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  1. London Demon

    Josh Mahoney - Trade Radio 2/10/18

    As ever Josh is very open and informative. Re the main issue, Step 1 in the process is Jesse making a decision. If he decides he wants to go then Josh and his people get to work to get Steven May. As for May himself, from the brief highlight tapes I have seen of him he is clearly a big physical crash and bash type player. He doesn’t strike one as being hugely skilful to be honest. He disposals by foot in particular look a bit floaty and imprecise. Oscar looks to be better in that regard. But Josh says they have been following him for a while so they must see more to him. I guess I trust the back room people.
  2. London Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Anyone who saw Smith in last week's VFL prelim got any comment? How did he play?
  3. London Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Goodness, big call! Clearly the selection committee see something in Smith which I for one haven't seen. But I trust them. Sorry for Fritsch, terribly sorry, but its a brutal game. He's young, a fantastic talent, he'll get another chance. Go Dees!
  4. London Demon

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Good luck to all from London. My sister sent me over an MFC scarf during the week, and notwithstanding that it’s still pretty warm over here i’ll wear it today, as a sign of solidarity with all Demon lovers. I wonder if anyone on the tube will recognise it?? Anyway go Dees. As usual I’ll follow the game through this site, too nervous to watch it, and anyway I am supposed to be working! The first few minutes will be crucial.
  5. London Demon

    Jayden Hunt

    I have weighed in on this one before. He’s a special talent: huge pace, spring, good hands, kicks the ball a mile, fanatic attack on the ball. He’ll come good. Talk of trading him is ridiculous.
  6. London Demon

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    This game is more than a chance to progress to a prelim. We talk of hoodoos? This is the biggest of them all. We have been humiliated by Hawthorn time after time after time again. Literally for decades. This is the opportunity for redemption and revenge. Sure in public put out the usual bland platitudes about what a great club they are, how we’ll have to play at a top to have a chance etc etc. But in the inner sanctum focus on how Hawthorn in general and Clarkson in particular, has made us suffer, made us a total laughing stock. Come the bounce next Friday we tear into them with total ruthlessness.
  7. Well it’s now 810am London time, time to get on a red double decker to head into the City of London for work. It’s trempting to attempt to say something profound but hell, skip it, just want to say good luck one and all Demons, keep the faith whatever happens tonite. Go Melbourne!!
  8. I’m sort of with you on this Skuit, ie yearning for some rational analysis rather than the rants and ridiculous exaggerations we usually get on the Gameday thread, but what the hell at least the contributors are sincere. We’ve all suffered together and maybe now finally we might be on the cusp of something good, we may as well stick together. I urge u to re-join! I will be from London. I can’t bear to watch the game live, I judge what’s happening from cautious peeks at the Gameday thread. I know that sounds mad but it’s the only way I can cope
  9. London Demon

    Favourite Current Dee

    Jayden Hunt, notwithstanding he’s out of the team at present and has had a tough year. He’ll be back and will be huge for us in the years to come. Raw pace, great spring, manic attack on ball, huge kick. Just needs the experience and fitness to add to that and he’ll be awesome
  10. London Demon

    What is the point?

    Spare a thought for me - I first started following the MFC in 1965....
  11. London Demon


    I am showing my bias here Cos I really rate him but one partial solution to the lack of pace issue is Hunt. I say get him in. Smith going down gives an opportunity
  12. London Demon


    We do have an weakness in lack of outside pace. I’m most situations , against most teams, we are skilful and disciplined enough to more than cover it. But the weakness is there to be exploited by the best/quickest sides. Collingwood has, or rather (before injuries) had that ability. I think GWS has it, ditto Tigers of course. Eagles I have not seen enough to say. That’s going to be our challenger over the next phase.
  13. London Demon

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Not that it was a wonderful performance on Saturday but feeling a bit better about MFC this week. It was a solid win. Bringing Frost into the back half has added a bit more of both height and pace. Spargo and Jeff, and Oliver, adds a bit more pace/ nip in the forward half. My view is that if we can get Hunt fit and inform that would add a little more and give us the best chance to complete with the top teams. I know making the 8 is the principal aim but I’m not giving top 4 away just yet. All our rivals are copping injuries. We are in comparative good shape, and things like that count. But the big game will be Geelong at Geelong 2 weeks from now. We must take them.
  14. London Demon

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Here we go. Must win.
  15. London Demon

    Watts Dropped from Port

    As a said in a recent post on this subject just leave it.