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  1. Have been doing 'nervous bogs' pre-game ever since Frankston East under 12's three decades ago.
  2. Isn't umpiring an impartial type profession?
  3. Umpires & McAvaney murdering doggies
  4. Beats 'American Pie 2'.
  5. Wanting the doggies to do a Rocky here badly. Can't stand the cats and their pug-faced constipated coach.
  6. Great post & loving his tackling this year. Always dangerous even if closely marked. Love provided.
  7. Hang in there Jesse! Thoughts and strength to you.
  8. Great film. Missus now at her limit & on verge of banning anything footy related in the house.
  9. Hunt's kamikaze job tipified the commitment we want from what is a very talented (& very injured) list. Last week papier-mâché tackles at best & now - a win-of-ages statement. It's time MFC!
  10. Incredible effort Dees
  11. They're actually laughing about Hunt now
  12. Incorrect disposal will not apply for Crows all night. The free against Tyson however - simply gobsmacking.
  13. Out: JKH In: Someone else.
  14. Must win. Should win.
  15. Loved the heart & intensity. Viney of old in 3rd. Amen.