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  1. In real time: From Clarry's perspective:
  2. Skuit

    Gus 12 months on ....

    How long before I can stop taking a sharp breath when Gus leads head-first into a pack? I think the Petracca knee each time he pivoted took a solid six months of MFCSS mental reconditioning.
  3. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    We've also gone from the second worst contested marking differential last year to the best.
  4. Skuit

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Yes, a poster in the sack Goodwin thread, who suggested Hogan would leave the club because Goodwin was playing him out of position up the field.
  5. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    And we're such an outlier when it comes to contested differential - such that 17 teams range from +8.4 (North) down to -9.3 (Lions) while we sit on +19.3 - that I thought I'd take a quick look back through the years. There hasn't been anywhere near such a gap between best and next best this decade, and the closest in absolute terms was the Bulldogs 2016. Greatest Contested Differential / Closest Competitor (grand-finalists in bold) 2010: Collingwood 11.7 / Geelong 6.7 2011: Collingwood 14.6 / Carlton 13.1 2012: Adelaide 11.6 / Hawthorn 8.1 2013: Bulldogs 12.4 / North 7.8 2014: Fremantle 8.9 / Adelaide 5.8 2015: Fremantle 9.8 / West Coast 9.7 2016: Bulldogs 16.5 / Geelong 14.0 2017: Collingwood 7.7 / Geelong 7.5
  6. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    It's a good question. Nothing that I can see that isn't a reflection of our intended game-style - i.e the most rebound-50s against and last for bounces. I would say that the area we would most probably like to improve is our inside-50 tackles ranking, which currently sits at an abysmal 4th. The thing that's most noticeable is that certain game-styles are evident through stats groupings - Richmond good in some areas for example and Adelaide good in others. We're around the top of almost every measure. They're quite staggering numbers altogether.
  7. Skuit

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    A few have suggested in recent weeks that Brayshaw was finally playing in his correct position - which is true - but some of those have also intimated or stated outright that Goody had erred or been stubborn in playing him elsewhere till that point. The post-match presser made it clear that he wasn't played there until the coaches dept. deemed him ready, and then he was 'unleashed'. Also on the Angus omission at the beginning of the year, Goody gave a much more frightful stare than Pyke's pantomime, and said as directly and clearly as possible: his habits weren't up to scratch. You could argue that Brayshaw has been managed to perfection by a highly competent coach, and this is the reason he is now beginning to excel.
  8. Skuit

    The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    I still think Viney is easing himself back in as well.
  9. Skuit

    Stats-file 2018

    Could probably just copy & paste one of the responses from the Changes vs Bulldogs thread this week: no changes. But there's no harm in a brief reminder of the following: 1st Contested 1st Contested Differential 1st Centre Clearances 1st Scoring 1st Inside-50s 1st Marks Inside-50 1st Goal Assists 1st Least Opponent Marks 1st Least Opponent Kicks 1st Least Opponent Inside 50s The areas where we are still letting ourselves down 2nd Clearances 2nd Metres Gained 2nd Turnover Differential 2nd Intercept Differential 2nd Goal Accuracy 3rd Contested Marks 3rd Total Tackles
  10. Skuit

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    You forgot the 20 contested component. Oliver a quiet day with just the 16 contested and 10 centre clearances.
  11. Skuit

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    My recollection is that we were last denied for two reasons, one official and one less so. The first, publicly discussed, was that we'd had a number of close games in 2014, and so were adjudged competitive with some decent young prospects. The second, was that despite it adhering to the AFL free agency formula, our compo for Frawley was deemed sufficient reward, and it would have been a bad look for the league if we were awarded a bonus pick on top. Mostly, in my mind, it was Roos and co going through the motions to secure concessions in other areas, but 2013 should have been the year - and if we didn't deserve one then, then the bar has been raised to a serious degree. Still, I couldn't care less if the Blues get one or not.
  12. Skuit


    You don't have to tell us outright Deestar - just pick a number from one to three. Jayden has: 1) a bout of salmonella from a carton of unpasturised Nippys? 2) contracted chlamydiosis from a tawny frogmouth? 3) been suffering itchy-scalp syndrome from excessive head-band use?
  13. Skuit


    No, it's not true. We've won two games in the Territory in just the past two years.
  14. There's some talk of us starting to shape as a destination club. This is all good. But what's more exciting is that there's evidence that we're now perhaps considered a Rookie destination club with a strong development programme and clear pathway as demonstrated by Maynard and Smith. It's great if everyone in the AFL wants to come to us, but we will still need to pay for them and juggle the cap - so it's even better if we can keep getting first dibs on potential top-line young talent for free.