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  1. Goodwin says Viney & TMac out for 6-8 Weeks

    Viney is in our top 3 most valuable players. The club HAS to get this right and get the foot healed.
  2. Weideman

    Im not convinced. Has shown very little in the few games ive seen him play live. No physical presence and little 2nd efforts. Hope to be wrong and he works out well, but if he is match fit and isnt pushing for selection now, then when? Has to step up.
  3. Goodwin says Viney & TMac out for 6-8 Weeks

    If the club has rooted Vineys foot im gonna be livid.
  4. 2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    1 Swans 2 Crows 3 GWS 4 Tigers 5 Cats 6 Mighty Dees 7 Port 8 Bombers 9 Hawks 10 Dogs 11 Pies 12 Eagles 13 Saints 14 Freo 15 Brisbane 16 GC 17 Carlton 18 Norf
  5. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    Whatever happens, do NOT bring him back under done. If he needs another week or 2 or 3 then give let him have it.
  6. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    Nice, but not $300 nice.
  7. Kane Cornes tips us to Top the Ladder

    Would love to see it happen, but we have a long way to go before that becomes a reality.
  8. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    He averaged a goal a game for us (or close to it) yet after a JLT game he is being talked up as a scoring machine. Footy media is such a crock. Lets see how the Power supporters feel when they see just how hungry he is when the ball is hot. How much he is willing to put in. Run, chase, tackle. He was traded for a reason (several most likely). He was a nice guy and a good footy player. We have room for neither on 2018.
  9. This. Its gone about as well as anyone could of hoped. Some great signs for the rest of the year.
  10. Salem ready to make his mark

    If Salem can get his body and fitness right, then his disposal is far too good to waste. He could be devestating delivering the ball up fwd. I really hope he can take that next step.
  11. Bayley looked like he has real footy smarts. Him and Hannan and jeffy will be fighting for spots. Anb and harmes impressed. Hogan looked strong and Lever is gonna be worth every cent and then some. Good hitout. Hopefully sign of things to come this season.
  12. Evolution. Look at buddy. Was super comfortable sitting up fwd for hawks. Now hes most potent bursting from the wing. If jesse has the fitness, im all for it.

    At least they got rid of Lemo on the boundary.

    Buggs disposal has been atrocious.

    Nice tweet by JKH. Tmac and his school shoes.