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  1. In those days there was a massive banner affixed to the exterior edge of the ‘outer’ stand , now called the Southern Stand , and in the vivid colours of red and navy blue it read:


    Then,  from recollection ,there were some words about how the MCG was ours❤️

    It was a huge and imposing banner that adorned OUR ground and we were proud and unforgiving landlords💪


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  2. 33 minutes ago, Queanbeyan Demon said:

    Scary putting a face to the name after all these years. OMG. 

    Sorry to disappoint you.. that’s what a lifetime of AFL suffering does to you, but the photo that appeared in the paper was a little more complimentary , and I AM 65

  3. 43 minutes ago, Wadda We Sing said:

    Great pic but scuzzi overseas so no papers, what was the article about?

    Just about my lifelong struggle following actively since 1965 and how my kids have named various pets after former players

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  4. Viney - was just supreme

    Jones - great second half

    T.McDonald - a commanding target

    Melksham - quiet until last

    Brayshaw - rarely evaded tagger

    Spargo - quiet but clever

    Weideman - regularly provided contests

    Petracca - genius and villain

    Neal-Bullen - had limited influence 

    Gawn - powerful second half

    Hannan - was well held

    vandenBerg - was quieter tonight

    Harmes - great three quarters

    Salem - reliable and safe

    Fritsch - versatility was vital

    Frost - an important ingredient 

    Hibberd - dashing and inspirational

    Jetta - grunt and tough

    Lewis - creative and safe

    O.McDonald - imbues great confidence 

    Oliver - great despite tag

    Tyson - excellent last quarter

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  5. Jones - led by example

    Viney - made them cry

    Weideman - may have arrived

    Neal- Bullen - tough and uncompromising 

    T.McDonald - great first half

    Harmes - loved his application 

    Gawn - imposed when necessary 

    Hannan - one important goal

    Melksham - great forward pressure

    Salem - was all class

    Petracca - had limited involvement 

    Tyson - tried and failed

    Brayshaw - courageous and dynamic

    Fritsch - was rarely sighted

    Frost - made a difference

    Hibberd - dynamic when needed

    Jetta - limited by injury 

    Lewis - experience was significant 

    O.McDonald - reliable and safe

    Oliver - a dynamic presence

    Spargo - tired and overawed

    vandenBerg - keep it simple

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  6. Jones - always in control 

    Jetta - was rarely required 

    Frost - confidence is everything 

    Salem - precise and creative 

    O. McDonald - looked a star

    Hibbert - loving his aggression 

    Kennedy-Harris - tackling was impressive 

    Oliver - classy and important 

    Gawn - dominated all game

    Harmes - tough and dynamic 

    Brayshaw - prolific and brave

    T. McDonald - great first quarter 

    Petracca - always looked likely

    Kent - can’t take trick

    Tyson - will be missed

    Neal-Bullen - kept popping up

    vandenBerg - a total revelation 

    Weidemann - was almost important 

    Spargo - definitely showing signs 

    Melksham - always looked dangerous 

    Fritsch - was rarely sighted

    Lewis - perfect general’s game 


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  7. 49 minutes ago, Wiseblood said:

    What stood out to me is that joeboy has somehow found time to watch the replay three times since Sunday.  Who has the time to do that?  I've barely had time to watch the highlights.


    Wow, I’m glad there are mods and rules in place to control such personal vindictiveness 

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  8. 11 minutes ago, drysdale demon said:

    I won't write what I really want to in response to your post so I will just say you must be a very silly boy. I doubt you are a demons supporter from memory I recall similar posts in the past.

    Yep, and that’s why I’ve submitted my 3 word analyses every week for 5 years🙄

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Nasher said:

    I just don’t understand why a Melbourne supporter would go so far out of their way to attempt to rain on our own parade with this first level rubbish.

    Have you woken up in a bad mood?

    Pretty stupid response by you

  10. I’ve watched the replay 3 times and still can’t comprehend how we were awarded frees, or at least not penalized for many blatant errors, despite the howls of abuse throughout the game from an overwhelmingly anti Melbourne crowd.

    The non payment of a free kick against O.Mac ,when he took on the tackler by dropping his head into an oncoming chest, was just one of  many mind boggling decisions surprisingly in our favour.

    In my conspiracy theory, the AFL contrived a feel good story ending

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