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  1. Skuit

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    Wait. Are you ragging on Petracca for telling the physio he was having pain in his knee, possibly the one he had reconstructed? While previously bemoaning his supposed immaturity? Would it help if we added a trigger warning to posts discussing Christian?
  2. Skuit

    Afl.com’s best midfield

    Didn't read the article. We have the best midfield.
  3. Skuit

    Demon expats

    Currently Northeast of the Dominican Republic. Doesn't seem to any Aussies here at all let alone footy fans let alone the any of the few of those still supporting the Demons.
  4. Skuit

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Okay so here's the truth - or one of two truths. I use to live in the Kurringal Flats in Darwin. Known as one of the foremost slums of Australia as made famous by A Current Affair. My neighbours would quite often ask me for money, for 'lady in the boat'. It took some months before I realised that they were asking for cash for a box of Coolabah wine. Skuit (or lady in a boat as above) became my name thereafter. Or: I used to live in Cambodia, known as one of the sexpat capitals of the world. I would quite often go to girlie bars, where the female hosts would respond to my outrageous sexual requests by saying that I was ch'goot, or 'crazy' in the Khmer language. It took some months before I realised what they were saying, and then I took on 'skuit' as a transliterated moniker thereafter.
  5. Skuit

    Tim Smith v Cam Pedersen

    Sometimes a thread persists at the top of the list, a thread you reasonably expect would have disappeared into the internet ether at some earlier stage. But there it is, when you open Demonland, still at the top of the list. And finally you succumb, and open the thread again, and gain absolutely nothing from doing so. Long live Pedders.
  6. Skuit

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Woman's suit with a skirt? I have no idea what you're talking about Daisy. A skuit is a type of boat in Afrikaans.
  7. Listed as 180 and I presume would have lost at least half an inch with the alopecia . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Lovell
  8. Skuit

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    It's actually pronounced Skuit.
  9. Here's a collection of crystal-shaming from an entire decade ago from the willing folk still overtly present here on Demonland: Dappa Dan: Yze to win the brownlow. Little Goffy: Into the eight with about 13 wins, win a home MCG final against an overated Collingwood titan-uranus: Jones, McLean, Moloney to become the no. 1 midfield in the comp Praha: We'll make finals. Clint Bizket: Melbourne to finish 5th. Please note: Melbourne finished 16th in 2008. Adam Cooney won the Brownlow ahead of Simon Black. Paul Wheatley finished in approximately 65th place as the highest MFC player with 5 votes.
  10. Sorry, I forgot to include you. SWYL will choke on a bitter artichoke.
  11. The Demonland MFCSS crystal balls-up. Little Charlie Spargo will collapse into an on-field coma after being denied a well-needed rest before round three, to be later diagnosed with late onset narcolepsy. The AFL will reintroduce a condition-specific sub-rule to cater to Charlie’s condition, only for the other clubs to take advantage of the new clause by pumping warm milk into their under-performing players through an IV drip at half-time. While the Bombers prove to be well ahead of the game, scandal will rock the AFL when Jay Kennedy-Harris is discovered with a tell-tale milk-moustache after exiting the main-break huddle. Although Jayden Hunt will be banned for two years in the subsequent investigation after testing positive for Nippy’s, Clayton Oliver will escape sanction, with the judicial panel finding the submitted visual evidence of Clayton sporting a milk-moustache to be highly inconclusive. Oliver, however, will be one of the first humans on Earth to be officially recognised as a victim of global warming, succumbing to the 0.00000134-point rise on the ultra-violet index. His ashes will be left on the MCG in a moving but practical response to the tragedy. Pundits will say he should have altered his zink to banana-boat ratio. There will be calls for Alex Neal-Bullen to be dropped before Easter. The proletarian MFC selectors will finally succumb to the demands of the self-anointed Demonland High Council, but when they approach Alex to inform him of his demotion, ANB will just run away, and just keep running, from coast-to-coast, an unlikely protagonist in all the nation-forming events to occur in Australia for the next 30 or so years. Sadly, Alex’s fumbly hand-eye co-ordination will prevent him from ever rising up as a world-champion talent at terrestrial ping-pong. The MFC is like a box of snakes. As a senior leader of the club, and otherwise unavailable for the next 18 weeks due to an on-field incident which effectively ends Sam Frost’s career (of which the majority of Demonlanders will accept was a reasonable act under the circumstances), Jordan Lewis will be sent to chase after ANB, but will immediately and inexplicably fall over. As a senior citizen in general, the broken hip Lewis suffers in the fall will prove especially unfortunate, marking both the end of his own career and the beginning of a rapid terminal decline. Stay tuned for further MFCSS crystal-ball updates direct your psyche in the coming pre-season weeks. Go Dees!
  12. Skuit

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    A skuit is a woman's suit worn with a skirt in place of pants. Pretty self-explanatory really.
  13. Snap. I've always maintained that Hunt was nowhere remotely near as poor a kick as what he is made out to be on here - based partly on - and I can't be bothered going back and retrieving old posts - my conviction that the footy department were encouraging him to break the lines by run and by foot. Some shockers, sure - but in my mind he had been asked to execute much higher degrees of kicking difficulty - with the full support and expectation of Goody. Wasn't dropped for his disposal, but lack of confidence and getting his hands on the ball. Build that back up and he'll be one of the first selected.