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  1. I’ve just been in Adelaide & read an article by Dean Brogan who was pretty scathing about Ports drafting. Felt that they had made some big mistakes by not holding on to some early picks & draft some youth. If they don’t take the flag this year he thinks they will have some serious problems with their future with not a lot of young talent coming through. It will be interesting to see how 2018 pans out for various reasons. I am still very glad that we have 3 picks in the second round & am pretty confident we will unearth someone with those picks.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    What you seemed to have missed is that the three very talented footballers they picked up were quite simply “not wanted “ by their clubs. No salary cap issues ...simply not wanted... we can all procrastinate all pre-season but we will know when we are in the season proper & not before just how good all the new recruits will be
  3. Hibberd on Lever

    You have absolutely no idea obviously of Garland the person. If you have any idea of where he came from & his background then your comments are at least ....laughable. Don’t make those comments & pre-judge a person based on your impression of how he played the game. MFC is not a charity....they don’t hand out jobs to people “just for the sake of it” .....before you make the above statements....let’s just see how he goes....you have no idea what “ruthlessness” means when you don’t actually know the person. I am thrilled for him ! “
  4. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Adelaide...bullies..saints...Geelong & Gold Coast twice.....supposedly......easiest draw :...Collingwood ....again..supposedly
  5. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Narrowly defeated ...huh...they had no injuries..played a home final ...didn’t really beat a top 8 side ...footy God’s smiled on them all year & they couldn’t beat WC...worst loss of the final series !!!
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Listen to Chris Pelchen on SEN this morning...thinks we have done incredibly well with our trades ...felt that Jack had enough chances under different coaches etc & remember that draft no’s = points so we may not necessarily pick up a pick at 31....so refreshing to hear positivity from an expert who has no vested interest in this club
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    And if you disagree with this then you are absolutely kidding yourself!!! You can check all my posts re Jack Watts & I have always supported him....BUT...he definitely has not lived up to expectations for whatever reason & everyone has expected...hoped for more!! It is laughable to suggest we are kicking him when he is down...he has been the most scrutinised..maligned player by both media & public for nearly a decade & we have stuck by him...enough is enough ...he has had 9 years ...I will never boo him ...hope he does well but I have finally come to the realisation that it won’t be at the MFC....lets move on & start to look forward to look forward to 2018....2017 is done !!!
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    What exactly has the club said publicly....Jones ...Mahoney...alluded to some unprofessional training standards ...everyone knew that....never heard any other untoward criticism....but happy to be directed to the relevant statements that support your claims
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    They floated the exact same thing on Triple M.....hope its true !
  10. How refreshing to hear & read most of the football media (mainly ex players ) laud this trade. One point I absolutely agree with them on is this....we have been to the trade & draft (several times) & we have actually got it right. We don't need any young 18 yr olds ....we need 21 /22 yr olds who are proven & can fit right into our team profile & more importantly team straight away. Let's remember we are not giving up a top 10 pick next year ....more likely a 16 or similar. Why do we want to develop players for two years....our teams profile is then heading up to 25yrs. Pretty much everyone (without a vested interest) is very excited with our team & are predicting great things. I concur 100% . It seems to me that the longer we get away from the past season....the predictions & comments seem to forget about the serious injuries...suspensions...personal illness & tragedy that unfortunately befell the club. We get all the players who won awards at the B&F absolutely laud Goodwin & the coaching panel....rave about the direction the club is taking & are so excited about the future yet we're reading such negative comments on here about all of the above. Derision about young men promising to do their best to take this club forward. I am super excited.....wrapped with all the same things that those B&F players stated & for me the "icing on the cake" would be Jack to stay. If that doesn't happen then I will respect the "decision" because not one person on this forum would know exactly what has gone on at the footy club with Jack. How about a bit of positivity.....my partner is Collingwood & just said that all you hear on any radio station at the moment is how exciting the Melbourne team is & they are right up there in Premiership calculations!!!!
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Totally disagree with this....like it or not ..footy is a business...if a deal is not to the club or to Jacks liking ...he will stay (hope he does) not for one minute is there hatred for him by the coach...Goodwin wants a certain type of player & at this stage ...Jack hasn’t delivered...still a lot to play out !
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    What I would say ...Lynch’s GF performance...woeful (I was there) I would back Watts performance in a GF (without obviously seeing him) as extremely reliable....he always performs under pressure when he had too
  13. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    Another boring Grand final ...another western Bulldogs premier...no injuries ..soft draw & hunger...was at the game ...no way dusty wins norm smith...hello jake lever ...def comes to us .....that is why Goodwin is & will be a great coach ...we won't rely on one player & everyone can play multiple positions...Walker ..👎...betts👎Jenkins👎👎cameron👎...more talented ...but desperation knocked them over...disgusting tigers supporters mcc!!
  14. 2018 Membership

    Try buying one good tkt to a top band ...show etc...pretty good value I would have thought!!!
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    "He ran so hard from the midfield,Jack Watts when he saw he could get on the end of that"...& a minute or so later got his hand to a certain goal from Collingwood....on that commentary alone .....he's a keeper for me. Unlike many on here I have learnt to temper my expectations....if he hadn't been a No 1 there would be such less angst...I just look at him who when he plays his best ..def best 22....similar to the majority of players at our club. I know this is a discussion forum ....but the amount of discussion regarding Jack Watts that pop up in subject discussions that start off with no relevance to him but somehow end up being all about him is frankly quite "staggering"