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  1. joeboy

    Petracca in a rut?

    The only issue in dropping him is that there are many others who are less value to the team and equally as unproductive: Hannan, Neal Bullen,Vince, Tyson, etc, etc. Where do you draw the line?
  2. Jones - unusually fumbled often Viney - brave and relentless T.McDonald - held second half Hannan - opportunistic but limited Melksham - was rarely sighted Petracca - overrated and disappointing Salem - lost under pressure T.Smith - little to enthuse Fritsch - classy and exciting Gawn - bravely fought alone Hogan - lost his way Neal-Bullen - was rarely noticed Brayshaw - brave and relentless Harmes - excellent tagging game Hibberd - surprisingly poor disposal Jetta - brave and important Lewis - calming but worrying O.McDonald - was unusually undisciplined Oliver - was rarely clean J.Smith - not a defender Tyson - had little impact Vince - best has passed
  3. joeboy

    Lever in the coaches box

    A little bit of overkill regarding Lever’s loss to the team. In reality he was pretty poor-average for most of his games with us apart from 2, so to blame his injury on our backline’s dysfunctionality is a little presumptive and plainly wrong Notwithstanding the above, he WILL be a fantastic addition to our team in the future
  4. joeboy

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I’m pretty sure our ‘saviour’ Jackson left Essendon under acrimonious circumstances... that obviously didn’t impinge on the results he’s achieved with us
  5. joeboy


    Other clubs will note that applying ‘full court press’ will lead us to crumble like little boys.. we’ve done it for years , and nothing shown this year yet has proved otherwise
  6. Jones - totally lacked finesse Viney - taught a lesson T.McDonald - wonderful second half Hannan - was mostly irrelevant Harmes - probably not playing Neal-Bullen - was rarely noticed Fritsch - not the worst Gawn - tried but overwhelmed Oliver - prolific but wasteful Brayshaw - no heroics today Hogan - slow and confused Melksham - lost at sea Spargo - bambi amongst wolves Hibberd - fumbled and erred Jetta - loose and slow Lewis - tried but friendless O.McDonald - close to horrible Pedersen - game has passed Petracca - continued disappointing season Salem - rarely imbued confidence Smith - little to commend Vince - gave us nothing
  7. Jones - captain our captain Hogan - continued outstanding season T.McDonald - important as Gawn Neal-Bullen - consistent and versatile Hannan - a quiet achiever Brayshaw - now a weapon Fritsch - impressive and reliable Petracca - missing too often Melksham - played his part Gawn - toyed with opponents Oliver - engine room master Harmes - played different role Hibberd - not always convincing Jetta - never been better Lever - the curse continues Lewis - experience was evident O.McDonald - dependable and safe Salem - disposal from heaven Smith - didn’t take chances Spargo - quiet but valuable Vince - much like Lewis Viney - still finding feet
  8. Jones - outstanding all game Hogan - continued memorable year Brayshaw - in impressive form Neal- Bullen - proving doubters wrong Petracca - unselfish and dynamic Melksham - valuable and classy T.McDonald - significantly wasn’t important Smith - certainly a bull Hannan - quieter but valuable Spargo - knows his limitations Gawn - dominated centre again Viney - Viney of old Fritsch - love his finesse Harmes - hard and valuable Hibberd - outstanding attacking defender Jetta - was rarely troubled Lever - everything is justified Lewis - intelligent and safe O.McDonald - continued to excell Oliver - tireless and impressive Salem - mistakes but classy Vince - dominated taller opponent
  9. Jones - an indefatigable leader Melksham - perfect forward’s game T .McDonald - wonderful first half Neal-Bullen - persisted and achieved Hannan - great second efforts Fritsch - continues to impress Gawn - dominated the square Hogan - couldn’t get going Harmes - impressive grunt work Petracca - impressive first half Oliver - probably broke even Viney - understandably limited output Smith - tough and uncompromising Spargo - dropped for Garlett Salem - quieter but classy Brayshaw - impressive and inspiring Hibberd - there when needed Jetta - quiet but effective Lever - impressive and safe O.McDonald - under little pressure Vince - disposal sometimes worrying Lewis - the backline marshall
  10. joeboy

    My 3 word pre game analysis V Carlton

    As if Goodwin would say he was crap?
  11. Tyson - Joeboy finally vindicated
  12. Jones - dynamic and consistent Hogan - quieter but focused Oliver - prolific and clean Tyson - a momentum killer T.McDonald - outstanding first half Hannan - always looked dangerous Neal-Bullen - finally justified retention Salem - silky smooth mover Spargo - provided forward pressure Brayshaw - continued impressive form Melksham - clever and unselfish Gawn - provided first use Hibberd - back to best Harmes - prolific ball winner Petracca - just a game Fritsch - a classy mover Jetta - reliable when needed Lever - safe and steady Lewis - the consummate professional O.McDonald - almost always safe Vince - consistently good decisions Weidemann - another irrelevant game
  13. joeboy

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    It’s not country football?‍♂️
  14. Hogan - continued outstanding season T.McDonald - a significant impact Weideman - junk time possessions Neal-Bullen - replace with Viney Petracca - was obviously underdone Jones - impressive captain’s game Brayshaw - career best game Gawn - was masterful again Harmes - important but careless Oliver - back to best Spargo - love his endeavour Tyson - prolific but wasteful Hannan - made an impact Melksham - not as potent Fritsch - lots to like Hibberd - returned to best Hunt - effective but lacking Jetta - brave and reliable Lever - improving each game Lewis - professional and important O.McDonald - underrated and important Vince - barely wasted possessions