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  1. Jones - an indefatigable leader Melksham - perfect forward’s game T .McDonald - wonderful first half Neal-Bullen - persisted and achieved Hannan - great second efforts Fritsch - continues to impress Gawn - dominated the square Hogan - couldn’t get going Harmes - impressive grunt work Petracca - impressive first half Oliver - probably broke even Viney - understandably limited output Smith - tough and uncompromising Spargo - dropped for Garlett Salem - quieter but classy Brayshaw - impressive and inspiring Hibberd - there when needed Jetta - quiet but effective Lever - impressive and safe O.McDonald - under little pressure Vince - disposal sometimes worrying Lewis - the backline marshall
  2. Tyson - Joeboy finally vindicated
  3. joeboy

    My 3 word pre game analysis V Carlton

    As if Goodwin would say he was crap?
  4. Jones - dynamic and consistent Hogan - quieter but focused Oliver - prolific and clean Tyson - a momentum killer T.McDonald - outstanding first half Hannan - always looked dangerous Neal-Bullen - finally justified retention Salem - silky smooth mover Spargo - provided forward pressure Brayshaw - continued impressive form Melksham - clever and unselfish Gawn - provided first use Hibberd - back to best Harmes - prolific ball winner Petracca - just a game Fritsch - a classy mover Jetta - reliable when needed Lever - safe and steady Lewis - the consummate professional O.McDonald - almost always safe Vince - consistently good decisions Weidemann - another irrelevant game
  5. joeboy

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    It’s not country football?‍♂️
  6. Hogan - continued outstanding season T.McDonald - a significant impact Weideman - junk time possessions Neal-Bullen - replace with Viney Petracca - was obviously underdone Jones - impressive captain’s game Brayshaw - career best game Gawn - was masterful again Harmes - important but careless Oliver - back to best Spargo - love his endeavour Tyson - prolific but wasteful Hannan - made an impact Melksham - not as potent Fritsch - lots to like Hibberd - returned to best Hunt - effective but lacking Jetta - brave and reliable Lever - improving each game Lewis - professional and important O.McDonald - underrated and important Vince - barely wasted possessions
  7. Hannan - pace and movement Spargo - feisty and clever Gawn - made a statement Brayshaw - important second half Fritsch - some exciting plays Hogan - never moved freely Neal -Bullen - continued poor season Harmes - overplays his abilities Hibberd - found energy again Hunt - displayed more run Jetta - statistics belied effectiveness Jones - wonderful captain’s game T.McDonald - an impressive return O.McDonald - steady and safe Tyson - often butchered momentum Lever - steady and effective Lewis - a mixed bag Vince - just a game Oliver - was quiet again Salem - enjoyed more freedom Weideman- quiet when needed Melksham - has rediscovered confidence
  8. Jones - never stopped trying Jetta - just a shadow McDonald - disciplined and impressive Hibberd - brave but flawed Oliver - mostly wasted possessions Salem - soft under pressure Tyson - missing second half Hogan - played with heart Stretch - just a plodder Brayshaw - just a game Harmes - continued poor season Petracca - talents are wasted Vince - game has passed Neal-Bullen - irrelevant and fading Gawn - effective but friendless Kent - quiet before injury Lever - 4 solid quarters Wagner - disappeared after first Weideman -little to excite Hunt - continues downward spiral Garlett - waste of space Melksham - took his chances
  9. Jetta - invisible and irrelevant O.McDonald - tried but overwhelmed Hibberd - continued disappointing season Vince - steady but slowing Frost - little to commend Lewis - a total liability Gawn - our only winner Jones - probably broke even Neal-Bullen - little to commend Oliver - prolific but ineffective Melksham - gave us nothing Hogan - one great quarter Kent - an impressive game Bugg - an embarrassing liability Harmes - slow and ineffective Lever - continued to disappoint Petracca - conditions inhibited performance Brayshaw - an impressive return Fritsch - tried but limited Garlett - not on field Wagner - was hardly seen Salem - never stopped trying
  10. Jones - continued excellent season Bugg - bobbed up effectively Kent - an encouraging return Garlett - no heroics today Oliver - was surprisingly held Hogan - prolific all game Petracca - tough and dynamic Fritsch - some impressive touches Lewis - important but wayward Vince - steady in defence Melksham - struggling for form Salem - just a game Tyson - prolific but wasteful Wagner - increasing in confidence Frost - exciting but iffy Gawn - dominated the centre Harmes - tough but limited Hibberd - was disappointing again Jetta - just a shadow Lever - learning to adjust McDonald - made important decisions Neal-Bullen - didn’t show out
  11. You keep promising that you’d never read my 3 worders again ?
  12. Jetta - livelier but careless Lever - just a game Hibberd - consistently gave drive Hunt - lacking customary drive McDonald - continued good form Jones - indefatigable and inspiring Gawn - dominant from centre Oliver - classy and consistent Vince - not a tagger Salem - ineffective on ball Neal-Bullen - had little impact Lewis - almost always solid Petracca - classy and impressive Pedersen - was rarely sighted Harmes - tough and effective Fritsch - classy and brave Garlett - perfect forward’s game Hogan - 3 great quarters Wagner - didn’t imbue confidence Bugg - tried but failed Tyson - was mostly reliable Melksham - was almost effective
  13. joeboy

