft this year.
  12. Id play him down back to replace Oscar. Surely he can't be any worse??
  13. Mate its already been pointed out to you several times that Joel Smith is out for about 4 to 6 weeks.
  14. Well put. Unfortunately Oscar is a very own Zac Dawson. He will continue to be gifted games for as long as rhe selection committee finally wake up and realise what a crap defender he is.
  15. Worrying signs were coming from the JLT game. So many excusee and cop out on here which is pathetic. We were completely out ran and bullied by a bunch of kids who wanted it more and were willing to work harder.
  16. Get rid of Oscar and Frost. They were both diabolical! May and Petty/Keilty comes in. Both of them are just plain shithouse and add nothing to side. Hore is meh.
  17. Who knows.. our defence is [censored] pathetic. Oscar and frost can [censored] right off for ever!
  18. I expect Port to overrun us this qtr. We are just way too sloppy. They are so much cleaner and their outside speed is killing us.
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