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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    All the best Jack.. thank ypu for fronting up with a smile during the dark days when the world was against you. I still feel very disappointed about this.
  2. The Josh Schache Thread

    Name me one power forward with decent speed? I can think of Buddy Franklin and thats where it stops.. Speed is a non issue for forwards. Just ask Josh Kennedy.
  3. The Josh Schache Thread

    I had a bit to do with him at the bushies.. He is a very very talented prospect, but he's struggled living up there due to leaving his mother all of a sudden who's brought him up single handedly after the sad passing of his father. He was extremely home sick last year.. Probably the closest thing next to a Tom Lynch. Has that huge reach of arms that when given the opportunity and his confidence is up, he will just clunk em all day! Also note that him and Clayton OLIVER are best friends and have been since primary school. I know it's not a factor but if he did come to the Dees then I personally think we'll see the best of him! Trained at the Dees as part of his AIS program too, so Jason Taylor will already have a good insight into him.
  4. What a crook and [censored] deal! Club never ceases to amaze me how we just cave in so easily! Not happy!!😡
  5. Nick Bowen @Nick_Bowen Adelaide and Melbourne list management officials have arrived at AFL House. Lever deal seems imminent.
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jumbo won't be happy...
  7. Colin Sylvia

    Stay classy Col... Mitch Cleary @cleary_mitch Colin Sylvia arrested last night following an alleged incident in Prahran. Police confirm 31yo man remanded to appear Melb Mag Court today 12:23 pm · 9 Oct 2017
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Massive mistake by the club. Not happy one bit!
  9. Trade rumours

    Wouldn't say it was with confidence. Just a general feeling that I have. I know that trade week can get quite hectic, but right now atm im just set on Basically and Lever.
  10. Trade rumours

    Honestly don't think it's anyone. We'll get Lever and possibly Balic. Usually by now you hear what names we're sniffing around, but these two are the only ones we've heard so far.
  11. It's Tiger Time...according to a MFC coach

    Mods please take control and shut this [censored] poor of a thread.
  12. 1st and 2nd round!? argh...
  13. Will apparently request a trade as early as today to the Dees.