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  1. vans

    Tom McDonald - Ready to Re-sign?

    jebus that was a great game by tom mac v wc. Bring on 2018!
  2. vans

    Training - Saturday 10th June, 2017

    Arrived late but stayed till the end to watch Gawn put in an extra 20 mins of marking / running, after which Gawn then stayed and signed jumpers for another 30 mins. The bloke is a legend and can't wait to see him back out there. There was merch / coffee and a great vibe for the morning, this for me shows how far the club has come in recent years even more so than our on-field progress.
  3. vans


    I havn't seen a melbourne team have a crack like that for a long time. Pitty about the result would have been handy to have pedo in the team in hindsight.
  4. vans

    Roos on 'Open Mike'