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  1. [censored] you Chris Scott you fat [censored]
  2. Sir Pedersen
  3. Because she did work experience atthe Dees.
  4. Carey or Neitz should have got in instead..
  5. Very very interesting that hes moved to Melbourne now..
  6. Wow congrats skip! Hopefully we get a win for you now! Congrats goody. If you think about kt not many senior coaches get elevated to Hall of Fame status.
  7. How good was Pedo and Tmac?
  8. Did Spencer play? Looks like Kent did bugger all because i have not sern his name mention
  9. No thats Duxy.. He's still ticking along well. Heart attack.
  10. Yep thats him
  11. Well we better make their job alot easier and take Ollie Wines off them.
  12. For those who are on the facebook pages you would have come across this name Hibby Hibbert. He was a larger then life character who was pretty passionate and vocal character who once admitting to being Yze Magic here on demonland. Don't know how true that was but a real tragic to lose one of our former great supporters. Rip mate.
  13. Weren't they the ones that pretty much started the Adam Goodes boos?? Bunch of hypocrite [censored]
  14. Interesting that Bugg has just hit the 90 game mark.