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  1. Deestar9

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    You are a supporter who doesn’t seem to understand that it is a learning game ...we get into situations we haven’t been into before & maybe lose but learn ....the team of a month ago who lost to the saints isn’t the team that will face Sydney...I absolutely believe we are good enough to win the next three games but the teams we play also believe they are good enough to win .... we need to win at least one & in reality win or come close to winning against the other two...you need to go into finals in winning form or otherwise you are Essendon 2017 & just making up the numbers
  2. Deestar9

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    Absolutely disagree......he is the perfect”stooge” to Sam & mick......the chemistry between the three is what makes the show so successful!!
  3. Deestar9


    I would like to challenge you to kick that ball accurately when the wind was horrendous....it nearly blew you over outside the ground. I go back to Jordan Lewis who when asked how difficult was it to get yourself up when you were the “hunted” every week...he said it was easy to get yourself up for the legitimate challengers but a lot more difficult to get yourself up for the “ones you were supposed to win” . Sometimes I think we forget where our club has been ...the thrashing’s we have witnessed & now expect so much...the game wasn’t always pretty but when it was ...the skills & efforts of the players were mind blowing...
  4. Deestar9

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    Watched the pies v swans match with my pies supporting partner ( loves Melb but unfortunately I can’t extend the same courtesy) had some empathy for the pies with the amount of injuries......so don’t think the swans win was that meritorious.....I remember thinking last year when we had so many injuries ( not acknowledged by the media aka the pies this year) that with a reasonably injury free list this year we will do so much better...we have so far but the rest of the competition also improves & so it proves a point that you must take your chances when presented ......go dees for the next 4 games & beyond !!
  5. Deestar9

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    Not sure if anyone else has listened to Scott’s press conference.....after reading some of his comments I had to listen to it. Is it just me ......I couldn’t believe his arrogance. Whether you believe some of his comments about Richmond.....not sure you come out & state them.....we only lost by a similar margin & after the siren.....not too much humility from him then !
  6. Deestar9

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    As a group of supporters we have also noted that......we pass the ball round so quickly & have so many scoring options that we seem very rarely to kick goals from outside 50.......it doesn’t always work but it is a reason why our forward line when “on song” is hard to play against
  7. Deestar9

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    Must be in the eye of the beholder as I actually thought that was his best game since he came back......no way at the top of his game but a distinct improvement 🤔
  8. Deestar9

    Harley Balic Retires

    I posted a comment when he was first drafted & was shot down in flames.....absolutely same scenario is why he is retiring......so I’d say your post is quite ill informed
  9. Deestar9

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    Haah.......beat me to it 😉
  10. Deestar9


    Stupid comment ..... we got the four points ... richmond played a brilliant last quarter & won ..... I’m not sure what else this team needs to do
  11. Deestar9

    Mr Jones

    I was more concerned about the team effort the twenty odd minutes before that as the team gave up a 29 point lead.....The next time I reply to one of your posts is when you say something remotely encouraging about the team .....so I guess it’s “goodbye’
  12. Deestar9

    Mr Jones

    For all you keyboard Jones knockers......do yourselves a favour & listen to a podcast called Captain’s Call....AFL Players Association (Nathan Jones). It is simply “unbelievable “. What it bought home to me was .......I read the vitriol & hand-wringing that goes here on after a loss....but guess what...we head off to work or whatever else on Monday & hopefully move on. He lives & breathes the club seven days a week & has done so since he was 18. For us it’s a game ....for him it’s his job. I challenge anyone who listens to that to come back on here & dismiss his contribution to our club in such a cavalier fashion. As far as I’m concerned....he picks his time to move on.
  13. Deestar9

    Mr Jones

    Perfect summary .....knee jerk reactions but I also think he is carrying a knee or some leg complaint which is contributing to his form. No rest for him because of course Viney out........
  14. Deestar9


    Just watched this game on replay ....if you couldn’t see that Hogan was impeded by that knee in the back in the first quarter you would be blind ...he could scarcely jump
  15. Deestar9

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Only 2 points