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  1. Like Jones summary of the incident. "Its contentious if you call it a block or a bump. I think it was a block but I sort of understand the AFL's stance around head knocks and the look of things.You see those instances; particularly the action Steve did -- and we are actually taught this as a defensive skill.You are going to have bigger guys run into smaller guys and the blows going to look more significant than other times. I think he was stiff.
  2. The thing is Berry ran into the wrong bloke. If it had been Garlett or Spargo or Jkh, both would have ended up on the ground and nothing would be said. May cant be blamed just because he's solid as a rock.If it had been Nic Nat May would could have come off second best.We are not playing a team of pre schoolers.
  3. What as ? The player most thrown up upon!.
  4. I recon they should have a one dayer, whereby anything goes. They all can load up with anything they like and just go at it. Bit barbarian and gladiator like,make for a fine spectacle in the greatest stadium on earth. Imagine the tackles,the bone jarring hits,the fights. Imagine the $s Gill. Allow the crowd to take their tinnies like the old days. I really miss the full can throwing, the crowd erupting onto the field, the fights, The game has been ruined of late. You could even include the pre game warm up with Fev doing the interviews whacked again.Question like-" Now what have you got in ya Lance"? and "oh look, here's Mad dog Muir come along for the brawls." Now don't you go jumpin the fence Robbie" The TV rights, the sponsorship, the AFL would make a killing.Bring it on I say.
  5. I think its Brayshaws helmet that makes him stand out among the rest. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a champion, but not that much better than Oliver as taken by the Brownlow votes.
  6. I thought he would have retired after being delisted at Melbourne. I may be wrong but why would a bloke who seeming is timid put his hand up again for more
  7. Good God! Jack Watts must be feeling despondent at the size of those mammories.sniff sniff.
  8. Ah Bugg ;big deal, he one year older than our Jack. Retired. Ha ha ha .
  9. Max will be worn out before the season starts.
  10. The way its fukin goin, the players will need a pocket in their shorts, to hold a rule book to refer to, before they kick the friggen thing.
  11. Well, I'll just go in the middle of em.
  12. He'll be right, he's done a good apprenticeship.Taking all that wealth of knowledge with him. Jesse's a confidence player,and if others are going to look to him for guidance, he now has all the tools, courtesy of the MFC. That's the shitty part of it all.
  13. I think the bowel prep would do the trick. Might get some of the siht off his liver.
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