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  1. You do realise you have quoted me from the JTL game...
  2. Thats what i was intrigued by. I remember at the time there was tiny bit of talk about Greene but nothing on Tyson.
  3. Cannot wait see the huge match up of the game in Daniher vs Jetta.
  4. Well this was a bugger reading this.. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/former-melbourne-coach-paul-roos-says-gws-was-handing-toby-greene-out-in-trade-deals/news-story/f460b7e5c59a0c99bded95aa2b0abe39
  5. Poor bloke. Take as much time as possible Jesse, Family is far more important then footy. RIP Tony..
  6. Just saw the video.. he looks munted haha
  7. Gee he looked good yesterday didn't he. That kick he drilled after running down the wing and taking a few bounced was class. My aunty is related to him. His head looks like road kill though.
  8. Apparently could be squeezed out due to the big signings of Mills and Heeney. Reported here that potentially St Kilda and North are interested. Surely if he wants to return to Victoria then we'd have to be front runner. He is exactly the player we are after in terms of speed and hardness. Been really impressed with him this year after i was bit hesitant watching him last year. http://www.3aw.com.au/news/st-kilda-and-north-melbourne-keeping-tabs-on-sydney-youngster-says-mitch-cleary-20170426-gvt7in.html
  9. Without us 5 demonland would be a bucket of [censored].. So hurry up and make us admins you bastards.
  10. Holy moly look at those names his surrounded by..
  11. What are you on about?
  12. Lewis not in your best 22?
  13. Spot on and good dig up.
  14. Maybe stick to suburban footy and leave the good stuff to Clayton..