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  1. Great player and ambassador for the football club...my 7yo daughter loves him and hes always happy to pose for a photo with her etc
  2. Sounds bad I sure hope not...seems his body struggles to cope with the rigors of league football
  3. Back home with all his dropkick mates who aren’t professional footballers encouraging him to get on the p*ss.....for a guy with mental health issues probably not the best environment
  4. He is a good player and I always thought we'd miss his intercept marking in the backline (he was never consistent enough as a forward). When Lever comes back fully fit we have his equivalent anyway.
  5. Thanks Diamond_Jim also looks like it might work through the edge browser on the XB1 - hopefully saved me $100 on yet another electronic device I dont really need!
  6. Has any tried streaming Kayo through a chromecast? My Samsung doesnt have a native app and despite also owning a PS4 and Xbox it also isn't available on either of those! So ipad -> chromecast might be the best option....
  7. I might be wrong but reports at the time said he got less than we were offering him to stay, and certainly less than Gold Coast had on the table. He loved Bucks and maybe didn't see eye to eye with Roos I believe that's why he went to the filth.
  8. Does anyone know if Vanders trained? He had scans the other day according to reports.
  9. In before the melts when Goody selects just Omac as our key back and uses flankers in every other defensive position...
  10. One thing Hogan does have that I think we may miss is that smart lateral movement in the forward line. When he gets the drop on his opponent, gets him going one way and goes the other to mark the football. He did it a couple of times in the second JLT for Freo and made me think, who else can do that for us now? Tmac and Weed are more straight line charge at the ball types, I think we are a bit one dimensional with those two as key targets. Perhaps a player like Petracca could provide this when he plays forward.
  11. Not so sure about that, I seem to recall several matches where we lost to a bunch of kids and no names in the past (Essendon when half their team was out suspended over the supplements scandal being the worst)
  12. I sometimes think Max would be the best choice for captain anyway - he's the most dominant force we have after all...
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