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  1. Melbourne Storm .. Success

    No ideas what the rules are but gee they got a few penalties in a row there, was it BS or was it illdicipline

    Was a bit of an audible boo on the telly. Not huge but to many people celebrating the win and the AFL didn't pump him up at all in the announcement. It was kind of ' AND THE NORM SMITH IS BEING PRESENTED BY james hird AND THE WINNER IS DUSTY' and then Hird was ussered away. On the ETC in general. It annoys me they are still in the league, it frustrates me they think the AFL did wrong by them when the AFL has bent over to protect them and continues to do so. I refused to watch them this year and saw one quarter of their game against us and that was it for the year. I will continue to not watch or go to games that they are involved in.
  3. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Hogan didn't actually touch the ball though, he tried and missed. Hogans was for less clear than Gawns andt Gawns wasn't paid. How about Pedo and Garlett both clearly held with out it and not paid. Ridiculous.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Three missed frees for dipped and shepherding from a marking contest and they get a goal. [censored] these umps are crap!
  5. Clearly we can be tackled without the ball. Especially in the forward line. Both Pedo and Garlett clear as day in 30 seconds of play, neither paid
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Good to Matheson is still a ducking little mungrel, glad to see the umps not paying it though, although they are paying everything else.

    It wasn't so much Max going down that exposed us, it was Spencer! No idea how King is going but we also have Filipovic who is a few years off yet. If we can keep Spencer around until Filipovic is ready then we should be fine. The chances of loosing two ruckmen is pretty low, for it to happen twice would be astonishing.

    Depends who asks for the meeting. It may well only apply to free agents but if the player asks to meet with the club then there is no issue at any time. The rule bans the clubs from contacting the players (as in making first contact), it doesn't ban the player from talking to clubs.
  9. Glaring weakness in defence

    Agreed. You can mount a very strong case that we were out marked on the weekend due more to the delivery coming in than the act of the defender. In reality both were at play but the defenders life gets so much harder when the delivery is coming in with little no no pressure, which is down the mids who had a very off day pressure wise. Clearances are a useless stat when looking at pressure as it is only the clearance, it doesn't show if the ball was then turned over and run down the other end with little or no pressure, and pressure is what makes the delivery bad and makes the back men be able to do their job better. Using the number of times a team scores per 50 entry is also useless unless you add the number of entries into 50. In reality the back 6 press up to around our half forward line, if they are working well with the mids and putting the pressure on the number of inside 50 for the opposition drop, but the may score easily if they actually get there.
  10. Our spread of goal kickers

    Buggy has kicked another eleventy hundred behinds as well!
  11. Glaring weakness in defence

    Just watched the final two minutes of the game again as I wanted to see a few of the mistakes mentioned in here. Four things stood out. 1: The free to Brown for in the back on the wing was soft, may not have made a huge difference though as they had the ball anyway. 2: Hunts sort pass was high risk high reward, it didn't come off as the pass itself was off line, had it been on line then who knows. 3: Who ever posted that OMac was too close to Jetta in the zone right at the end when they took the mark is spot on. 4: OMac (99% sure it was but apologies if it wasn't) did what I see many players do when taking a kick from an out on the full, but this one may have had dire consequences. Players seem not to realise that once they set foot inside the boundary again then it is play on. OMac never actually got to the outside of the boundary, took the ball that was thrown to him, and as soon as he wasn't moving to get to the outside of the boundary the ump correctly called play on. That left his kick rushed and short which fell into Daw's hands with Maxy and few others trying to make up the distance he lost. I really can't believe how many AFL players I see that miss this basic understanding of the rules. If it is out on the full boys, get yourself over the boundary and don't step back in until you are ready to kick. I have similar rant about players being called to play on while over the boundary taking a kick and it not being deemed out of bounds, but I will leave the full version of that for another day.
  12. Glaring weakness in defence

    I don't really agree that our defense is a huge issue, although I do readily concede that it can be improved. Overall our defense has been fairly solid, where we are weak is against the big forwards, that is obvious, and is also for a few reasons. 1: TMac has barely been back all year, he has been in the ruck and forward due to injuries. Put TMac back with OMac and Frost (or even one in the VFL at times) ad things against the big boys would be different. Not completely solved but far better. 2: The games in which our big backs have struggled have been the games where our mids have boon off, which means the delivery int eh forward line is fast and generally pretty good. That is very hard to defend. In the games where our mids are pressuring the ball carrier our backs do a good enough job. Both Frost and OMac are young and will improve, unfortunately they have ad to this on the big stage, although that could stand them in good stead in future. The answer to our issue with big backs is to get another big back in there so we have some sort of depth. That could be TMac going back again or bringing in someone else. Currently we simply don't have the depth and if one of them was to go down we are stuffed. The other answer is the make sure the whole team is defending, when we do that we are fine, if the mids and forwards have an off day the backs are screwed. I actually thought all our backline did a pretty good job on the weekend. Sideshow only got 4 (yes I said only, if we had been bad down there he would have had 10), teh other talls were basically unsighted, and our small backs did a good job (with the exception of Lewis' disposal)
  13. Why Tanking is Smart: Connolly

    If that was aimed at me, I make no judgement on him from the headline, apart from that he shouldn't comment on the topic or we end up with the headline which just reminds the world of what happened.
  14. Why Tanking is Smart: Connolly

    Thanks for the update. Agree with his comments but he simply should not be making any comments with regard to tanking in any way shape or form. All it does is highlight our issues of years ago and allow the media to misconstrue what is said and slap it on the front page with a big picture of us.
  15. Just read this headline in the Hun. Can't get into the article and can't get it on Google but the headline says enough. Can't Chris just learn to shut up and not drag this up again, especially as the headline is partnered by a pic of him in a Melbourne Polo and we are about to play a team who is currently tanking! F off Chris to the hole you came from.