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  1. Yes biggest H&A crowd since 64' Will probably beat today's crowd given the weather
  2. last 2 weeks i've been angry. This week i'm just devastated
  3. So is it gonna rain or??
  4. Was it just my demonland that wasn't working?
  5. So are Hogan and Hibberd confirmed to be the ONLY two ins? Thought Pedo would get a run with 32 touches, 15 hitouts and a goal playing FF for Casey
  6. Go and read the Richmond bigfooty page My god they are cocky [censored] after 4 wins
  7. Please let some injury news go our way and Dusty miss
  8. Just did another ladder predictor because why not I had us winning some 50/50 games but also had us losing to Carlton and Sydney. We still finished 6th on 13 wins There was 1 game separating 8th-14th position. It's gonna be a tight race
  9. I may cop a bit of backlash here from some, but after dwelling on yesterday's loss for a bit (still hurts as much as it did yesterday) i'm struggling to see that we've learnt or have improved in the last year, despite all the talk - Our kicking skills are still TERRIBLE (skills were arguabley our biggest problem form 2012-2014) - We still lack leadership and composure (what was brought up after St Kilda 2015 loss) - Our defence plays 1 good game in every 4. That's not finals quality - Our defensive running back in transition is unacceptable. Single only reason why the opposition scores most of their goals. -Much too often we over-possess the footy and handball our way into trouble, yet when the option is to hold the ball, we blaze away and kick it straight to the opposition Trust me, I would so badly love to be proven wrong in the coming weeks, but sadly I cannot see us jumping the Ports, Saints, Cats, Hawks, Bombers of this league and it looks like another mediocre 10-12th place finish in 2017 Please let me know your thoughts
  10. i'm just absolutely shattered because 3-1 would have looked so much better than 2-2. What works in our favour is that there are a lot of other teams underperforming who we thought would be in our position.
  11. In: Hogan, Pedo, Hibberd Out: Melksham, Weideman, Hannan
  12. Imagine what could have been if Harmes had kicked it to Jetta....
  13. Melksham. Please. Get out. Not worthy to wear the red and blue.