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    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    My recollection is that we were last denied for two reasons, one official and one less so. The first, publicly discussed, was that we'd had a number of close games in 2014, and so were adjudged competitive with some decent young prospects. The second, was that despite it adhering to the AFL free agency formula, our compo for Frawley was deemed sufficient reward, and it would have been a bad look for the league if we were awarded a bonus pick on top. Mostly, in my mind, it was Roos and co going through the motions to secure concessions in other areas, but 2013 should have been the year - and if we didn't deserve one then, then the bar has been raised to a serious degree. Still, I couldn't care less if the Blues get one or not.
  2. Skuit


    You don't have to tell us outright Deestar - just pick a number from one to three. Jayden has: 1) a bout of salmonella from a carton of unpasturised Nippys? 2) contracted chlamydiosis from a tawny frogmouth? 3) been suffering itchy-scalp syndrome from excessive head-band use?
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    No, it's not true. We've won two games in the Territory in just the past two years.
  4. There's some talk of us starting to shape as a destination club. This is all good. But what's more exciting is that there's evidence that we're now perhaps considered a Rookie destination club with a strong development programme and clear pathway as demonstrated by Maynard and Smith. It's great if everyone in the AFL wants to come to us, but we will still need to pay for them and juggle the cap - so it's even better if we can keep getting first dibs on potential top-line young talent for free.
  5. Also, on the broad subject of incestualism (Collingwood supporters), I had separate boyhood crushes on both mother and father growing up as a sporting lad in the 80s. Makes for supporting Austin now a little bit awkward - although I certainly wouldn't have chosen the name Austin for our fantasy spawn back then. Phileas Provis perhaps, or maybe Bradbury Bradkte (hint: I also liked fantasy sci-fi as a kid).
  6. Collingwood supporters generally cry into their porridge rather than cornflakes. It's a dental thing.
  7. Skuit

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Thanks fellas. This hadn't occurred to me at all. On another absolutely completely unrelated note, is there any chance we can add a tongue-in-cheek Demon emoticon @Demonland?
  8. Skuit

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Kent will play in the bye week? Perfect conditions for him with the opposition at home with their feet up playing Playstation. I hope he kicks 3000 goals. No excuses.
  9. Skuit

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Jamie Bennell played once in Darwin and had played every game of the season up until that point.
  10. Skuit

    What Champion Data Think

    Champion data is getting a bit creepy. I'm not sure how they've obtained a data set on a player's neurological mind-state. Unless Saty is somehow involved.
  11. Skuit

    Jordan De Goey

    You'd think de Goey would be a better fit with West Coast.
  12. Skuit

    Lever Ready To Take on the Crows

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-21/dees-will-back-up-lever-if-reunion-gets-nasty Looking forward to seeing Oscar get in there to defend Jake if the Crows are being mean.
  13. Skuit

    Jake Melksham

    Radar was out at the start of the season after running hot in the AFLX and a post-bye return of 21.4 last year. Rounds 1-4: 0.7 Rounds 5-9: 12.4 Confidence has to play a part. @Nasher may also note that his minutes were being managed at the start of the year. And while I'm a Goodwin fan it's hard to give full credit to the coach for identifying Milkshake's HFF potential - just about our whole roster has been tried through there now.
  14. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    I wasn't around for the Robbie Flower royal blue days but felt there was something familiar about our new away colour scheme. It wasn't until the final quarter on the weekend when it finally clicked: Max Gawn congratulates Charlie Spargo on his debut The Demons celebrate another win with recruit Oscar Baker Clayton Oliver releases a trade-mark hand-pass
  15. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Pretty straight forward Coaches' votes this week: CARLTON v MELBOURNE 10 Jake Melksham (Melb) 8 Tom McDonald (Melb) 6 Nathan Jones (Melb) 2 Max Gawn (Melb) 2 Jake Lever (Melb) 1 Patrick Cripps (Carl) 1 Alex Neal-Bullen (Melb)
  16. Skuit

