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  1. JKH just 2 disposal in a half is simply not good enough. Garlett needs to lift big time.
  2. Said it last week Neal bullen just shits his dacks when he has the ball. Absolute cat
  3. [censored] HELL NEAL BULLEN!!
  4. Jake Spencer and Petracca look really sore.
  5. Poor decision by Jones to go short. Should have gone long deep into 50.
  6. Your goal Bernie
  7. Haven't been confident all week personally. This is the kind of game we just simply have to win.
  8. This makes me moist
  9. and??
  10. I rate him too. Its a pity he had those injury setbacks right before JLT because i think we would have seen some games from him by now, especially since Wagner Smith and Hibberd went down with injuries.
  11. Mitch White is an interesting player in my opinion. Has the heigh and strength 188cm 88kg for maybe that 3rd tall defender and definitely has that neat left foot kick that we lack down back. Maybe a promotion the next couple of weeks??
  12. Not be surprised
  13. With his growth and rapid development KC i wouldn't be surprised if Jason Taylor tries to hide him in the development league for a while.. If its true that his skills were on show in front of AFL scouts then no doubt clubs will keep a close eye. Watching that footage and i know its only development league, but jeez for someone who is 194cm he is seriously quick and agile!
  14. Going by the stats thats a great return from Mitch King.
  15. I know some were bit miffed with the JKH selection including myself but nice little article on JKH here. Seems he knows what the coaches want from him and we'll give it a red hot crack. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-04-23/jkh-poised-about-longawaited-return Good Luck JKH, Il back you in to have a good night tomorrow.