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  1. As a kid of the 80's I hate Hawthorn, always have and always will. They are my main rival, with the drug cheats not far behind. I am just hoping they drop off the face of the planet and we smash them for the next decade.
  2. I actually couldn't give a toss about illicit drug use and playing. The illicit drugs that are performance enhancing are banned by WADA, and the other do nothing for your performance. The issue here is that the AFL spend a whole lot of money testing for illicit drugs, many of which are banned by WADA, but they don't share the results with ASADA. Basically the AFL could very well be hiding the use of illicit drugs which are performance enhancing under the guise that it is a 'societal issue'. It is about time the AFl grew the hell up and expected from their athletes the same standard we expect from teenagers in every Olympic sport.
  3. I like the approach for the reasons you have said as well, more of a mate to mate chat. Not sure I would have done while playing with two other people though, especially two other players! All seems to have worked out fine and he would know the relationships better than us but I would have been very cautious of giving the news in front of two colleagues.
  4. Screw that. If I have to go for the pies I only want them to win by a point. A draw would be even better. Either way we play the final and Adelaide don't.
  5. Lucky we didn't have that draw last year! Instant 6 losses!
  6. Can't wait to see opposition teams thinking about having 2 players in tagging roles against us, as long as they aren't as good as Bernie was a couple of years ago!
  7. He ended up tagged against WC in the second half, not AFL proper but as close as he has been. He was no where near as effective with the tag, but it probably freed Viney and Co a bit, although I thought Viney and a few other mids were pretty disappointing against WC.
  8. Flower doesn't even get a mention in any of the voters individual top 25's, or their unlucky to miss out picks and Robbo put about 10 of them! Funniest bit was Malthouse said his one that was unlucky was James Clement! Hahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. So I was curious and looked up the actual wording of the law. A free kick is awarded when a player; (a) Kicks the football Out of Bounds on the Full; (b) in the act of bringing the football back into play after a Behind has been scored, Kicks the football over the Boundary Line without the football first being touched by another Player; (c) intentionally Kicks, Handballs or forces the football over the Boundary Line without the football being touched by another Player; (d) having taken the football over the Boundary Line, fails to immediately hand the football to the boundary Umpire or drop the football directly to the ground; (e) touches the football after the boundary Umpire has signalled that the football is Out of Bounds, except for a Player who has carried the football over the Boundary Line under this Law 15.6.1 or a Player awarded a Free Kick under these Laws; or (f) hits the football Out of Bounds on the Full from a bounce or throw up by a field Umpire or a throw in by a boundary Umpire. 'C' is the relevant rule in this case. It is based on intent. Intent is a very hard thing to conclusively determine and as such the AFL in their mighty wisdom are outlawing actions they think match the intent. A system always destined to fail. I would be happy if it was governed as the rule says (which isn't what happens now), but would like to see added to it words to the effect of 'or intentionally allows the ball to cross the line without taking all reasonable steps to prevent that happening. 'E' is also interesting, you this happen a bit and I have never seen it penalised. It is a stupid rule anyway so why even have it remain in the rule book.
  10. Are you really suggesting Wellingham meant to kick the ball off the side of his boot, and then have it spin on its end and bend to the boundary? Wow that bloke has some talent!
  11. The problem may well be they fact the rule is called deliberate out of bounds. Wellingham did not deliberately put the ball out of bounds, neither did Vince, you could even argue McDonald didn't as his intention was purely to keep the ball off the WC players. Maybe the name of the rule needs to be changed if we go with this interpretation. Maybe a rule name like 'carelessly out of bounds' or 'your skills suck and it went out out of bounds'
  12. Ahhhh, but what would the rule committee do if they weren't inventing new interpretations to rules to fix the problems caused by the last changes they made?
  13. I liked the fact it was fairly consistent with a few missed, but there always will be. I don't like the interpretation of the rule though. Three instances stick out for me. Wellingham kicked of the ground which looked clearly like he was trying to kick up the ground, shanked it, and got pinged for deliberate. It actually wasn't deliberate, it was just bad execution of skills, I am not really comfortable pinging someone for a skill error. Bernie when he tried to hand pass while under pressure to keep the ball in, missed his target by about a foot to the right and was pinged for deliberate. Again I don't think he was actually trying to do that and it was just a very rushed hand pass under pressure that missed the target. Similar happened last year when he hand passed and it was about six inches out of reach of a team mate, ended up out of bounds and he got done. The third was Tom Mac. Short of handing the ball over to the Eagles I could see little else he could do. He was running, had a player hanging off him, had another WC player next to him, his only option is to hit the ball out in front and chase it. His only mistake was he hit it a little far to be able to get back to it. Really don't know what else he could have done.
  14. Not much else he could actually do, that is the problem. He chased the ball, kept chasing, had a bloke hanging off him, no other possible outcome other then giving WC the ball. Bull [censored] rule
  15. This new deliberate is a joke. Just start paying the free against the last player to touch it and be done with it.