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  1. —coach—

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Lost that in the first half with so much wasted opportunity. We had them complete on toast but persisted with the long bomb inside 50 to a pack of 10 players system which NEVER works for us. Just dumb footy. umpiring sucked bad but we lost that ourselves
  2. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Any chance we can aim for the chest of our blokes rather than 5m behind the when their leading up
  3. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    See that from hogan, right spot, just happened the ball went to tmac who was 5m away
  4. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Yes actually people were having a go if you look back over the thread. One poster called for him to be dropped. 4 times he’s been in excellent position and it’s been kick either over his head or with pinpoint accuracy to his opposition who was behind or to the side of him. Had we have kicked those to his advantage you’d be singing a different tune
  5. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    For those getting stuck into hogan, he has covered the 5th highest distance on the ground. He’s working hard but not being rewarded by his team mates
  6. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Having the ball kicked over his head continually
  7. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Can someone please learn to kick it to hogan not over his head!!!
  8. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    The umpire deemed that his eyes had strayed outside the line of the mark so clearly play on
  9. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    TOMMY!!!!! 👍👍👍
  10. —coach—

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Just reminding us why he has been playing VFL
  11. —coach—

    Round 14 Non MFC Games

    Gill: Hahahah surely you jest, nothing to see here, move along
  12. —coach—


    Gary Lyon isn’t the president or have anything to do with us though. Just another media guy. sorry didn’t see your post werridee
  13. —coach—

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Or move it to our new fortress.....Etihad!!!
  14. —coach—

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    For what it’s worth I always thought Fawlkner Park would be an option, mentioned it in another thread about facilities, will settle with Yarra Park though 😁👍