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  1. Brayshaw - break out season Bugg - papers signed early Fritsch - rose from obscurity Frost - became a lynchpin Garlett - went nowhere quickly Gawn - heart and soul Hannan - some impressive cameos Harmes - our most improved Hibberd - injuries curtailed performance Hogan - was outstanding early Hunt - never got going Jetta - tough and committed Jones - slowing but vital Kennedy Harris - not enough tricks Kent - injuries cruelled season Lever - sadly rarely seen Lewis - love hate relationship O.McDonald - showed impressive development T.McDonald - versatility proved vital Melksham - important forward ingredient Neal-Bullen - a quiet achiever Oliver - dynamic and important Pedersen - thanks for coming Petracca - exciting yet disappointing Petty - only limited opportunity Salem - skills were sublime J.Smith - showed some signs T.Smith - failed to impose Spargo - clever but limited Stretch - injury ruined year Tyson - was rarely valuable vandenBerg - tough but limited Vince - limited by age Viney - the bull returned Wagner - displayed limited skills Weideman - far from convincing
  2. joeboy

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    And whom would you praise in 3 words for today’s performance?
  3. Jones - career worst game Viney - couldn’t impose himself Melksham - the Essendon player Smith - showed some glimpses Hannan - played little part Oliver - always under pressure Weideman - looked a schoolboy Harmes - tried without effect Petracca - a major disappointment Brayshaw -fumbled and stumbled Gawn - had no impact Spargo - little to enthuse Frost - kept at task Hibberd - obviously played injured Jetta - loose and overwhelmed Lewis - nothing to commend O. McDonald - amateur 3 quarters T.McDoald - had no influence Neal- Bullen - was he playing? Salem - succumbed to pressure Tyson - last Demon game vandenBerg - tried but careless
  4. joeboy

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Lewis showing all his finals experience 🤦‍♂️
  5. joeboy

    MFC - the original owner of the MCG

    In those days there was a massive banner affixed to the exterior edge of the ‘outer’ stand , now called the Southern Stand , and in the vivid colours of red and navy blue it read: FOREVER FORWARD DASHING DEMONS , THE GREATEST EVER EXPONENTS OF PERFECTION FOOTBALL. Then, from recollection ,there were some words about how the MCG was ours❤️ It was a huge and imposing banner that adorned OUR ground and we were proud and unforgiving landlords💪
  6. joeboy

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Yes he often IS prolific and racks up significant possession numbers, but the next part of the process leaves a lot to be desired
  7. joeboy

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Tyson - prolific but wasteful
  8. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    At least I can see below my stomach 😎
  9. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    YOU can talk👹
  10. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    So is that good or bad? it makes for an interesting sociological experiment
  11. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    Sorry to disappoint you.. that’s what a lifetime of AFL suffering does to you, but the photo that appeared in the paper was a little more complimentary , and I AM 65
  12. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    Just about my lifelong struggle following actively since 1965 and how my kids have named various pets after former players
  13. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    Buy the paper.. I’m not clever enough to upload it🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. joeboy

    I owe it all to Demonland

    and just to help you work out who I am, I’m sitting next to some guy who I’ve been told played a few games for the club.. Brassi or something
  15. yours truly and some members of my family appear in a double page spread in the HeraldSun this morning...prolific but wasteful 😜