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Brayshaw's helmet will certainly get uncomfortable with all that sweaty heat trapped under there. And who knows if it even prevents concussions? I wish there was somewhere I could read a discussion on the topic.
  17. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    The progressive expressions on Rodan's face throughout the third quarter onslaught are priceless: can't believe I had to play for this same mob in 2013.
  18. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Credit it where credit is due then - Eddie working in his favourite cliche during a discussion on Melbourne fans maybe having to reconsider their late-season holidays - just as ANB piles on another goal: A nil-Buller in favour of Neil-Bullen August. I'm certain it came out of his mouth before he was even conscious of it.
  19. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    I was meaning to update a couple weeks back so it's not just a fair-weather bump - but I do hope others can help to keep the numbers fresh and add their own bits and pieces when they come across them. Anyway, at the end of Round 9: Scoring: 1st Scoring 1st Inside-50s 1st Inside-50 (Differential) Intensity 1st Contested 1st Contested Differential (by a huge margin) 2nd Clearances (1st Center - 3rd Differential) 3rd Tackles (3rd Most Tackles Against) 5th Tackles i50 4th poorest D/E% against/most Turnovers Against/most Clangers Against 3rd (!) Contested Marks! (6th least Contested Marks Against) Space/Territory 1st Least Kicks Against 1st Least Marks Against 1st Marks i50 3rd Metres Gained (2nd Differential) 4th Intercepts (2nd Differential) 2nd Least i50s Against 17th Rebound-50s 18th Bounces Notes - again, most of the stats are telling us exactly what we're seeing - although I don't think we're entirely appreciating the extent of our various multiple areas of dominance (possibly because we're still not consistently and fully capitalising on-field). We're top-notch at the coal-face stuff but we're also forcing the opposition to play our close-in game - i.e high tackles against. We're also putting a lot of pressure on the carrier and it's telling in the opposition turnover/DE%/clanger stats as well as the least kicks against figure. And we're smashing the territorial battle. The big surprise for me is in our continued contested marks statistics - a huge improvement on last year, and we've also properly balanced our kick/handball disposal ratios - another common grizzle from last year. The most pleasing thing for me - we're doing all the hard stuff and proving a dynamic forward threat. If I had to build a team game from scratch from a fan perspective, and could choose aspects of dominance by compromising in other areas, I would probably take contested/high-scoring/forward territory over high possessions and DE%. The Roos to Goody transition may have been an unintended masterstroke. We're both a hard and attacking football team in an aggressive and pressurised modern era. But disregarding my own personal footy fan-boy preferences - is this the formula for success? Manic, contested footy, a high-press, and thrusting the ball forward as the first priority?
  20. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    The home of statistics and discussion thereof. As of the end of round 3; Scoring for and against Demons 1st in points scored. 1st in inside-50s 1st in least opposition inside-50s Thus 1st in inside-50 differential by a huge margin. 3rd in assists and marks inside-50 Last for rebound-50s and second-last for opponent rebound 50s. Intensity 2nd in total contested possessions – 1st for contested possession differential and the only team at 3-0 for contested wins. 4th clearances (3rd centre/7th stoppages) 4th for tackles 7th for tackles against (this is a huge improvement on recent years) Possession for and against 16th marks – but 3rd in least opponent marks per game. Also 9th contested marks. 1st in least opponent kicks 4th in least opponent disposals 12th for clangers Summary: I think for the most part the early statistics are bearing out what we're seeing with our eyes - inefficiency. But perhaps the frustration of this inefficiency is blinding us a fraction to our absolute dominance in a couple of areas, namely the contested battle and sheer volume of ball moving forward. We're also perhaps the one mobile clearance specialist short to really step it up (JV). The stats are however fairly similar to the early part of last year. But there's some subtle differences re. the nature of disposals for and against. We're kicking more and being kicked and tackled against less - areas which should help with endurance. We're also (to my surprise) not getting completely completely hammered in the marking and are a bit cleaner in our disposal. Basically, we're playing contested footy, but also shutting down space and forcing the opposition to do the same. Together, it all bodes super-well if we can clean up just a fraction up front or get a smidgen tighter down back - the latter which we should be able to do considering we have three AA-level defenders currently out of form or learning to gel (as well as a potential top-line rebounder in Hunt), while as to the former we're still fiddling with in the unexpected absence of Tomald. Lastly, it's just three rounds, and we've played two likely bottom-four teams - but I think we tend to play as well or as poorly despite the opposition and that most of these stats will hold. Add your own obscure statistics or whatever you think are pertinent and let's monitor where we stack up as the season progresses. Go Dees!
  21. There are of course fluctuations in games, and ‘putting the cue in the rack’ to conserve energy or guard against injuries, but we just can’t seem to put our foot on the throat of the opposition when they’re down – a mark of a ruthless, champion team, and so important as to % with the competition evening out. And junk-time goals against are a serious %-killer. We also seem to have some strange 40-point barrier, and I know this well, as the only time I ever really have a flutter is when I have a sense we might unexpectedly dominate and take the big-odds 39+ option (it’s been killing me, although we got across the magical line against Adelaide with a last-minute goal to Kent). The past two seasons; lead progression points and final margins (I’ve left out 2015 but it’s a similar pattern in our wins). Outside of these matches, we only capitalised against GC and Brisbane to record larger winning margins, while the Bulldogs this season was a reasonable example of cue in the rack. 2017 Port 20.46 2nd – 43 / Final – 23 Western 25.24 2nd – 40 / 32.29 3rd – 50 / Final – 57 Gold Coast 18.37 4th – 34 / 25.22 4th – 41 / Final – 35 Adelaide 6.56 4th – 39 / Final – 41 Essendon 3.59 4th – 45 / Final – 38 Saints 8.33 3rd – 34 / 8.08 4th – 42 / Final – 30 2016 Port 17.53 2nd – 43 / Final – 40 Freo 16.20 2nd – 43 / 12.47 3rd – 50 / Final – 32 Collingwood 20.55 4th – 55 / Final – 46 Richmond 30.34 4th – 39 / Final – 33 Collingwood 10.26 2nd – 42 / 18.22 3rd – 39 / Final – 35
  22. Skuit

