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  1. We do look a bit weak up forward without Watts up there. Lets hope he and the Hulk both return for Friday night footy next week.
  2. I think we will have to much speed for them this weekend.
  3. McGovern might to good overhead for Hibberd.
  4. No chance, he said online he won't be playing this week
  5. Anyone know how the Weed went last weekend for Casey?
  6. Win or lose this week, there will still be 50,000
  7. The wide open spaces of Subi surely don't suit his lack of pace
  8. From what I've seen not sure he is ready. I also don't think there is a spot on the list
  9. Great interview on the AFL site from Neil Craig on Goodwin
  10. Let's hope so
  11. Frost out, you are kidding. He has been fantastic this year
  12. Wagner has to play before JKH.
  13. That's just a reporter writing article, it's not the AFL
  14. Are you suggesting he gets rested? It's football, they are there to play every week
  15. Is Watts injured? someone posted of FB that he was and wouldn't play this week.