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  1. You would think we'd have strong motivation to beat the 3 sides we play who cant make finals, teams that are out of contention often drop off badly this time of year. Usually it's us copping the floggings from finals bound sides, so it's time to dish out a bit of our own punishment.
  2. I agree I thought it was one of our best wins of the season, up there with Adelaide and West Coast. We had our whole starting midfield out bar Clarry, Maxy is a long was from his best after so long out, but they got it done like a finals team should.
  3. I think we can still win with the side we have....won't be easy but have to keep the faith
  4. Not good, but if his foot was half stuffed all year better it going now than on the eve of finals. This must have been a calculated gamble for him to carry it instead of having surgery earlier.
  5. Hogan played some midfield minutes in pre-season and earlier in the year, looked pretty good too...if he's fit enough could he pinch hit in a few centre bounces and leave Tommy Mac forward?
  6. We just have to find a way to scrap it out and get over Carlton, I'm sure the team will steel themselves and Goody will have some specific tactics. Let's not write the year off yet!!
  7. I think the effort has been ok, they are trying but it's not happening tonight
  8. You can't do much when you've got half the team out and the rest are completely knackered
  9. We need one of our patented massive 3rd quarters
  10. Going for a lot of run out of the backline, the Swans have looked vulnerable getting caught out on the quick rebound.
  11. I reckon we'll win Sydney arent as good as they appear
  12. I don't think the Swans are that fantastic - they were 30 points down against Richmond and conceded 7 straight goals to Essendon, defensively they are not as good as they once were. if we bring our best we can still win, injuries or not.
  13. The team is a bit banged up but also battle-hardened. Good chance to keep the momentum going, I just hope Viney's shoulder isn't too bad....
  14. We'd want a top 10 pick and I couldn't see a club offering that...would hate to see Gus leave at any rate
  15. Didn't know that. Jack Darling has a habit of playing well against us which annoying because he is capable of absolute shockers, as long as we stop him and Josh Hill (soft), it's hard to see where their goals will come from.