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  1. Deestar9

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Well said ....know for a fact that St Kilda is over the moon with someone of his ilk .....he is very well credentialed & was I believe understudy to Gil
  2. Deestar9


    Re-read my post .......I am aware that if we aren’t told the reason then a player is fair game for criticism....I will not repeat what I know as it’s not my information to pass on ....however there is an extremely good reason & has nothing to do with Jayden ‘s application or desire for the footy & that is all I will say on the matter !
  3. Deestar9


    There is an extremely good reason why this has occurred....so temper your criticism & I am sure the club..player & medical staff will get this right. Sometimes certain ailments are not obvious!!
  4. Deestar9

    Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    After Round 3 I couldn’t say with any certainty that any current side will be top 4 . So much angst after our win against Brisbane yet they nearly knocked off Port on Port’s deck without their Captain....Richmond got towelled up by an undermanned Adelaide ....many fancied teams are winless & other maligned teams are doing better. What it says to me that it is only Round 3 & pretty much most teams will improve & some won’t. We have incredible depth ...lots of new players & at the moment it is all about getting used to each other.....different running patterns etc .....with continued game time players confidence & abilities improve & there will be very exciting times ahead. We won’t get it right all the time but we will get it right more often than not. With so many young players with so much improvement and growing to come ....I fail to see how you can state already that we won’t be top 4. Until it is a mathematical impossibility.....the sky is the limit for me.
  5. Deestar9


    Just heard on 3AW ...big rumour Tarrant out & Majak in ?
  6. Deestar9

    Changes v North Melbourne

    It was interesting hearing Jono Brown on radio today “raving”about Jordan’s game....I believe Jones also “lauded” him in his presser. In the eye of the beholder” I guess ?
  7. Deestar9

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Such ridiculous statements ...you are not the coach or coaching panel..have no idea what they want implemented behind closed doors ...we have heaps of improvement to make & with a team full of young players that is what we will get. We won the game ..we are seeing a team that had new set ups & new players & two very important players missing ...learning to work & gell together. I am happy as a supporter to watch this team develop & improve ...it’s a very long season so let’s save our angst for when it is genuinely deserved...we are in the 8 at the end of Rd 2 ....pretty happy with that !!
  8. Deestar9

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    We go to brisbane as a team who are predicted to make the top 8 & win over a team who are touted as being bottom 4 ...ess who are predicted by many to be top 4 go to Freo who are also predicted to be bottom 4 & they lose ... who should be happier ... Melb or ess supporters...I’m happy ?
  9. Deestar9

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Aaah ... we actually won...save the wristslashing for later in the year...have a look at the results so far ...not too many supporters of any team would be “over the moon” ..the best part of our team is we will only get better ....so “cool your jets “
  10. Deestar9

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    And by the way ..,ess being flogged by Freo....ess predicted to finish higher than us....an away game .,always harder to win ...celebrate our win ...,it is still 4 pts ...very important
  11. Deestar9

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I will absolutely take this win....an up & coming team on their home deck ....horrible conditions...please don’t talk about their outs because our outs more than compensate theirs. I always worry when we play up & coming home teams on their own deck early in the season...we are also a fairly young team who will improve as the season goes ...so yes I am ecstatic we won !! It is 4 points !!! The best part Hogan ...Oliver ...etc ...go dees
  12. Deestar9

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    And all of us ...wherever we are ... hoping for a win .... I know I am ?
  13. Deestar9

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Tyson would have won the game for us last week ....hmmmmm
  14. Deestar9

    GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Maybe it should be “how good our players are” you can make all the changes you like but ultimately it is up to the 22 who take the field & are ultimately a far more talented list than Brisbane have at present.
  15. Deestar9

    Changes v Brisbane

    I have to be in Canberra when game is on ...does anyone have any idea where they would show AFL ?