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  1. —coach—

    All 25 Goals in 8 and 1/2 Minutes

    My father in law has watched the replay of the bulldogs 2016 GF at least 40 times now. Would love to know what that feels like 😔
  2. —coach—

    Jordan De Goey

    Throw in Toumpas and I reckon that would get it done
  3. —coach—

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Ok with brisbane beating up on the hawks the question is, how the fluk did we loose to Hawthorn?
  4. —coach—

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    I’m going to go look again, struggling to find us... OH WAIT THERE WE ARE WAY UP NEAR THE TOP! WTF!!!
  5. —coach—

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Toatally disappointed we didn’t win by 150, sack the coach, trade all the players and disband the club!!!
  6. —coach—

    Goal Kicking reliability on SEN

    Are we talking all shots on goal, or just set shots?
  7. —coach—

    Need for Rest

    We accumulated 8 of our 12 wins when he WASNT playing last year, so I think we could just look to how we did that and copy it. Gawn played 7 Games last year for 4 wins and 3 losses (57% win ratio) When not playing we won 8 of 15 (53%). Not a massive difference really. The big difference was that our midfield seemed to accept we wouldn’t win the tap and focused their energy on reading the opposition ruckman and simply sharking it.
  8. —coach—

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Watched the game on a crappy little 30cm, non flat screen tv in a cheepo motel in Ceduna SA (driving to Perth from Melb) and had a ball! Really happy with the guys today after a big couple of weeks and great to get a good win. We have a good run coming up and if we keep the pedal to the metal will be well placed at the bye. At the pub now celebrating with a pint of ale, a giant steak and chips and watching the sun set over the ocean. Living the dream people, living the dream!
  9. —coach—


    It seems when rookies come into our side they instinctively know where to be inside forward 50, then after a few weeks they become more and more indecisive and caught out of position. Is this a coaching issue whereby rather than allow instincts to dictate position the players are instructed to be somewhere which goes against their natural instinct?
  10. —coach—


    Time in forward half this quarter 82% Melb, 18% Ess. Result 1.3 us, 3.1 them!
  11. —coach—


    Why doesn’t Gawn try holding the ball straight when taking set shots? May help with his kicking atm
  12. —coach—

    Which Jumper are we Wearing?

    Two things: - we play better at Etihad due to the dimensions, so very happy to play there this week - the royal blue jumper is awesome
  13. —coach—


    I really hate people forecasting doom and gloom on the game day three, but I’m really struggling to see a lot of positives here
  14. —coach—


    Including the 1998 and 2000 GFs or just home and away?
  15. —coach—

    Brendan McCartney - Demoted to the bench

    “Being called out on your [censored] is the worst. It can be humiliating, frustrating, and hurtful. When it happens, the natural reaction is often to be dismissive, defensive, or to complain that the other party just "doesn't get it/you/jokes". I say, go with that feeling. Because if lots of people are telling you that you're dead wrong, you definitely don't want to stop and examine why that is.” - How to appologize without really appologizing website