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  1. Gold. Was there also a lavish launch party in opening scene of 'Towering Inferno'?
  2. Guts, grind, self belief & belief in the team mate down the line. Against the odds & umps. ABBA had an album called 'Arrival' - ashamed to admit I have it somewhere & it could get a spin tonight -'cause we just did. Love ya Dees!!
  3. Should have won this one last year with a far less developed & settled list. I remember the umps went coast-to-coast on us in the last quarter - physically trying to blow the ball over their goal line with a whistle - remarkable. Smash them tonight you good things.
  4. Love it too. What I also love though is when in full goading mode his hands never leave his sides - tempting opponent to take a swing. Very Patrick Swazey in 'Roadhouse'
  5. OMac starting to overtake Frost - as Frost is going from solid to damaging
  6. Nice of them to allow spectators on field today
  7. Very confident there'll be beer there today.
  8. Oh yes we are. Save the Adelaide game & doing it for Hogan, our first halves have been The Return of the Sleepwalkers.
  9. Oh dear, like advertising for terrorism.
  10. Posters might prefer TMac take a leaf out of Jack Watts's book & just avoid contest all together
  11. Our laziness & our faffing - now in a league of our own.
  12. Looking forward to a loss-recovery day tomorrow before working week rolls around again
  13. Plapp's player descriptions after Casey's heavy loses this year have made me re-check the results every time. Bloke could sell snow in a blizzard FCS.
  14. Have been doing 'nervous bogs' pre-game ever since Frankston East under 12's three decades ago.
  15. Isn't umpiring an impartial type profession?