    Our Failure to Crush Teams

    So after succumbing to our strange 40 point roadblock again for two weeks in a row this month, we seem to have broken the hoodoo and kicked on with it in the past two consecutive weeks. Coincidence? Irrelevant? Turning point? For me, there has been an obvious intent within the team to do so in these past two weeks, and some of the language coming out of the club suggests that it's an area which has been addressed. Does this put to rest the question re. our potentially unsustainable game-style - or is it something which requires a longer-term measure? Will we be able to crush better teams when we dominate (such as Adelaide last year?) vs. Essendon 43 points (4th Qtr 9.10 mins) 48 points (19.29) 36 points (Final) vs. St Kilda 43 points (3rd Qtr 25.5 mins) 48 points (4th Qtr 4.18) 39 points (Final) ....................................... vs. Gold Coast 38 points (4th Qtr 7.1 mins) 69 points (Final) vs. Carlton 37 points (3rd Qtr 0.34 mins) 73 points (4th Qtr 4.15 mins) 109 points (Final)
  23. Skuit

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Regardless of the MRP, Bernie should still have a case to answer for dabbing a kick inboard from the defensive pocket to a one-on-two 40m out straight in front. I saw it all unfold before it even happened and I'm no prophet.
  24. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Match summary: See 2004
  25. Skuit


    'Best' is super ambiguous, 'best team' more so - but I'm afraid that by just about whichever way you want to swing it, our great white hope in Jesse Hogan wouldn't be in the team. Can you say 'great white hope' anymore? I presume not.