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  1. Yes every one, he is just not in many of them.
  2. Not afraid of body contact? Do you remember the first game he played for us against Port Adelaide??? He may be able to do these things but on the training track doesn't count
  3. That's exactly my point, it's only a qtr
  4. How many games has he played in the last 2 years??? Let me answer that for you 9 games last year and 7 the year before. He has kicked 12 goals in those 16 games and averaged 14 disposals per game. Roll out the red carpet, Wayne Carey is back. We also have a back up ruckman, his name is Jack Watts.
  5. I would be happier if he didn't play
  6. I've just about had enough of people banging on about Pedo on this site and that he should be in our team. I am struggling to think of 1 game where he played a great game. He may have been serviceable in a couple but he goes missing within games and from week to week. The way people talk on here is that he is the missing link. What have I missed???
  7. Buggs numbers were good but the opposition was horrible
  8. Meh??? Yeah bring in our best forward and targeted off season recruit and we are definitely worse off. Mate please
  9. I would prefer Hogan, Smith, Weed and Watts over Pedersen. He has been on our list for 3 maybe 4 years and has had 5 good games. They kept him only because Dawes was delisted. Kent maybe dangerous when running forward but has laid 1 tackle in 2 weeks. Goodwin is setting a standard which is great for the club. It's a team game
  10. Kent was average last week, JKH has been going well by all reports and Pedo is crap.
  11. That one I agree with
  12. Replace him because he tried to help a friend??? This seems like a great reason.
  13. Richmond is [censored]. They have beaten rubbish teams in Carlton, Collingwood, Brisbane and West Coast on a wet day in Melb. Dees are not in bad form, they just had a bad qtr against Freo. We were by far the better side against Geelong and had Gawn not gone down we win. The Hulk comes in and we win!!!
  14. All clubs do this
  15. He never said they won't pick him. Listen to the whole media conference