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  1. Why not go all out and use a motor bike helmet! There are issues around the use of helmets. -Players who wear them take more risks - If some players wear them (especially big gridiron type helmets) then they are an injury concern for other players. This is not so much the case in Gridiron as they wear protection and the hits are for the most part more controlled (as in come from one direction and are expected) - Wearing such a helmet without the support of shoulder pads could lead to more neck issues due to the heavier weight while being knocked around.
  2. That's a gridion helmet! The theory you suggest is right but the AFL helmets do squat, and may actually make things worse as the player takes more risks as they think they are protected. There is heaps of research to suggest that the more safety things you put in place the more risks get taken.
  3. We have one of those in Spencer. Maybe what you mean is a mature back up to our back up ruck!
  4. Geelong in 06 kind of did. They had a few tight loses, a few big wins, and a few massive loses. It was a real rollercoaster of a year for them. Hawthorn also lost 4 games in the first half of 2015 by 10 points or less (they didn't win the flag the next year though
  5. Like him but would drop him purely on not running through the line of the ball a couple of times on the weekend. Both times the North player did, got the ball, and bang, it was back in their forward line. If he can't take the hit when it is his turn then he has no place in the team. Fix that and it will bring a bit of mungral to his game and he will be fine as his other attributes are OK.
  6. The DOOB against Hibberd could be excused if the ump was blindsided, but the one closest wasn't and call came from the ump miles away, the close ump should have over ruled. The ump has no excuse in the Salem one. Baffling in its stupidity.
  7. Happy to join in too! A someone said in this thread, just grab a jumper then smash em with iron poles, the AFL may not even ban us then!
  8. They weren't even free kicks apparently. So now you can hold people's ankles, trip their feet, found house punch people to the throat from behind, punch people in the guts to the point they throw up, and the AFL will look after you. All this as long as you are a long term protected species or a 'good bloke'.
  9. Thompson got a week but hit much harder and with the point of his elbow.
  10. No point appealing Salem. Was worth a week, unless you look at precedent! Nothing we can appeal for fines against players boxing on that aren't in our team.
  11. The MRP decided the strike was to his body so he got off. Punch away boys, just not to the head!
  12. Next time we play the Roos we should just openly punch every player, just not to the head, hit them really hard in the stomach repetedly. Do that all game, cop the fines, walk away.
  13. I thought maybe a week but going off precedent of what Thompson did to Dangerfield there is no way it is a week. Maybe a suspect medical report came in about a broken jaw he will play with next week is behind it!
  14. Salem has been given a week for his elbow. Cunnington predictably got a $1000 fine for intentionally punching someone on the field. The MRP are a joke! How Salem can get the same as Thompson is beyond me. Update. Higgins also got $1000 for striking Clarry. Both Higgins and Cuntington were deemed intentional with low impact. Higgins got off completely for hitting Vince. The protection of that puss bag of a club continues. I hope we smash them in Hobart later in the year, don't care if the whole team ends up suspended just pummel the twerps into the ground.
  15. The one thing the bounce brings in is variation and randomness which the good rucks will deal with. They could get around this by instructing the umps to throw it up at inconsistent heights (but straight)