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  1. Changes versus Collingwood

    Don't think Watts will be back, if you listened to the press conference after the game when Goodwin was asked about Jack Watts performance in the VFL he got very defensive, also don't see them risking Viney. For mine the changes will be Salem for Wagner, JKH for Stretch
  2. Fitzy Retires

    The night he Kicked 3 or 4 in the first half up in Darwin I thought we had found something and then he got injured in the second half. Never got back to that again
  3. Changes versus Collingwood

    bog in the VFL game last week, unfortunately got suspended or would have played on the weekend, nothing can be more certain that he will be back this week for either stretch or wagnar.
  4. Changes versus Collingwood

    How many more chances does Vince get, another stinker today, I don't think he has fired a shot since the bye. For mine I'd have Vince, Wagner and Stretch out and Viney, Salem and Watts (reluctantly) in

    He's my most hated player, 2nd is mummy but at least he takes it as much as he gives

    A bad win but considering what was on the line forgivable, having said that vince was absolutely terrible and cost us at least 2 goals at crucial times, to me he looks cooked. Not even thinking about his possible suspension
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    I know he would be a 10 year player but I hope he can bring a lot more than he did on Friday as if he comes to us he will cost us an arm and a leg, with ANB resigning im not sure what we would trade other than picks, frost is probably the only uncontracted player we have with any value
  8. Jack Watts (again)

    Good riddance then if he finds it all to hard now he isn't just gifted games based on potential. How many of those 150 odd games would he have still gotten if he wasn't a pick 1.

    I think it's just we are now at the pointy end of the season and player development now takes a backseat to having the best players play where they are best. Even though Omac and Frost have done admirably they both have a long way to go to catch Tmac.
  10. Jack Watts (again)

    The fwd line looks the most dangerous with just pedo down there, whenever hogan or watts comes back it would have to be at the expense of Pedo and Weideman. On a side note the days of playing 2 or 3 talls up fwd are coming to an end, which will also have a knock on effect with the backs. It's all about mobility and pressure round the ball now.
  11. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Things can change quickly but as of this year Lewis would be one of the first selected each week and unless Injury gets him I don't expect that will change next year either. It would take a fair number of players to go past him before we was outside of the best 22. Outside of Stretch, Maynard and Smith who would be potentially pushing him out anyway.
  12. Changes v Brisbane

    Jack Viney on crutches today, wouldn't be surprised if he was given a rest on the weekend and Maynard or Stretch comes in for a run
  13. Changes v Brisbane

    Watts will not be back till he earns it, did nothing to prove that is the case from reports of his game in the vfl on the weekend, if Weideman goes out it will be for Frost, who I wouldn't mind seeing up forward again. I would have said Hannan for Salem if not for his 2 goals in the last.

    Max was getting pinged for keeping the other ruckman away with a straight arm, apparently the arm needs to be bent, the umps paid it in other games this weekend. Another rule of the week they will deny

    You don't find it concerning that it takes until the opposition ruck is off to score the winning goals, if our mids can't win with out Gawn dominating we wont be going very far