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  1. Whoever we might potentially get in terms of footballing ability, which frankly most of us - me more than evidently included - haven't given a toss about researching this year with a previously expected first pick somewhere in the mid to late 30s, the MFC marketing department must be licking its lips with the super-exciting range of names up for grabs in 2018. Number one on that wish-list has to be Zak Butters, who will offer up such an exceptionally smooth spread of possible puns for eager sub-editors Australia-wide, followed by a modern-day Guardian-baiting racially-inclusive field of surname options including outstanding performers in Lukosius, Rozee, Duursma and, whatever mystery-origin it comes from - presumably a mix of Irish and Inuktiat - some random kid by the name of Quaynor - In respect to to so-called Christian names, in the top twenty draftees up for grabs we can possibly recruit almost any contemporary hot-button monikers of our liking, including a field comprised of a biblically-updated Izack, a fresh Bailey, and none more impressive than a modern-day US white-trash potential club-house contender in Rhylee: 'Oh-my golly-gee, Rhy-Lee', if BT is any need of any extra over-egged commentary tips. Other outstanding given-name options in the MFC top twenty prospective draft picks range include a now regular old-fashioned run of-the-mill Riley, yet significantly empowered when mixed with an MFC-specific double-barrel incentive of a Collier-Dawkins adjoiner, a Tarryn - not to be confused with the Tarkyn of of Lockyer fame - and no less than two now almost heritage Jacksons, a Jye and a Jez and a Jordan, one or two Conners, and some poor kid who I swear to god was given the given name of Chayce - spelling and all. My personal marketing name smokey for 2019 however would have to be the headline-maximising African Tom Jok, whose entire name is comprised of at least eight less letters than current list incumbent Arron vandenBurg, as well as a serious four-fold syllable reduction. Ditto current Fourthmond VFL small forward Jake Aarts, who offers the added potential of a serious forward arsey/arts & crafts possible punning gold-mine.
  2. Skuit

    Caroline Wilson banned from Demon function

    My immediate reaction despite the many potential public relations ramifications: hehe
  3. Other entities to have shoulder upgrades in recent times:
  4. Skuit

    Rumour File

    Well the rat is obviously Brock Mclean, who could also be considered a a Blues' dog, but the rest I have nfi about.
  5. Skuit

    The Braydon Preuss Thread

    There was a clear move in last year's off-season for all of Gawn, Hogan and Pedo to alter their body-shapes in an effort to enhance endurance and mobility. Is this even possible for someone with the bulk of Preuss? Are we basically looking for someone who can be adapted as a Pedo upgrade and can work in tandem with Max roaming up the wings out of full-forward?
  6. Skuit

    Jakovich Brothers on The Front Bar (20/9)

    Some person or agency or entity brought AJak out of the cold recently. Remarkable. Would love to hear the story some time of how that came about.
  7. Skuit

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    @binman - there's a flare up in sector seven.
  8. Skuit

    Proposed new rules for 2019

    Diamond - this is actually a good thing. I hope the clarification will also address players flopping forward in a tackle and drawing an in the back free as well. Push being the key word. Two of my biggest peeves (accepting that holding the ball will always be difficult to get the balance right with and adjudicate no matter how much you tinker with the rules)
  9. Skuit

    A Guide to Perth

    I went to Perth once.
  10. Skuit

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    Are you more likely to cop an injury from bracing flat-footed against an oncoming bump (Viney notwithstanding) or by relaxing the body and riding it - a la having soft hands in tennis? Not so long ago (or in different circumstances) Clarry would have been applauded for his footy smarts and professionalism for milking a free from the undisciplined actions of an opponent. The worst thing about this is that with Oliver saying he doesn't care what people think of him, it implies that he doesn't care either if people love him, and I just love him so damned much.
  11. I have been dreading all year that we'd finally make the finals and then run into Nicholls. Throw in Razor to boot and I would ordinarily be swamped with doom. But I think Nicholls now respects us and Gus has obviously been charming Chamberlain. These guys are ego personified, and as mentioned, probably wont take too kindly to being booed all day. They will also over-officiate, and if something trivial goes against the Eagles early it will set the tone for the afternoon. It could also be in our favour if West Coast tries to nullify our mids with hard tags, as the umps will be watching closely for scragging at the breakdowns. This includes Max, who will need to focus on his natural traits for dominance. My bigger concerns are for their penchant to over-enforce the protected space and pay minor infringements up forward, which with the big bodies of Kennedy and Darling could be a problem. For us, unfortunately, Hogan is the one who usually draws the soft forward infringement frees. But they will also pay anything that looks like a block, so we should look to exploit that up both ends of the ground and on the wings. We need to play honest contested footy and let the Eagles bring the niggle to us. That said, Nicholls is an A-grade dick.
  12. Skuit

    Open Training - Wednesday, 19th September

    Boys practicing some spirals. Even if we don't employ the tactic again it's nice to know - and let West Coast know - that we are happy to have it in our kit-bag. If Gawn were to track toward the centre-circle at a kick-in for instance, I'm sure he'll attract a lot of attention - opening options elsewhere. An an early 'chaos' torp from the middle into the forward line would cause some double-guessing for their defensive set-up. Like it.
  13. Skuit

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    There was a time when Tyson collecting around the 50m arc would elevate the pulse-rate. Now it's like instant deflation when he's the last man in the chain - and before he's even taken a shot I'm yelling at him to stop calling for the ball. Never even looks close to scoring. 16.6 in his first season with us and 2.6 this year (not including the handful of oofs and shots that have dropped short). Also, while his kicking has always been suspect, he could previously be relied upon to clear the lines from around half back. Has zero penetration nowadays. Shot by injuries and not a winger.
  14. Skuit

    Who's going to Perth?

    I'm happy to chip in if we can get the woo-hoo guy from Adelaide Oval over. Anyone know his gofundme details?
  15. Take-home message: stripping the goal umps of their lab-coats and hats is a dark mark on our beloved game of football.