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  1. He's come a long way, baby.
  2. We're not so insipid that we can't overcome a large deficit within a game and draw to within striking distance with full momentum toward the end. We see this often in sport, a valiant comeback and then it runs out of puff. But usually, it's the opposition that dips to allow a comeback and then snaps out of their malaise. Whereas we're the ones under-performing to allow the lead to get out, and then not managing to cinch it when we get on top in a close one. So hubris, psychological damage, lack of leadership, and immaturity have all been lodged. If you had to choose one of the following then which would it be: a) we tighten up with our style of game in the clutches? We will be better when we gain more confidence (like say Port in 2014 and storm over the top). b) persisting with our style of game isn't suited to the clutches? Leaking goals is too damaging and feeds into the former, but we're not well-drilled enough to switch approaches.
  3. Helmets don't help with concussion. This is an automatically-generated response. Please do not reply to this message.
  4. The thrust of your broader post re. delivery is fair, but maybe we should de-clump the deck-chairs and examine more closely? The 'smaller' but big-bodied HF role has been consistently problematic with no one able to step-up, and the sense that they're all going missing. AVB, Brayshaw, Kent. A problem with the set-up rather than personnel? I thought Harmes showed a bit when stationed there this year, but his kicking on goal has let him down. Bugg seems to be stepping up his contested marking up forward but is also unreliable on goal. ANB probably plays a bit smaller in the forward line but is lacking the finishing touch around goals (while JKH is sadly unsuitable for either role). All three however have offered more in other parts of the ground than Kent, and Kent simply isn't tackling or doing enough to help trap it in. But maybe it's time we experimented without trying to plug the gap, and brought in Kennedy as a second 'true' small closer to goal? He's a good finisher, and can run for bursts in the middle as well. Probably another victim of our intended set-up, but perhaps time to give it a tweak (although admittedly a poor time if we've got no-one to bring it to ground).
  5. I have no expertise whatsoever on the particular matter, but it's more that there are some comments that should generate an automated response to save everyone the hassle of repeating themselves. He should wear a helmet: Helmets don't help with concussion. We need to plan for the slippery NT conditions: Alice Springs is in the middle of an arid desert. Trengove is too slow: Greg Williams and Sam Mitchell are slow.
  6. This is a very good question and one I asked at the time of his appointment. Indeed, why are any ex-players adjudicating on procedural and legal matters? Because they know what the game is like and can add some common sense = subjective outcomes.
  7. 5? Most here would be happy enough if our KPF had a shot on goal every now and then. Indeed, happy enough if he just laid some tackles. I see absolutely no reason why we shouldn't give Hullet a run in his place.
  8. I think Higgins had about 10 disposals to the half and was rattled (while Cunnington was off the field and partly hobbled). In reality, our biggest mistake was retracting from the fight or being told to cool our jets. I don't know why people are complaining about North's tactics - we answered or drew them into a fight and were absolutely killing them when it was on. Even the commentators were suggesting one of our seniors should instigate it again to spark us up in the third. It was reminiscent of when Bernie got stuck into Danger, but we didn't have the talent then to fully back it up. North were beating us for height, spread and run, and our true mistake was not carrying on with the scrap to shut them down.
  9. The collective Power defence are traveling well under the radar this year as well. Conceded the least points against by quite a staggering margin. And I haven't seen enough of them, but they seem to be running a high press and zone like ours. We would all love a big traditional full-back, because it hurts to watch us repeatedly giving up goals to the big forwards, but the reality is we off-loaded Dunn for free, and it's likely we'll be looking for mobility and someone who can slot in with our direction.
  10. There was the hit in the centre with about 5mins to go. Was this the one? Didn't really match the look on Bernie's face at the siren. There was a small melee just before the siren with Hannan and Bugg the focus, but Bernie was off standing Higgins again right after and I wonder if anything else happened off-camera.
  11. Not sure where he fits in the spine-muscle analogy. A bunion?
  12. When they walked off at half-time, Vince and Higgins had that distinct look as if they'd been in a bar-fight. Bernie shocked and smarting by the injustice of being hit, and Higgins like he knew he'd stepped over, but that he'd been provoked and thought the other bloke deserved it. Did anyone see the incident which left Bernie rubbing his jaw, and if it was looked at by the MRP?
  13. The bustling HHF role seems to be a career-killer in our current set-up.
  14. Remember when we were worried about whether Jack Watts could provide an effective chop-out for Max Gawn, and if Jesse Hogan could carry the forward-line in his absence? When trying to find room for Jake Spencer seemed like a stupid idea, and we argued if Cameron Pedersen should ever play again? What fond memories. Now we have to contend with Watts providing a chop-out for Pedersen, while Weideman leads a forward-line without Watts. Or otherwise Tmac filling-in for Pedo, while brother Oscar holds down the defence. You can't keep competing at the top level with severe scoliosis. It puts pressure on all the surrounding muscles, and can lead to problems with co-ordination through over-compensation.
  15. Loved what he's brought from the get-go. A certain energy and spark, and evident potential. But not sure why people are suddenly saying he's so clean. Still adjusting to the pace and fumbles a lot when gathering, even on the weekend, and much of his disposal to date has been rushed and well off target. In that sense, and in his attributes, he's not all that dissimilar to Harmes, and if Harmes had been playing the same position full-time for the same output many would be calling for his axing. Congrats to Mitch on his selection for Team of the Week. An exciting prospect.