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  1. Was there & will be in Hobart......wait till we're definitely in finals & everyone will be crawling out of the worries about that !!!
  2. As posters are quick to point out....this is a forum where you can express your views & rightly so...... so therefore totally disagree with the above.....Oscar is a work in process & when his body finally develops ( he's 21 !!!!) I think we will have a beauty.... he's constantly against bigger more experienced bodies & as part of the whole defensive group of players .....more than holds his own. Not quite sure what you expect? Understand the criticism if he was a 100 game player but as Goodwin constantly points out " our team is a "work in progress" with enormous upside & Oscar fits into that category...
  3. Totally agree...has played all his career with one team where he wouldn't even have to think but he would know their games inside out.....doesn't matter how good you takes time to fit into a new team and game hoping we will see his game improve as he becomes more comfortable with his team mates & gameplan
  4. Go Hunt !!!!!!!!
  5. The commentary & the free kicks ....ugh !!!
  6. Our two Captains...Viney & Jones then Tyson..Watts..Salem..Brayshaw (yes I will include Brayshaw as he is in our best 22 every day of the week) Gawn after 9 weeks out..Hogan after 7 weeks out & Smith after 13 weeks out.....yes the team we beat was in bottom four but in a season where bottom four beats top teams every week ...we won ...don't care what it looked like or how we did it...we won. This is one week where criticism is not warranted ...I am just so "god dam" proud !!!!
  7. Just remind me who kicked the winning goal under enormous pressure ?
  8. Pretty sure first when he was needed.....near the boundary
  9. What a pathetic statement....watts at best is a brilliant 3rd forward...wing & at the moment relief ruckman ...he is not a full forward as at times he had to play today against two of the best backman in the league....if we as supporters were told we'd win some amazing games ...lose some winnable games but always be in the game would take it in a it or not ...we are undermanned ...we are young & we have enormous upside...everyone is disappointed but to bag Watts after today's game is downright ridiculous. They were bigger...stronger...& just better on the day & yet we still nearly pinched it...such an ill informed opinion
  10. I regard myself as a vocal supporter...enjoy a bit of banter & never abuse my own players or the opposition. (Scully excepted & players who commit "dog" acts) ....however I found the Adelaide members very intimidating & the fact that maybe they can drink in their seats as well as the bar & being a Sat night meant I was very quiet. Unless you are in an area with other Melb supporters I for one kept quiet & inwardly gloated. Have never felt like that before .....
  11. It seems the same pattern emerges ...we lose ...half the team needs to be dropped ...we win ...we can beat anyone...we are a long way off our best with key personnel to come back & Hogan and Gawn are crucial...however most teams lose players & need to find a way to win & we did that & did it well...the exciting thing is that winning without star players augers well for the future but we are a developing young team & will still possibly lose another "winnable " game this year.
  12. Check AFL highlights Adelaide v Melbourne is on that
  13. I attended my first game at the Adelaide Oval which is an amazing venue & also extremely intimidating to opposition supporters...namely because there aren't many & also because Adelaide supporters are in a class of their own...I was in the Members so kept a low profile which interestingly allowed me to watch the game a lot more objectively...I have read some of the game forum & some posters comments which were made watching a Tv coverage however watching the game live a lot of these criticisms are unwarranted...a scrappy first qrt in a hostile environment...Adelaide comes back & don't underestimate the noise of the crowd's like nothing I have heard before & then the second half when finally everything clicked ...every player contributed ...obviously we have stars & workhorses but everyone did their job & more ...of course there were stuff ups but honestly Adelaide looked second rate & the crowd around us attested to that ...there will be ups & downs in our season but we have a future ...a bloody good future....just as an aside a few of the Adelaide supporters that hung around were very complimentary about Melb & a fair amount hung around to cheer off Bernie Vince which I thought was a testament to Bernie .
  14. Came over for the match...stunning day in Adelaide....will be in the Adelaide members tonight & looking forward to the Dees putting on a great show ....hoping for a win but pretty confident it won't get "ugly"