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  1. According to AFL, they avg 60.6 (15th) per game vs us at 70.7 (1st)
  2. Great story from Roosy about his first day as Coach. Shows how far we have come.
  3. Feel for the Fritta. He has had a great year. Cant say that I agree with changing a winning formula but im not paid the big $ to make that call. Huge game for Smith.
  4. DSP

    The Steven May Thread

    He will flourish once he gets out of that disaster of a club.
  5. Gotta be stiff to get dropped after such a dominant month.
  6. DSP

    The Other Preliminary Final

    Tigers by 3 goals. Either way, I hope its the most physical game ever played.
  7. DSP

    The Steven May Thread

    Yep, just heard that as well. Slot in nicely down back.
  8. DSP

    Camp wars

    I've read that three times and am no better off.
  9. DSP

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    After being at the G for the last 2 games, i'll be watching from home. Plenty of cold beer and a comfy chair. However, I have been relegated to the back room on the smaller TV. Probably not a bad suggestion by the Mrs.
  10. DSP

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Its not your card. Common isdue for lots of people. Its been happening throughout the entire finals campaign.
  11. Normally id agree with you, but when it comes to those 2 - I know before the game begins we are gonna be up against it.
  12. DSP

    GF Ballot Barcode

    And done. Priority 2 Ballot. Fingers crossed!!!
  13. DSP

    Shades of '87, albeit 31 years on

    Excellent work mate. Loads of effort and love put into this. To see the Dee's in a Grand Final and win would mean the world to a lot of us.