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    Clean and fair sport, not sure why I follow the AFL given that! Sailing and skiing (i am a Melbourne supporter after all)

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  1. Chris

    Sam Murray under ASADA Investigation

    Gee, I am glad this opinion is slowly being weeded out. Just let them all off as they are poor little boys. BS.
  2. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Gee Cripps and kruezer get some frees!
  3. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Similar happened last week. When we used to lose the frees it was because we were losing and not as hard at it, now we are hard at it we still lose the frees. It is just like Friday night games, apparently we would get them when we started moving up the ladder too, hahahahaha, not holding my breath.
  4. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    If their going to pay in the back like they are then pay it both ways
  5. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Gee they are being looked after! Cripps jumped on the ground and got a free for in the back!
  6. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Well done dees. No other team knows how to give up a lead like we do!
  7. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    How the f was that not holding the ball
  8. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Just when I thought the umps had realised we were playing!
  9. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Any chance the umps could give us one of the holding the ball free in our forward line
  10. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    This better be our bad quarter
  11. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    This better be our bad quarter
  12. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    This better be our bad quarter
  13. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Gee we are looking lazy. Ump is bending us over as well
  14. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Donsnt look like we have found second gear yet
  15. Chris

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    That’s wasn’t a free against lewy. Eyes on the ball the last few steps