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  1. Your a brave man Ron. What pizzes me off though is the fact that we are not far off being 5-0
  2. We need A POWER FORWARD
  3. Can't say we haven't been to battle tonight
  4. Here we are.
  5. If they get another goal on the siren I'll spew.
  6. You would think that Bitters would throw open the doors to his manor,but seeing he hasn't appeared on this game day thread as yet, one can only assume he has started early and fallen asleep with the other sloths in the grounds. Ohh ,I just see he has awoken
  7. don't ya just love it!
  9. we played the weid.
  10. Why didn't freo kick like this last week
  11. How many games has jkh played for casey this year since breaking his arm?
  12. The ball got kicked into the back of his head and flattened him I think that was the worst one.
  13. North don't seem to be playing like the basket case i hoped they would be this year,but I hope they get done after the siren tonight.
  14. I was hoping Cripps would cop a smack in the gob again.