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  1. joeboy

    If we beat Meth Coast I will ...

    Swallow my pride and overlook his wastefulness during the year by describing Tyson’s game as: prolific, and valuable
  2. joeboy

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    111-3 Gus’s uncle Razor Ray feels sympathy for us 20 minutes into the last quarter and begrudgingly awards us 3 consecutive frees in the back line
  3. Jones - often diabolical disposal Jetta - brave but ineffective Frost - probably broke even O.McDonald - slow but useful Salem - suspect when pressured Pedersen - had little influence T. McDonald - was disappointing again Hogan - same as Tom Garlett - seemingly didn’t care Petracca - too easily sidetracked Oliver - met his match Spargo - played schoolboy football Tyson - prolific , rarely hurt Brayshaw - continued to excel Fritsch - hit a wall Gawn - dominated , didn’t hurt Harmes - tough and tried Hunt . just a shadow Kennedy - Harris - little to enthuse Lewis - slowness often exposed Neal - Bullen - no obvious role VanDenBerg - took his chances
  4. joeboy

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Forget Gawn , Oliver , Hogan, and Tom. Our most important player today is Frost.. if he holds Franklin to less than 3, we win
  5. Jones - an outstanding game Hogan - prolific and valuable Harmes - continued great form Garlett - enjoyed the freedom Oliver - best afield again Petracca - regularly outmanoeuvred opponents Neal- Bullen - hard ball gets Spargo - did just enough Brayshaw - dynamic and creative Salem - safe and steady T.McDonald - was surprisingly limited Fritsch - continues to impress VanDenBerg - finding his feet Frost - confident and convincing Gawn - not his best Jetta - impressive when required Kennedy - Harris - a borderline pass Lewis - a standard game O.McDonald - was rarely required Smith - history repeats itself Tyson - impressive ,rarely wasteful Vince - was never assured
  6. joeboy

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 19

    6 - Oliver ( possibly his best game for the club ) 5 - Gawn ( dominated the centre ) 4 - Harmes ( continued his impressive tagging role ) 3 - Petracca ( used the ball beautifully and often ) 2 - Brayshaw ( some important possessions and impressive gut running) 1 - T. McDonald ( was always a presence )
  7. Jones - better on ball T.McDonald - had a presence Melksham - a limited impact Fritsch - versatile and smart Lewis - steady all game Garlett - just some cameos Kennedy-Harris - justified his place Neal-Bullen - run and pressure Hogan - very little involvement Harmes - wonderful tagging game Petracca - continued improved involvement Tyson - had a go Brayshaw - becoming a gun Frost - confident and important Gawn - set the tone Jetta - was rarely sighted O.McDonald - fortunately rarely required Oliver - a class above Salem - important but iffy Smith - some important touches Spargo - tried but overwhelmed Vince - just a game
  8. joeboy

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Seriously, if all the talk pre season and during season about ‘hurting’ after last year’s debacles and last week’s heartbreaking loss, doesn’t amount to a life or death performance tonight, nothing EVER will
  9. joeboy

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Stupid idea to move Hogan to defense this late into the season.. he wouldn’t have a clue about manning up nor being accountable.
  10. It’s the leggy blonde bit that’s surprising
  11. 3AW Rumour File No names mentioned but a report this morning that a certain midfielder who left training early with a quad strain was sighted not long later at the new Mission Impossible movie with a leggy blonde😳
  12. joeboy

    Post Match brawl

    Fwiw , a few years ago I left the Cattery early after another obvious loss was looming and I provided some sort of retribution for myself by adhering some Demon stickers to cars that were obviously owned by opposition supporters.
  13. joeboy

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Why don’t YOU give us all the benefit of your totally cool, calm and rational 3 word analysis?
  14. Jones - becoming a liability Jetta - little to commend O.McDonald - was comprehensively destroyed Smith - has limited skills Lewis - slow but important Vince - a momentum killer Frost - some impressive touches Fritsch - needed more urgency Gawn - had limited impact Oliver - prolific but tired Brayshaw - sacrificed to tag Harmes - wonderful tagging game Hogan - gave us little T. McDonald - always looked dangerous Spargo - disappeared second half Garlett - disappeared whole game Neal Bullen - just lacks class Kennedy Harris - out of depth Melksham - was hardly sighted Petracca - was almost terrific Tyson - never play again Salem - just a game
  15. joeboy


    The conspiracy theorists will be out and about if Razor Ray umpires and hands out the first free of the day to his best mate Brayshaw