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  1. Gawn doesn't want to be a pushover

    I liked his running forward and his then his long handpass forward.
  2. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    That's yet to come.
  3. Injury List - Season 2018

    Could even get in the rooms at 1/2 time I remember as about a 13 year old getting in the rooms and here's John Lord looking weary sitting down smoking.
  4. Injury List - Season 2018

    Did Ross Dillon take over Barry Bourke's position at FF.?
  5. Injury List - Season 2018

    So am I. Tassie's drop kicks from the goal square would land in the centre where Hassa was.
  6. Injury List - Season 2018

    Oh nooooooooo. My mate hurt his, couldn't work for 9 months.
  7. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    I really hope match fitness is the reason he is not playing rd 1 because if its not, and its healing related, another 6 days on top of 6 months is not much insurance.
  8. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Not happy Jan. If he has finally pulled his finger out I'll spew and boo him. Would be wrapped to see Trengrove have a blinder though.
  9. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Lid has been blown off and circling mars.
  10. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

  11. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    That What was so frustrating in past years.Remember kick it.
  12. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Kicking it more than handballing as in previous years
  13. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    WTF Radio station is it on.
  14. Win-Loss ratio ...turning at the bye

    a round 3 win will do me!
  15. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Must have posted in wrong thread. Should have been in the Crazy thing thread.