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  1. AHG have a land Rover dealership as part of their group so it could work. It may well annoy the other dealers in their group though who aren't land Rover.
  2. We best ask Clint Bizkit.
  3. In the garage or as a sponsor
  4. They do have money, and do love to put their name on everything, but I am not sure how they go with being a non-naming sponsor. I can't think of them as a minor sponsor, they tens to own teams or competitions. Gatorade and Coke may have something to say as current sponsors as well, but if red bull cough up enough cash then you can bugger the other two off.
  5. So is Clint's Biscuits in or out?
  6. And a seriously big market, even in just Melbourne!
  7. I saw a link the other day, can't remember if it was facebook or email, but it was for a sponsorship survey from the club. It asked the typical questions around which sponsors you have used in the last year, if you planning on using them in future, are you going to buy a car etc etc etc. This was all very boring but the last question raised some interest in me for a few reasons. It was 'who would you like to see as a sponsor of the club'. I am hoping they aren't asking because they are out of ideas and are asking so they can put a case together for a potential sponsor. Although if I was a potential sponsor and the club came and said the fans want it then I may well think they are already on board and therefore there is no reason for the sponsorship. Any way I am interested in the answers that would come from this forum to this question. My answer was Range Rover. We have traditionally received a ribbing from everyone because we all apparently drive Range Rovers so the brand link is there and we may as well own it, this would also get lots of comedic air time and therefore great publicity for both brands. Both Range Rover and our club are re-emerging good quality premium brands after years in the wilderness being unreliable crap so why not go on the ride together. AHG may have an issue but I think they have Jag/Range Rover dealerships in their network so it could actually be a win win for them.
  8. From memory we played pretty strong teams in the pre-season last year as well as Roos thought we needed to understand winning and how to do it, not to mention getting the supporters off their back a bit. I think we may finally have some real depth now where the bottom 6 or spots on the list can be filled by a dozen or more blokes. That will help with resting players throughout the year which may keep the fatigue more at bay.
  9. They talk about covering the train lines every year or two, and Eddie gets on the bandwagon as well as he will Want Collingwood as close as possible, but this is the perfect space for our base. It is next to the MCG, we could either move the admin into the new building or stay in the G, we could build a small stand including gyms etc, and it is in a highly visible space for advertising etc.
  10. No way that bump was high. Was the fairest bump I have seen in a long time. Of course it cost us a goal.
  11. Clearly the dogs have been practicing ducking. Half their players automatically duck when they get the ball!
  12. That is all well and good but as I pointed out earlier it falls over with the 1 week penalties. Currently the girls are getting a week for the same things the men get a week. That means the girls are penalised about 15% of the season for the same thing a bloke is penalised 5%. Unless we start handing out 1 quarter suspensions then that system simply doesn't work.
  13. No no no no no no no! Not in Gill's world (or Andy D's for that matter). It is much much better to feed all the little clubs tiny crumbs pretending to keep them around but never really giving them the chance to get off the floor.