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  1. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Pedo ❤❤❤
  2. Alex Neal-Bullen Re-Signs for 2 Years

    The next Rory Sloane! Craig Jennings just confirmed it on Instagram.
  3. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Just nuke the joint and be done with it.
  4. Clarence Oliver

    Clarry will win the BnF this year... by a country mile. While some of our more senior players are starting to tire out, Clarry is hitting a rich vein of form the past couple of weeks.
  5. Changes vs St Kilda

    If you have been reading the Casey reports (doubt you have) then you will notice he's been playing more of a half back/outside role. He's classy with ball in hands and an all round talented player. Showed that in his first year. Get him in and leave him in the side to develop.
  6. Brendan McCartney pregame today

    This is where I've found it strange that they're trying to turn Stretch into an inside midfielder. I thought he was perfect last year playing that outside wing role. He's stagnated this year due to changing into a role that doesn't suit him. While I think Lever is a good priority, I would hope Josh Kelly is right on top of the list in big bold capital letters. We have zero outside ball winners who can spread hard and break the lines.
  7. Changes vs St Kilda

    Bite the bullet and bring Gus back in. Get the games into him, plus he'll provide class and grunt.

    Jesus.. check the final score after my game of footy and couldn't believe it.. What the hell happened?? We're we really that bad, or were GWS really that good?
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    Get it done Dees!
  10. Professionalism

  11. Why Tanking is Smart: Connolly

    Always said Connolly is a stain. Hope he never sets foot in the footy club.
  12. The Zak Jones Thread

    Interviewed really well by every other club bar Collingwood. Told them he'd never set foot in that club ever due to the Treatment of his father. So in other words yes, told them to GAGF.
  13. Casey Demons v Coburg

    It's a pity Jake Lovett hasn't come on board like we'd hoped..
  14. The Zak Jones Thread

    Heard a very interesting story about young Zac at the draft camp when interviewed by Collingwood lol.

    Ben Guthrie @BenGuthrie_ Dees rookie Corey Maynard continues to impress. 30 disp (20 CPs) and seven clearances as BOG for Casey. An AFL call up is not far away.