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  1. Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    My apologies for the derail of this thread, sorry for stirring up everyone's nauseous memories.
  2. Where to play TMac?

    The best defence is to attack so FF.
  3. Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    Johnnie Walker reminds me of vomiting as a teenager.
  4. Training 19/4

    I saw the first hour of training, TMac was there running laps then was doing goal kicking practice afterwards.
  5. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I think all those bongs he smoked with Mark Ricciuto in the 90s have taken their toll on Goodwin's brain(probably Ricciuto's too).
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    As I was walking out of the MCG last week Nathan Jones was saying over the PA that we will have ups and downs this year. To me that attitude means they don't have belief in themselves, today proved that. You can't win unless you believe you can.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    I just got home and I'm still blinded from the sun reflecting off Nichols' head.
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I'll always take a win but I'm glad I only got a 3 game membership this year.
  9. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    This. Watch the Casey game where Fritsch and Watts were both playing in the forward line. From memory it went something like Fritsch 4 goals, Watts 1 goal, 2 points.
  10. Remember "Raise Hell"?

    I don't know, judging where it looks like the lightning is striking, I'd say it is God smiting the Royal Hotel in a Sodom and Gomorrah style.
  11. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Everybody in the football media think that they are Nostradamus.
  12. Mindfulness and the mental game

    The Samurai adopted Zen to make them better warriors so the same principles could be applied to football.
  13. The Fixture Poll: 2018 Edition

    I've downgraded to a 3 game membership due to the Sunday games.
  14. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    That's a 3 game membership fixture.