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  1. Not at CHF, Hogan should play there. Weird should be FF
  2. Welcome, but I am not sure you can ever say that being a dee is a mistake, misfortune maybe, but never a mistake.
  3. He was improving this a lot before he got injured. When he is in good form it is Ok but not elite. Yesterday he seemed in form in getting the ball and influencing the contest but his disposal wasn't great by his standards.
  4. Can't believe this but I agree with you on Tyson. Got heaps of, was important, but gee he was wasteful.
  5. I do a bit of work with our local Indigenous Communities and Traditional Owners and they are a varied mob, just like all of Australia. Yes there are members of the community who want to point fingers and blame people, but the ones who are getting things done and closing the gap on both sides are the ones who recognise the past for what it was as it is that past which puts the current into context and allows us to move towards a better brighter future for all. I think many get stuck in that the past is something along time ago when in fact things like the stolen generation were done to living members of the community and the general disadvantage is still prevalent today. Looking at why that is and why it has been and acknowledging that is the only way to actually truely move forward. The groups I work with now are fantastic, they will tell you about the past and teach you their stories without blame or malice but as just statements of fact, through that understanding it has made my life much easier to understand their motives and their thoughts on certain things.
  6. Being reported that Salem is a good chance this weekend, is he going to get injured again, if you know can you let us all know when to look away!
  7. I bet they would blame someone else for putting the shredder in the wrong place too! Pick one of Dank, WADA, ASADA, the AFL, or simply that all the other clubs were doing it too.
  8. That came down the amount of impact, they argued there was little impact and the saw jaw could have been from anything, including Clarry running into the back of Schofield. Why would we not be able to argue that Betts had no saw jaw so there was no real impact? If they let precedent play out we would win.
  9. He flat out punched him in the head! How that could not be seen as intentional is beyond me, although I guess he wasn't holding chopsticks so its all good (actually its all good even when he is!)
  10. I think ProDee is taking the legal standpoint. His comment reminded me that I don't think precedent can count at the tribunal. They look at each case as its own in isolation from what has come before or what will come after. It allows them to easily and justifiably play favourites!
  11. I don't think anyone is arguing it wasn't that. The fact remains though that Schofields was also intentional, low impact, and to the head. He wen't to the tribunal and was let off, we should do the same as Bernie's hit had no greater impact than Schofields.
  12. Had no greater impact than Schofields. I would actually argue a slight impact form the point of the elbow to the tip of jaw has greater impact than a glancing forearm across the cheek.
  13. Appeal Appeal Appeal. Just bring up Schofield as precedent, they clearly authorised slight elbows to the head all of two weeks ago. This was on a par with Schofield to me, more contact but equally as severe (as in not very)
  14. Hadn't watched that Jones one, how the hell did he get off for that! Had no interest in the ball and chose to bump the head instead. Put Hannon on his arse for a bit too!
  15. Evaporate is clearly the best option. he gave away a 50 last week because he was a tiny bit late for the contest and couldn't evaporate into thin air and his momentum carried him into the player who took the mark as well. Really baffled what the AFl think the players should do. Maybe draws straws to see who gets the ball next!