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  1. sisso

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    I don’t know who’s worse us or Essendon
  2. sisso

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Our style of footy looked like it was really coming together in 2016 in Roos' last year, what the team is serving up now doesn't resemble that at all. Currently it's a Mark Neeld/Brendan McCartney mash up of everyone sucked into the contest leaving opposition loose men everywhere, and bombing down the line to outnumbered forwards when we do win it. What the hell is going on, surely we don't actually want to play like this!?
  3. sisso


    Shocking game of footy, we don’t look likely to kick more than about 2 more goals at best
  4. sisso


    What’s this Neeld style bomb down the line to a pack garbage?
  5. sisso


    Gee we are playing a messy, unstructured game style no wonder we can’t score
  6. sisso


    We are so unpredictable we could win by 50 or lose by 80 and everything in between
  7. sisso

    Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    Yep. A mate of mine who thought we were certainties before the match texted me with "wtf?" during the last quarter. My reply? "Classic Melbourne"
  8. sisso

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin's coaching baffles me. Even though I've been going to the footy for 25 years, I can't work out week to week what style of game we are trying to play or what the gameplan really is. We play an unstructured style that appears utterly chaotic from up in the stands. Sometimes we get a run on and look really good but then it can degenerate into a complete mess. Hawthorn were like soldiers in their military precision setting up in formation behind the ball and you could see that our boys had no idea how to move through it. They looked as baffled out there as I feel...
  9. sisso


    Are we ever going to be consistently any good?
  10. sisso


    He also shoved MacMillian over when he was limping: nasty, we need more of it!
  11. sisso

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    True, we hadn’t really worked out how to use TMac and Pedo in the ruck with Gawn out a week or two before, McEvoy had about 50 hitouts. Should be a very different story on Sunday.
  12. sisso

    "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    Can't understand why a few posters are writing us off against Hawthorn before the game even starts! They're not that good anymore, apart from Tom Mitchell their midfield is pretty ordinary and they have a slow backline. As long as we don't let them take 100 uncontested marks and play keepings off we will win. Frawley is still a turnover merchant too.
  13. sisso

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I reckon they're a bit light on in the midfield compared to us, apart from Mitchell, O'meara is still working his way back into form after so long and then you've got C graders like Shiels, Langford and Duryea - not exactly intimidating! Provided we stop Mitchell from getting completely off the leash we should have a significant edge there.
  14. sisso

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Not many teams could leave players the calibre of Brayshaw, Hunt and Hannan in the reserves when they still had 2 of their best 10 out. (I say that now of course until the next stinker when we call for half the team to be dropped)
  15. sisso

    Clarry's goal

    Gawn Viney Oliver Petracca thats a ridiculously talented A grade center square unit when Jack comes back in