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  1. The old dark navy blues! ;)

    I think Carlton would do better in FIFA than the AFL. Those brown paper bags that Carlton uses would come in handy indeed.
  2. The old dark navy blues! ;)

    Carlton are going to be struggling a long time like the Dees. With free agency these clubs at the bottom need extra assistance. I think whether its extra draft picks or extra salary cab allowance it needs to be used to get existing players. For instance a mid first round pick is granted to a club and they need to trade it for existing plater/players. Just drafting kids isn't going to achieve anything with the age of their list.
  3. Changes for Queens Birthday

    Couldn't agree more its either one of them and not both. Out: Bail, M Jones, Watts, Fitzpatrick. Almost tempted to drop Howe. If we had more depth he would be playing for Casey. In: Tyson, Newton, Michie, Riley Riley to be the sub. Think he is suited to the role where he can come on for a quarter and a bit to tackle hard and focus on winning stoppages.
  4. Delistings/trades at end of the season

    Delist M Jones, Bail, McKenzie, Terlich One more year depending on form for the rest of the year Hunt, Cross, Fitzpatrick, Gawn, Toumpas Look to trade Watts: 2nd - 3rd pick Howe: 2nd- 3rd pick Dawes: Bag of chips (harsh I know but with his current form he is a very limited player) don't think there would be any clubs interested. Retire Jamar
  5. Delistings/trades at end of the season

    It is almost criminal isn't it. You would think they would offer a one year extension rather than two years for a fringe player.
  6. AFL - Round 9 (non MFC Games)

    West Coast are very much a confidence team. Playing at home this year they are going to be hard to beat with most teams struggling to compete with them. I would question though when they are on the road or come up against a well drilled team like Sydney, Freo, Hawthorn or a fast team like the Dogs. To me their midfield is their weakest link and where they lack depth. Still expect them to finish top 4 or close to it. Your right West Coast dominated as they won the stoppages and worked hard to maintain their press. The Cats really struggled to get the ball into their half.