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  1. Great thread! Best game so far: Round 8 vs Adelaide Worst game so far: Round 9 vs North Melbourne Most improved player: Clayton Oliver, Jayden Hunt A player who needs to lift: Dom Tyson, Tom McDonald Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Clayton Oliver/ Nathan Jones Best recruit: Jordan Lewis/Hibberd (special mention to Hannan) Will we make the finals?: No
  2. I said stop
  3. Don't ruin my fantasy
  4. Cox plays reserves and Moore is a skinny, mobile 2nd forward.
  5. B: Jetta - Frost - Hibberd HB: Hunt - T.Mac - Vince C: Lewis - Oliver - Melksham HF: Petracca - Pedo - Hannan FF: Watts- Hogan - Garlett FOLL: Gawn - Jones - Viney INT: Tyson - Salem, ANB, Harmes Optimistic that both Hoges and Gawn return but that is just about best 22
  6. In: Salem, Hogan, Gawn Out: Wagner, Bugg, O.Mac (T.mac back to defence) Collingwood don't really have a big key forward presence so our defence matches up well
  7. Bugg having a shot for goal. Oh dear
  8. Players don't care. Not saying he's blameless but you can't coach heart
  9. Feel so sorry for Goodwin
  10. Let's start tanking
  11. I'd rather Zac Dawson that Oscar...
  12. This bloke can't kick
  13. Enjoy your last ever half of senior footy ever, Wagner
  14. I really like Hannan
  15. big quarter coming up for the Suns