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  1. you can take the boy out of collingwood,but never take the collingwood out of the boy
  2. Bullies must have been watching MFC.
  3. you should be banned for sledging, I have a pug and he looks nothing like that thing.
  4. We have come so far this year. We know we can match it with the best. About time we get a run on and watch North fold. Go Dees. 20 goal drubbing.
  5. Sure there are a few mongrels in the AFL, coaches included,but to suggest they go and target another players head who they know to have a brain injury is beyond belief.
  6. His father used to rip into it as well
  7. Bernie saw the writing on the wall and knocked out the ump who was giving all the frees
  8. poor old Bitters, started too early.must have passed out and missed the game.will wake up and be spewing.
  9. is tex walker playing?
  10. maybe,just maybe it has finally clicked with our team.
  11. sounds like you wont.
  12. might not be a bad idea to swap tom and jessie
  13. screaming out for the misses to bring me a beer. Flogging required!
  14. belief boys, belief !
  15. beer time