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  1. dazzledavey36

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Keep up the great reporting Its Time!
  2. dazzledavey36

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    I think you'll find also that Stafford and Gawn will educate Pruess on pushing back into our defense and giving then a chop out. This is what Gawn such a dangerous weapon this year. Pruess contested marking is right up there with Gawns, and i feel with a bit of confidence we'll start to see him clunk some good marks around the ground. Wouldn't hurt also to start big Pruessy in the goal square from time to time. Absolute monster of a bloke!
  3. dazzledavey36

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    The one thing i got out of that articke in Brayden Pruess is already challanging Max Gawn. Since his recruitment, I'm a big believer that we definitely can play 2 ruckman in our side. I would like to see Gawn spend more time up forward to really stretch opposition backs like WC did to us in the prelim and Grand Final against Collingwood. Gawn, McDonald and Weideman has the potential to really throw sides out of wack.
  4. dazzledavey36

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Whos he having a hit for Samael?
  5. dazzledavey36

    Tom Campbell

    Hang on.. you said Campbell beat Pruess outright in the ruck, and yet you were proven wrong.. You should stop while you are ahead.
  6. dazzledavey36

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    I highly doubt also he'll get thrown straight into main rucking role at Casey. All hes doing with Stafford is just working and getting a great deal of education on his ruck craft. He'll play majority of next year up forward with spurts in the ruck as a reliever. He's still very slight and needs to put on a fair bit of weight, so give it 2-3 years and he could def take over as the number 1 ruck at Casey, and few games in the seniors for the dees.
  7. dazzledavey36

    The Ox is Excited

    Could play...
  8. dazzledavey36

    The Ox is Excited

    Love the big Ox! Will never forget thag footage od him and his son watching Kent kick that searler against west coast.
  9. dazzledavey36

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Photo gallery http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-12-03/gallery-full-group-returns-to-training
  10. dazzledavey36

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    Still reckon we'll take a tall hopefully in Hayde n Mclean who was incredibly stiff to miss out. Even a mature age midfielder like a Jye Bolton or Mitch Grigg would be handy in case a Viney or Oliver goes down.
  11. dazzledavey36

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Corey Wagner also make his official debut as a MFC player.
  12. dazzledavey36

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Aaanywho.. back on topic. Its a pity I've moved back up bush, some of those training days i attended around finals time were a fantastic experience. I'm now keen to keep a close eye on Kade Chandler and Tom Sparrow. Just a quick one. James Jordan is from my way ( Yarrawonga ) and played a couple of senior football matches with some of my mates still playing there. Have heard nothing but glowing reports on him. Fantastic kid who works extremely hard and has enormous upside. Was also cut by Sandringham Dragons, but just kept plugging away and working hard. Reminds me of when Clayton Oliver was coming through the ranks.... The fact that he's already played senior footy for the strong Ovens and Murray league will only hold his development in good stead. Me personally, i think next year will be a development year for him. Spend most next year learning his craft at Casey around midfield and half back. I think he'll develop similar to James Harmes, where give it 60 to 70 games and he'll become a very handy player.
  13. dazzledavey36

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Great report Dr D. Appreciate it. Interesting on Chandler, same height as Spargo but has a pretty big leap and is quick. With his tackling pressure, he could surprise during the pre season. Him and Spargo could form a nice little duo.
  14. dazzledavey36

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Apparently the young recruits were put through a pretty gruelling running session?
  15. dazzledavey36

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Forgot about Bedford.. good point.