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  1. tbrookes3

    Finals Tickets

    There probably are that many supporters over here. The problem is, as I discovered yesterday, that armchair memberships don't allow you to buy tickets during the member period.:( I was very lucky to get tickets in the General Public sale but not sure if I'm with other Dees fans...
  2. tbrookes3

    Finals Tickets

    Thanks Sparkledemon. I have submitted the application; now just waiting to see if they call me. I did check this morning to make sure they call me not the other way around. Wait and see I guess....
  3. tbrookes3

    Finals Tickets

    Looks like all the tickets are sold. Hoping to hear from Ticketek about universal access seats but checked online just in case. Couldn't even get one ticket on the site. Says no tickets match your search...
  4. tbrookes3

    Finals Tickets

    Does anyone know how to get hold of disability access tickets?
  5. tbrookes3

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Can anyone suggest why Jesse might struggle to kick further than 40 odd metres? He seems to have the right build for it??
  6. tbrookes3

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Thanks Binman - just to be clear - I wasn't looking for anything that would breach copyright etc. I just know that a few years ago you could watch it on the AFL site. Hope I haven't gotten anyone in trouble...
  7. tbrookes3

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I know this has probably been posted a million times previously, but I can't find the answer - is there anywhere online that you can watch a replay of the match that isn't behind a paywall? Thanks in advance.
  8. tbrookes3

    Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Is it just me or when I try to view the video on the AFL site titled "Schofield reporting for clocking Clay"; I am taken to a differnt video titled "Dazzling dash from the demons"???.... On another note, I made it to my first Melbourne game in about 15 years last night - so far of the two Melbourne/West Coast games I've attended we have a 100% win record
  9. tbrookes3

    JLT Round 1: Dogs at the Kennel

    Is David Rodan the goal umpire??
  10. tbrookes3

    AFLW Round 1 - Melbourne V Brisbane

    I noticed that Daisy had what appeared to be a hearing aid on one ear. Does anyone know if she has a hearing issue?
  11. tbrookes3

    Training - Friday 22nd January, 2016

    Just saw a FB post that TMac is injured... does anyone know anything more?