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  1. DemonLad5

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Low performances in the VFL really. Doesn't seem like he's close to getting a game. Gotta open up list spaces somehow
  2. What do you rate our performance out of 10 to this point? Why? 8/10. I would have taken 8-4 at the bye if you'd asked me earlier, but still disappointing to get smashed in a few games Which player has impressed you the most? Despite a poor game on the weekend, Hogan has taken his game to another level. I also did not expect Spargo to be playing this early Which draftee has made the biggest impact? Fritsch. What a class mover What has been our best win to date? Rd 10 vs Adelaide Which player(s) needs to improve in the second half of the year? Petracca for sure. I'd like to see Viney recapitulate that 2016 form What has been our most disappointing performance? Round 4 vs Hawks Where do you see us finishing? Give a win/loss and finishing position 4th-9th Between 11-15 wins
  3. I know this thread is already VERY premature, but considering we've got the bye this week I thought it'd be a good time to think about how our list may shape up beyond this year POTENTIAL DELISTING (all players out of contract after 2018) Dion Johnstone (probable) Jay Kennedy-Harris (probable) Patrick McKenna (probable) Aaron Vandenberg (possible) Mitch King (possible) Josh Wagner (unlikely) POTENTIAL RETIRE Bernie Vince (probable) Cameron Pederson (probable) POTENTIAL TRADE OUT Dean Kent (possible) Dom Tyson (unlikely) POTENTIAL TRADE IN Andrew Gaff (possible) Ed Langdon (unlikely) Thoughts? Any other rumours and stuff leave down there 🔽
  4. DemonLad5

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    Wouldn't be against it. Deserves some opportunity. Talented player. We've gotta open up list spots somehow
  5. DemonLad5

    Watts Dropped from Port

  6. DemonLad5

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    To be 8-3 at the midpoint and miss the 8 would be embarrassing. It won't happen. But we can't drop games against the likes of Freo, Bulldogs and St Kilda
  7. DemonLad5

    Changes v Port

    I'm a massive Hunt fan but he did absolutely f all in the 2s.
  8. Is this a sarcastic thread? Was one of our best
  9. DemonLad5

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    I’m actually expecting us to beat Port. We tend to like Adelaide Oval and will be fresh after the bye. We’ve then got St Kilda, Freo and then the Bulldogs to follow. Poor day today but not the end of the world
  10. DemonLad5

    My 3 word player analysis V Collingwood

    Harsh on Smith. Spot on otherwise
  11. DemonLad5

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    I would seriously consider dropping Petracca.
  12. DemonLad5

    Jack Billings

    Just got 53 disposals and 3 goals in the VFL
  13. DemonLad5

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    I know for a fact they’ve got extra beanies this year so pretty doubtful that you won’t be able to get one on game day
  14. DemonLad5

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Pretty hard when the service to him has been this abysmal