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  1. Harmesy loves playing against the Suns, had one of his best game against them last year too
  2. Maybe he is sore with that crook back he had pre-season...I like him as a player when he's up and going but been underwhelming so far this season.
  3. anyone overly surprised?
  4. We are lucky not to be 45 points down
  5. We are almost gone already...
  6. We are we so bad at the G!?
  7. Genuine pressure on our team to perform today as with other clubs around us losing a big jump up the ladder is there for the taking. Great test of the sides development and maturity, hope we rise to the occasion.
  8. North would have to be the most vanilla side I've seen do they have any X factor at all? Waite maybe but the rest look like B graders at best
  9. I reckon we just need one really good performance at home with the Southern/Members Stands rocking in the last quarter as we bring it home to get our form back at the MCG. I cant really see it being a gamestyle issue as to why the side has lost there so far....maybe we need to play a little more direct at the G? Lot of messing around with the footy in our losses there, way more handballs than kicks etc
  10. If he can get a decent run of not being smashed in the head he'll probably be ok
  11. She is a brute! But yeah neck problems are no joke shows how tough Jones is when he played a season with a busted neck...
  12. You might be on to something....I have a bad neck from an old injury and now its so sensitive to any contact to my head or anything around here (eg my five yo launching herself off the couch onto me).....touch it wrong and I get referred nerve pain, sickness, double vision etc for days
  13. Our form both as favourites and at the MCG has been poor this year. Need to turn it around at the home of football in particular, if nothing else but for the loyal supporters who turn up there!
  14. Way to early to write off or try to trade a player of his talent. He'll be right with a decent run at it.
  15. Have we ever won the Pink Lady match?