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    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Just an update after my earlier posts in this thread. The good folks at the Demon Shop have said that “we will have some available with our new sponsor Jaguar on the back within the next couple of weeks”, referring to the match day guernseys with the Jaguar logo on the back. 👍👍👍
  2. —coach—

    AFLW on the main board

    Not quite the main reason as i understand it SWYL, it has more to do with Q angle I believe: https://www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=9424 On the OP, happy to see women’s footy on main page, given the limited volume of posts there it would likely be a thred on game day and an ongoing discussion thred that are on the main board which is hardly going to be an issue for those not interested
  3. —coach—

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Just sent an email to th demon shop asking when they might be available, will keep the site posted with the reply. Mine still has Drake on it 😄
  4. —coach—

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Any idea when they might be available? It’s a must buy for me as the Jag logo has always looked sweet, and on the back of our beloved jumper it looks even more so! Club shop doesn’t display the reverse side of the jumper.
  5. —coach—

    Jack Watts video

    Just watched it on the news two things: - he clearly posed for the video and even asked if the guy filming was ready - he looked like a complete amateur clown doing it
  6. —coach—

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    In the spirit of full disclosure I changed mine from... --coach-- to —coach— because on iPhone -- autocorrects to — RE: name, I’m a coach of the fine art of aquatic horizontal movement at speed
  7. —coach—

    Membership packs

    Received mine late last week sans scarf. Do all members get a scarf or did I forget to tick a box or something?
  8. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    What a great article, super proud of our club and the people involved with Jesse, the comments about the support and compassion shown by Goodwin and Mahoney prove that we are onto a winner with these two. I was very comfortable with the deal before reading this and now think we nailed it given the nature of why he wanted to leave putting us at a significant disadvantage at the negotiating table. Very proud of our team at the moment 👍👍👍 Best of luck to Jesse also 👍
  9. —coach—

    Rumour File

    Hogan got 5 and we want 2 first rounders????
  10. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Can you stop talking sense, it doesn’t make for fun reading. Need more comments like “i’ll be livid if...”, now that would be juicy to read. Seriously though, I’ve found myself agreeing with you a lot through this process 👍
  11. —coach—


    Melb v Eagles Prelim games played Melb 2000 v WC 2600 im comfortable with sitting out another year and picking up players who fit our age profile now
  12. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Just like TMac is too good a backman to go forward? It’s all about the needs of the team
  13. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Fair enough, hopefully we end up with all the players we’re after and some reasonable picks to go to the draft with. Our team has a proven history of turning an average pick number into a very handy player so looking forward to seeing where we end up. 👍
  14. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So it has nothing to do with what May is worth, rather what we feel comfortable with? Like in the castle “it’s the vibe of the thing”? Strange way of looking at it from my perspective, but just my opinion. Each to their own I guess. Go Dees!
  15. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Demonland forum a week ago: get pick 5+6 from freo for hogan, give pick 6 to GC for May... “sounds fair”. Demonland forum today: get pick 5+11 from freo for hogan give 5 to GC for May... “THATS MASSIVE OVERS I WOULD BE LIVID IF THEY DID THAT” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  16. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Some reports are suggesting that. Navicular issues
  17. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’m the interest of transparency, I changed my Demonland name from --coach-- to —coach— just in case anyone wondered where the original coach went.
  18. —coach—

    Andrew Russell

    Anyone know where this guy is off too? He presented at a conference I attended and I loved his philosophies on high performance environments: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-10-06/key-hawks-staffer-poached-by-another-club It speculates Carlton may be an option, but so could a bunch of other clubs.
  19. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 best burn I’ve ever read on Demonland!
  20. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Toumpas was far better than Wines any day of the week. Just misunderstood
  21. —coach—

    What Makes a De$tination Club?

    Facilities would play a part too I would think.
  22. —coach—

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Without doubt, what else do you with a resting ruckman other than stick them on the bench. Preuss would only be coming to the club on the proviso that he will be playing games at AFL. So thinking about how we use him and Gawn on game day raises some interesting thoughts
  23. —coach—

    Internal options for a speedy winger

    Plus he beat a whole bunch of others to make the final of the sprint in which he came last. So not like he was last out of everyone involved, just last out of those in the final. Think of it as 10th out of the 30 or so involved
  24. Spoke to his Dad on Friday, two things came out of it. Seems the players (Well Sam at least) don’t know what’s happening with Hogan, and Sam and family seem to love the club and are super pleased with his block of games in the backend of the season.
  25. —coach—

    Rumour File

    Yeah Tony Lockett really struggled after smashing Peter Caven, only kicked 440 goals after that! 😛 intereting this could be a similar scenario, Lockett smashes caven, moves to Sydney, continues to have a stellar career post move. gaff smashes brayshaw, moves to Melbourne, has a stellar career post move?