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  1. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Ummm.. I have an opinion 🤷‍♂️
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Yes I have , and I don’t mind it
  3. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I don’t understand why everyone is taking the station’s financial decision so personally. Hitchison has made huge decisions to enable his company to ultimately make a profit, and the sacked ,underperforming ‘talent’ were not part of his vision, no more, no less.
  4. Rare Robbie Flower Highlights

    I met Robbie a number of times and he was always a modest, unassuming and courteous man, whose skinny, accountant-like demeanor belied a driven and passionate footballer who loved the Dees with an intense desire, and played the game as if his God- given talents were a reward for us mere mortals who could only marvel at his feats.
  5. Famous MFC jumper number

    2 - Robbie
  6. David Schwarz

  7. David Schwarz

    He's paid to be a commentator not a Melbourne supporter. He wears his heart on his sleeve but there's no doubt he'd die for the club
  8. David Schwarz

    From recollection , I believe the Ox even wore a bulky leather strapped brace around his knee during one of his comebacks, such was his desire to return
  9. David Schwarz

    You once promised you'd never read my threads again🤷‍♂️
  10. David Schwarz

    Cause for optimism? I had some free time and called SEN yesterday to specifically ask David Schwarz one question that’s been nagging me for years. I know he has a son and was wondering ( hoping ) if he had the makings of a prospective father/son nomination in a few years time David was very honest and admitted that whilst his son played football , he was only 12 and pencil thin , thus not monstering opponents yet . On the positive side he WAS projected to grow to 6’6” ( in the old measurements ) and The Ox hoped he’d be good enough to play for the mighty Dees eventually. We can live and dream🙏 because realistically there’s no other superstars in the recent history of the club that we can hope for similarly gifted offspring.
  11. 2017 Player Reviews: # 16 Dean Kent

    I actually have confidence that Kent will be e revelation this season. Just as a matter of interest , when is the coaching staff seen as responsible for not getting the right output from a player who obviously has ability? Is it ALWAYS the player's fault alone for not living up to supporters' expectations? BTW, that was a rhetorical question.. I know the answer
  12. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Idiotic comment
  13. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Any space for Clarrie?
  14. Trade rumours

    Read my lips .. Gaff
  15. Russell Robertson

    This is not exactly on the topic but does relate to Robbo's involvement with the club: Has the club got enough public liability insurance to pay out those victims who break their necks during the 1/4 time Hogan's Heroes speccy marking contests? That Robbo hosted event is a tragedy waiting to happen😱