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  1. tbrookes3

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Can anyone suggest why Jesse might struggle to kick further than 40 odd metres? He seems to have the right build for it??
  2. tbrookes3

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Thanks Binman - just to be clear - I wasn't looking for anything that would breach copyright etc. I just know that a few years ago you could watch it on the AFL site. Hope I haven't gotten anyone in trouble...
  3. tbrookes3

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I know this has probably been posted a million times previously, but I can't find the answer - is there anywhere online that you can watch a replay of the match that isn't behind a paywall? Thanks in advance.
  4. tbrookes3

    Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Is it just me or when I try to view the video on the AFL site titled "Schofield reporting for clocking Clay"; I am taken to a differnt video titled "Dazzling dash from the demons"???.... On another note, I made it to my first Melbourne game in about 15 years last night - so far of the two Melbourne/West Coast games I've attended we have a 100% win record
  5. tbrookes3

    JLT Round 1: Dogs at the Kennel

    Is David Rodan the goal umpire??
  6. tbrookes3

    AFLW Round 1 - Melbourne V Brisbane

    I noticed that Daisy had what appeared to be a hearing aid on one ear. Does anyone know if she has a hearing issue?
  7. tbrookes3

    Training - Friday 22nd January, 2016

    Just saw a FB post that TMac is injured... does anyone know anything more?