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 2

    6 - Oliver - 4 consistently reliable quarters and his kicking is a weapon 5 - Garlett - finally back to the dangerous forward we love 4 - Hogan - 3 great quarters 3 - Petracca - exciting and inspiring all game 2 - McDonald - continues to defy criticism 1 - Jones - occasionally took wrong options but was reliable and effective
  14. Jetta - loose and slow Lever - disappointing debut game Hibberd - looked disinterested early Hunt - poor first half McDonald - made no errors Jones - indefatigable and inspiring Gawn - dominant all game Oliver - maintained the rage Vince - better second half Salem - impressive first half Neal-Bullen - just lacks finesse Lewis - important but costly Petracca - outstanding 3 quarters Pedersen - was rarely involved Harmes - tried but limited Fritsch - cause for optimism Garlett - disappointingly often missing Hogan - had little impact Wagner - just lacks skill Hannan - little peripheral awareness Maynard - out of depth Melksham - a huge disappointment
  15. joeboy

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 1

    6 - Gawn ( ruckwork was as dominant as 2016 ) 5 - Petracca ( we can rest assured that he has the motor ) 4 - Oliver ( prolific and he CAN kick) 3 - Jones ( if only others possessed his will to win ) 2 - Vince ( slow to start but become important) 1 - Lewis ( same as Vince )
  16. joeboy

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Should I sue??
  17. Much like Gary Lyon’s trite interview with Goodwin during the 1/2 time break in the StKilda match.
  18. joeboy

    What the Fritsch

    Fritsch<>Brad Green - both left footers - both strong overhead - both mercurial around goals - both have meticulously groomed hair
  19. joeboy

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Ummm.. I have an opinion ?‍♂️
  20. joeboy

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Yes I have , and I don’t mind it
  21. joeboy

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I don’t understand why everyone is taking the station’s financial decision so personally. Hitchison has made huge decisions to enable his company to ultimately make a profit, and the sacked ,underperforming ‘talent’ were not part of his vision, no more, no less.
  22. joeboy

    Rare Robbie Flower Highlights

    I met Robbie a number of times and he was always a modest, unassuming and courteous man, whose skinny, accountant-like demeanor belied a driven and passionate footballer who loved the Dees with an intense desire, and played the game as if his God- given talents were a reward for us mere mortals who could only marvel at his feats.
  23. joeboy

    David Schwarz

    Cause for optimism? I had some free time and called SEN yesterday to specifically ask David Schwarz one question that’s been nagging me for years. I know he has a son and was wondering ( hoping ) if he had the makings of a prospective father/son nomination in a few years time David was very honest and admitted that whilst his son played football , he was only 12 and pencil thin , thus not monstering opponents yet . On the positive side he WAS projected to grow to 6’6” ( in the old measurements ) and The Ox hoped he’d be good enough to play for the mighty Dees eventually. We can live and dream? because realistically there’s no other superstars in the recent history of the club that we can hope for similarly gifted offspring.