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  1. ANB has to go. His turn overs and lapses in concentration such as the silly kick off the ground and out on the full cost us goals.
  2. MRP what a joke. Ryder chases a player down the field and king hits from behind. Knights leaves ground and takes no further part in the match but the blow is considered low impact. What a difference between how Melbourne players are treated.
  3. Loved Grinter. Great bloke and hard honest footballer. Unfortunately we are still paying for his hit on Wallace every time his son umpires our games.
  4. I think Kennedy has some things to offer but we can not off load Dawes. We need at least 2 taller forwards. I agree Dawes has not had a great possession count but he contests, brings the ball to the front of marking contests and clearly provides an alternative avenue to attack. No Dawes could likely put too much pressure on Hogan and possibly derail his future commitment to the club. We also need to consider does Kennedy bring more to our structure than Dawes? I think not. We should be able to get Kennedy for a round three or four pick. Strong forwards are hard to find.
  5. Disagree with Nathan Jones 3 worder. It should be screwed by umpires Great Day Great win
  6. Melbourne is not rated by the AFL and we are given a fixture that is primarily low supporter drawing matches. There is a minimum number of matches required to be played at the Docklands and unfortunately the MCG based clubs are forced to fill the gap. The more clubs like Essendon and now Carlton want to play at the G these matches need to be made up. It appears MCG based clibs that paly home games interstsate have a reduction of make up home games at Docklands. Hence play games at Docklands against interstate clubs that will not draw a crowd and pay a huge loss or play in Darwin and make a Huge profit. We do not win at the Docklands any way.
  7. i have stated before that we should play two rucks to allow for spread and also to match the strenhgths of the opposition. Sundays result was fantastic and the tandem ruck worked well. Our next challenge is Natanui. He is a jumping ruckman and dislikes physical contact. Jamar has always played well against him and his crash in style worries Nat. I would really consider playing Jamar for this match and possibly resting Spencer even though he played well.
  8. A game lost at selection. We needed at least one more tall, probably Fitzpatrick. We could not move the ball out of defence because we didnot have another tall to spread from Gawn and make a second option. Our movement was far too predictable
  9. Diaasppointing result. The ability to run out quarters and therefore games has been a problem for a longtime. Playing in a hot climate emphasises this. We need to think about this at selection. I queried bringinging in two players who have been out of the side for a long time and going as tall as we did. We needed run newton and Michie in hindsight would have been better and despite having a good game last week Fitzpatrick did not have a match up for today
  10. We can all argue the importance and value of players. The sun stated that Howe wishes to astay at the club. This is important because it indicates the improving culture and hope within the club. We have not been able to retain experienced players in the past. We now need Garland to commit. Hopefully this change in player loyalty will entice quality players from other clubs look at Melbourne as a desirable club.
  11. Just got back from the game. We are not using a second ruckman and are asking players such as Frost to take up the part of a second ruckman.In pre season frost was much more damaging because we did play with a 2nd ruckman. When Jamar tires in a game we do not have a viable rucking option, When Mumford started to take control it was an eay selection to sub out Tomlinson and go quicker and smaller because we had no other rucking options. If we had played a second ruck I very much doubt that tis sub would have happened. GWS controlled throw ins and just punched the ball into space in marking contests allowing their mid field to dominate. Another concern for me is the opposition targetting Cross on kick outs and exploiting his lack of pace. This has happened in both games and in the preseason.
  12. I do not think anyone is under estimated his importance or value of Jamar to the side but he can not do it alone and needs support when playing taller sides with physical ruckmen.
  13. Jamar did start well but was unable to continue at that standard throughout the game and his level of performance tapered off. He will need support against the talls of gws. Mumford is very physical and has support. We need to pick teams based on the opposition
  14. We always have trouble when teams go tall against us and Jamar was patchy. GWS is quite tall and I think another ruck option is important. gawn did a good job for Casey yesterday. Gawn and Dawes to come in and Toumpas and unluckily Cross out. It is a long time since wehave had to make tough selection calls.
  15. I was also at Casey and angree with player assesments, What is worrying is our lack of key position back ups. We have had a much needed push to improve our mid field but nothing has happened to develop key positions. Casey controlled the mid field for most of the day but did not have a target. The willy talls took over in the end.