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  1. Spencer played, he did well in the ruck but it wasn't a good night for talls as the ground was wet. As for Kent, he was there but didn't see him do much although I could only see half the game due to it being Casey Fields combined with the fog and the smoke from the bacon and eggs.
  2. I used to listen to MMM on the way to work in the morning but stopped listening because the first thing Eddie does at 6am is complain about something, Luke Darcy on the team didn't help me stay either. [censored], now I'm starting to complain like Eddie.
  3. I just noticed in the first frame of the video how Jones, Bugg and Jeffy were all loose in the forward fifty, glad Watts got the goal though. May the filth suffer from the Watts curse from this day forward.
  4. I first noticed it happening at the JLT game against the Blues.
  5. I think the filth supporters are only seeing the small picture. I remember a few occasions where they gave us a hiding on QB, they were not complaining then.
  6. Well it was scary being in a standing room bay full of drunken filth supporters but it was worth it to see them storm off after Watts's goal in the last.
  7. The best advice I can give people suffering from mental health issues is to keep your mind in the present moment. Most worry is about things that happened in the past that can't be changed or in the future that hasn't even happened yet. Instead of listening to the internal voice in the head, be aware of all your senses and you will realise that your mind( that causes unpleasant feelings) is only a small part of your reality. The key to this is mindfulness, to catch your mind wandering and be present with your conscious mind instead of the sub-conscious running the show. When you are conscious, you can reprogram the damaging effects of the sub-conscious with positive programming. I have a more extreme way than most with dealing with life's suffering: that has been a strong dedication to meditation, sometimes practicing over 10 hours per day living in monasteries but I realise this life is certainly not for most people and I don't want to preach religion on here but I would like to list some secular books that I believe can help people with mental health issues, these are: The power of now- Eckhart Tolle Take off your glasses and see- Jacob Liberman (a book about eyesight but equally insightful about improving your life) The Open Focus Brain- Les Femhi. I am more than happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to PM me. One last thing, keep your head up(literally), this will make you feel better.We are the only species on Earth that has an upright spine but we choose to slouch. Just look at how Melbourne players perform when they have their heads down. Stay strong and be happy.
  8. Jekyll and Hyde performance but I'll take it.
  9. Trac is playng for GC
  10. The AFL is more fake than WWE.
  11. That cue ball umpire has gotta be a Norf supporter, right?
  12. Just heard, speechless ...
  13. I feel we will be similar to Hawthorn and Buddy over the last few years, we will be good whether Hogan is there or not.
  14. Doom off, finals back on.