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  1. List management at its greatest. Get that blokes CV in now
  2. Based on the VFL report I don't see any of these players being taken into consideration
  3. King is an under developed very average ruckman and if not for the ruck issues would be playing in the development league. He is no way ready or does he have enough talent to play AFL
  4. Surely Smith doesn't come straight in. He didn't really set the world on fire when he played. If they are to bring him in, they must keep Weed in
  5. They are not big enough, we need a big key defender. We have enough rucks, we have just been unlucky this year
  6. First Rd pick would suffice, maybe a fringe player at a stretch. A first rounder plus Tyson or Salem is overs particularly as he is out of contract
  7. Other priorities other than a key back??? This has to be our number 1 priority.
  8. Must get
  9. There is no way he plays at Casey. He is way to valuable
  10. You still need someone to make a contest, which he does
  11. Yeah let's bring in blokes who are average at VFL level, great move.
  12. The issue is we have no one else who can play as a key forward. We are to small as it is and taking Weed out would kill us,
  13. These changes would make us worse. No way this happens in my opinion