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  1. Buckley's Demise

    And then they come out and thump us. Shut up you lot.
  2. Jack Watts (again)

    Jack attacked that contest like a rampaging bull that he is.
  3. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    2.10 pm - live on 7 if anyone's interested. Good line up. Frost Hutchins A Brayshaw Watts Bugg Munro Hannon Trengrove Strech Kielty Weiderman Maynard Fritsch Hulett Wagner King Kennedy JKH Be interesting to see how Bugg & Watts go and I hope Frosty puts in a good one.
  4. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Isn't that what happened?
  5. Jack Watts (again)

    Been an average player for years. Never reached his expected potential that we had placed on him. Does/did enough to hold his place in the team in years gone by but hasn't stepped up and others are going past him.Rightfully dropped,and I'm afraid there's no form to be regained. It is what it is and he will take Pedo' s place and be a depth player if he doesn't retire prematurely.
  6. Jack Watts (again)

    Unfortunately for Mr Watts, there ain't room for any silver spoons in the drawer anymore. Either he lowers his standards and busts a gut like the rest do, or else be shown the door.
  7. What to do with Petracca?

    Trade value?????

    Oscar went off hurt in the last don't know what the issue was.

    As old Teddy said - we stuck it right up em and as well finished off their season.Feels so good to have been the one to finally stuff them up.
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    milkshake always bangs one at the end.
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Time to start drinkin.
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    hibbert &oscar off.
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Hurry up and loose so I can get a life back.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    god we have been lucky.
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    come on coach,do something,just treading water at moment.