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  1. essendon supporters
  2. Hawks have played well tonight, Danger signs.
  3. You think Frosty can't run?He may not break lines but he fast and can get to spoils.He has got to stay in.
  4. Bitters would be Flogged out.
  5. Roo's votes Watts 1 Salem 2 hibberd 3
  6. Boring Boring, Think I will defect to the Lions after 50 years of following this team.
  7. Team of soldiers. so guttsy.bruised and battered
  8. 2 goals in a minute of game time to watts
  9. 4 4 28 to 2 -- unknown territory I'm scared.
  10. I am sorry to say Mr Bitters but I think you may be heading to the wrong country. I know you must be severely depressed after the death of your long time mate Miss C the sloth in the Adelaide zoo a few weeks ago,but if your after a new mate,you will have to travel further abroad to south America.
  11. the calls out for hardwicks head.
  12. Never fear,they will have not forgotten old habits,its just another string to the bow.
  13. I recon our onballers have learnt a lot re sharking,tackling at hit outs,reading opposition ruckmen,and the absence of our own ruckman lately, will only benefit the team in the future when Max returns.
  14. Glad Watts slotted that last goal, could have easily slewed off his foot,and imagine how unhappy we would have all been,instead here we are in the 8 you beauty.
  15. Thank God