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  1. Round 1 Non MFC games

    The 50’s are for players running in the protected area. They are being stupidly tight on the rule but we had a few paid like this last year but not 5 in a game. The Hawks game last year comes to kind, a few 50’s for trivial infringements.
  2. Needs to be top 4 play a final to decide who makes the GF. Otherwise you end up with percentage kicking people from a GF which doesn’t sit right with me co spidering the different conditions the teams all play in.
  3. Where are Mithen and Cranston going?
  4. Two very very dubious free kicks in it! FFS last year miss in percentage, this year by 2 fun king points.
  5. Seems the ump is trying to repay us now.
  6. Game over due to the [censored] umpire!
  7. Or that free. Even the commentators are saying it’s highly questionable.
  8. If anyone can tell me what that free was for you are doing better than me. FFS
  9. How’s the [censored] commentator stating the dogs are two quarters from a grand final constantly, stating it like fact. Get [censored] [censored] wit!
  10. They don’t pay any number of rules. They do pay random frees that are completely at odds with the standards set in that game. It is usually the case but is really obvious in the women’s game.
  11. Clearly missed us being held last quarter but have found it this quarter. Goes with the umpiring in the girls game, is always highly questionable.
  12. One of these dogs girls is more of a ducker that that prat from Brisbane.
  13. Faaaaark. A few frees (they seem to come in spurts in the women’s game) and we are losing structure

    Have said from day 1 that the AFL is inept, especially with drugs in their sport. It seems they like to continually prove me right!
  15. AFLW: Rd 5 v. Brisbane @ Casey

    Perfect example. That Brodsky player was taken out the same way many many players have been all night but she got a free and shot on goal. Thankfully missed. It is just odd