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  1. Maybe he and Watts snuck in a few celebratory tequilas before the game? Jack certainly played as if he were drunk.
  2. Home: Richmond Away: Richmond
  3. Defensive structures looked good down back vs Port. Has Simon made a small concession to his kamikaze game-plan? I had mostly come to accept that goals leaked out the back would be a part of the Goodwin parcel, but for a couple matches after the bye I felt we'd eased off on the high press a fraction and set the zone a little deeper. Just a small tweak. Then we got wiped out by Adelaide. Is Trenners the new compromise? Dunn, Grimes, and pretty much Garland have all been shown the door for not fitting the fast, attacking mold down back, and in the off-season some were even questioning Jetta's place going forward due to a similar assessment. On this criteria, and based on the tiny tiny sample size with all due caveats, it looks like Trenners still won't make it. Yet, while Jack doesn't have the exceptional dash and attacking flair (and at times, his chosen options took me back to another era), he was solid and reliable, and I was much happier with him there in defence than Bernie. As others have said, he had also taken on a marshaling role. The question I suppose is; is it possible that Trenners is taking up a new role in the team, a stabaliser of sorts alongside Nev? A small compromise to our gung-ho game-plan? And then should he be judged on different criteria?
  4. Actually, memory-loss is a fairly common side effect of rohypnol.
  5. This ‘confirmation bias’ fallback is the new, ‘Well, I trust the coach's opinion better than that of some bloke on the internet’ argument. It’s not confirmation bias, but the illogical defense against criticism toward a particular common aspect of a player’s game which in turn frustrates the critical party and makes it a greater focal point, leading to an increasingly exaggerated cycle of sharper and less-balanced criticisms and ever-more hysterical defences.
  6. Crossy's magic cream?
  7. Thought that was a big ol' blunt in the birthday-boy's hand there for a brief second.
  8. How many posters has Jeff had this year?
  9. Sure. But why would Beamer bring up the notion of 'karma' if not for the belief that Neeld was guilty of some moral wrongdoing? Brent clearly felt that he or others were mistreated. If you listen to the podcast, he is rather magnanimous toward Neeld but it's easy to infer his primary gripe relates to Neeld's lack of people-management skills - in contrast to Beamer's obvious passion for and efforts to foster a nurturing environment at the club. You keep saying Neeld took over a dying club, but I think you're conflating club and team.
  10. SWYL - I don't imagine Brent would be across the finer points of Buddhist theology, but 'karma is a [censored]' is a pretty big statement from someone who supposedly just merely 'jumped ship'.
  11. You should call your insurer. You may be entitled to a discount on your home-and-contents premiums.
  12. I swung by our training session at TIO but he was a no-show.
  13. Take it to the No T$ No BS thread Chook.
  14. Playing in the VFL, no? It's a tight group, and the boys will be chuffed for Gus making his return. Might even get a few extras down to watch.
  15. With ANB jumping out of a cake as a surprise?