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  1. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Amazing & well done ....I can personally say his perception of himself is true & what happened was totally out of character (which also means I don't for one moment condone what happened)......I hope to see him in our best 22 next year & am fully supportive of him.
  2. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Port Adelaide had the luxury (like Richmond) in having a full list to pick from all year & a home final. I would, as a supporter, been absolutely devastated with that loss. Charlie Dixon gave everything but he is a forward and his kicking was abysmal...most of those shots were extremely gettable. You cannot compare our loss to Collingwood as similar to that loss. If we had had anything close to a full list all year , I have no doubt we would have finished top four. You need everything going for you to make finals & Port certainly did & to lose to West Coast proves that an easier draw & no injuries got them into finals but really "they just ain't that good" !
  3. VFL Semi Final - Casey Demons v Richmond VFL

    Interesting...most experts didn't predict Casey making top 8 ....let alone top 4. We had lost senior Casey players & with Melbs quite young list ...Casey weren't predicted to go far. With the amount of injuries to the senior side which sorely tested our depth...I would have thought it pretty commendable that they did. Richmond has one player on their injury list ....not all doom & gloom surely ?
  4. Why we will be better in 2018

    So many reasons why....another preseason into our younger players especially Trac hogan..Viney fit & also tmac ..Gawn & others getting over injuries they carried a lot of the year seeing more of the two smiths ..Joel & tim ...vanders & garlo back...adds more depth & flexibility declan keilty...weideman...jkh etc who we bring in from the draft even though it may not seem like it at the moment...there is so much too look forward to in 2018 this team played with enormous adversity all year and has learnt many valuable lessons. I'm just praying the footy gods treat us a bit more kindly next year
  5. 2017 Post Mortem

    Well it's all done & dusted. Disappointed...yes...devastated..no...I got to nearly every game this year including a couple of the interstates & thought that after the Sydney game where we had so many missing that we never really gelled or played with cohesion again... the Bulldogs game was the anomaly but they were a rabble. I think the injuries ...suspensions etc eventually took their toll & even though we had players come back in & had possibly our best side in towards the end ...it was all too late....four or more changes every week doesn't make for a confident cohesive team. I think you are also seeing this with the GWS as well. It is no coincidence that Richmond & Port who have been virtually injury free all season are in the 4 & Sydney who after an injury ridden start have pretty much been unscathed in the latter part of the season ...Geelong ..Dangerfield..say no more. Ess & WC will be bundled out pretty quickly & I have the feeling we would have been smashed & I don't know how good that would have been either. I thought out last few wins were just "ground" out victories because we are a "never give up"'side but they certainly weren't wins to give you any confidence. I am glad that Jack & Jesse can heal properly & they will have a great pre season & an even better 2018. We have developed so many players ...got game time into so many more and that augers well for the future...we had more wins & finished higher on the ladder so from where we have come from...we have improved. Thanks Dees for the tumultuous ride ...it has been one of the best seasons in a long long time.....
  6. Jack Watts (again)

    A very good article on Paul Roos in the HS this morning. One comment that resonated with me was when he spoke with Jack Watts .....Jacks comment was "I just want to be treated like a human being" . How in anger & disappointment some posters write such vitriol about Jack (in particular) .....even now it has been all about how Jack has to perform today even though Salem & other players have been dropped for not meeting the coaches requirements. I don't buy into the "he was a No 1 pick" scenario....today he is just one of our best 22. I hope everyone backs him today against a club who nearly destroyed him many years ago & be glad that he wears the "red & blue" .
  7. Max Gawn

    Gary Lyon said in SEN that pretty sure it was St Kilda who complained about Gawn....
  8. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    I continue to be surprised by posters who think their expectations of Watt's game is what predicates him being picked for the seniors. He would have a clear understanding of what is required of him by the coaching staff and it is quite probably different to your expectation. If he makes the seniors next week then he will have merited it!
  9. Jack Watts (again)

    His moves are pretty good off field ....hmmmm
  10. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Also agree with this sentiment...all these undisciplined acts cost us dearly ...what I am disputing is that he has "done the time" so if his form warrants & he is picked for the seniors then I support him fully ....I don't think he merits any further criticism or punishment!
  11. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Can't believe the harshness against Bugg....Steven May is Vice captain after his "cowardly" 5 week suspension & do you even remember the name of the Port Adelaide player who copped a similar suspension....off field he is a far different person than his on field personna.....I personally felt is was not an "intentional " act ....he was genuinely remorseful & according to every report from the club "he has not put a step wrong" . If his form warrants it and the coaches think he is in our best 22 then I am more than happy with that.....he is a player of the Melbourne Football Club & deserves our support. Alll I can ascertain from some of the postings is that none of you have ever "stuffed" up in life.....ever ????

    The free kick wasn't against Jetta....it was paid downfield because Longer blocked Tom McDonald from trying to get to a saints player & McDonalds arm went high.....quite soft. Also on watching replay ....in 4th qrt when Harmes (&melb) finally got a free kick and the crowd roared...Sandy Roberts incorrectly assumed we were giving the Bronx cheers to Harmes because he hadn't scored a goal since qrt time.....listening to the commentary afterwards on TV ....I thought the only one that gave us a go was Dunstall

    Looking at weather chart ....similar wind conditions to Hobart? Haven't been to ground so don't know if wind had same effect as in Hobart....
  14. Glaring weakness in defence

    We didn't lose because of our defence...we did not play well & in the last qrt we got smacked in clearances & pressure round the ball & quite frankly we played dumb football...I was there & the only real highlights for Melb was Clayton Oliver & Max Gawn ....quite simply we did not adapt to the conditions...we move on & hopefully get it done against GWS...if we don't then just not good enough...Melb out of everyone has had important injuries & a pretty tough draw given our travel & when it has occured ...so we are still in the 8 and as Goodwin said ...it's not where we are now but where we are at the end of Round 23...our destiny is in our own hands ...
  15. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    I was there ...agreed ..def lost the toss....we were just awful...4 points flattering ....a little like Adelaide today & for all those who bemoan the Darwin game ...I hope we never play in Hobart again ...it is a venue I never want to return too!!