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  1. How is Gus going?
  2. Yesssssssss massive tick and so happy Jeffry is playing
  3. really really really really hoping Jeffery plays
  4. Dunstall pretty much telling us what we already knew - We are a young team on the rise. Doesn't make me any happier about the Bernie incident
  5. There's a difference between playing the game with ruthless aggression and committing stupid acts that are ruthless and aggressive. Bernie's act was stupid and shouldn't be looked positively upon
  6. I'd say Port is a bit better than 20/80. Also Vince is a defender
  7. I'm pessimistic but i'm terrified that we will have our finals spot taken by Essendon or WB who both have very soft draws. I did a ladder predictor and had us losing to Port and GWS, but beating StKilda, Collingwood, Brisbane, North and finishing 7th. I had then changed the St Kilda game to a loss and still had us finishing 8th. Saints have a pretty tough finish. Sydney and Port (both away) in the next fortnight so will be very tough for them to make it.
  8. I thought Neal-Bullen was good again, While Hibberd along with Hunt were the only ones giving us fluent ball movement. Otherwise no arguments
  9. He was running at the ball but braced for contact at the last second. Certaintly didn't look a lot in it. Douglas got up straight away
  10. Far out
  11. We've got this
  12. ok then
  13. Hogan better not miss this
  14. Watts back next week so Pedo probably with his final ever game