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  1. You might have had a point, but you must not have noticed how well we've played at th G this year?
  2. That site is showing the Apparent Temp as being only about 20.5, due to quite a low level of humidity and a strong breeze, - gusting up to 32 Kms. Temp is not going to be a problem based on that and a lack of talls might be an advantage.
  3. Thanks for the correction. I went by the countdown clock on the MFC website yesterday and at about 4:00 pm it was showing 24 hrs and 5 mins to game time. I assumed it was Eastern Standard Time.
  4. I'm sure you already know Chook, but just in case you don't, the game starts at 4:05.
  5. I can name some for St.Kilda, but only because I have a friend who barracks for the Saints and from what I hear commentators say. These are those players - Luke Dunstan, Jack Billings, Jack Newnes , Sebastian Ross, Acres, Gresham, Steele and they still have high hopes for McCartin and Goddard. I don't watch those clubs enough to have formed opinions about many players but more about the team performances. Certainly on Sunday, I saw the young Kangaroos prove that they had enough talent. There is a contradictory stat that you have brought up. That is that you think top 10 draft picks are vital, but then point out that the Bulldogs had only 4 in their Premiership team. At the same time, of the six Melbourne players you mentioned Viney was pick 26 and Hunt much further down. ProDee, I am of course, not insisting that you are wrong, only that it's easy for a supporter to see the best in our players and simply not know enough about players in other teams. I really hope you are right.
  6. That our list is superior to those two clubs is probably more One eyed optimism than objective reality. North delisted 4 veterans and lost another to Collingwood. They have a lot of young players like us and have performed about the same as us, with several narrow losses. The Saints have plenty of talented youth and two first round picks in the next draft. It does no harm to the club's performance for supporters to over rate our prospects, we are just kidding ourselves.
  7. Petraccattack, - you need to count again, it's six days! leehow, - whilst I don't necessarily advocate change, there is the logic that a VFL game has a far lower intensity than an AFL game.
  8. Completely agree with these two posts. What's more Bub, constantly calling the Admin and / or Footy Department weak for not making public their enquiries just doesn't make sense.
  9. Didn't see your response Colin, until I signed in today and was alerted to it. Like you I don't wish to get into a to and fro, and GL's support for CS was definitely a blind spot for him. I have only one other response, - as a current commentator if he believes there is mental brittleness amongst the playing group he is entitled to call it. Roosy, referred to it himself often enough, and most of us must wonder if it is a weakness which we will overcome any time soon. Every one of us would think we have come a long way to either overcoming it or disproving it with a victory over North tomorrow.
  10. Get with it Redleg, this is a fan site, we must maximise the level of bile, venom, toxicity, animosity and hatred at every opportunity.
  11. You're right about losing consistently, but the breaking of these embarrassing records began in 2014. 2014 - Carlton and Adelaide, and Adelaide oval 2015 - winning Round 1 v GC, Geelong and Kardinia (whatever its called now), Collingwood, winning last round V GWS. And actually I think the Brisbane win broke a long losing run as well. Some, (many), of them were pretty scrappy, but it was a glorious feeling to break those damned unhappy records.
  12. I think you are being pretty unfair to Gary Lyon. He never wanted the involvement after the '186' game. He responded - reluctantly-, to his dying mate Stynes' call. It would have been extraordinarily difficult to refuse. As for the results of that involvement, does anyone actually think that Lyon didn't try to do his best for the club and his mate?When things don't work out, everyone involved look like they are fools or incompetents. I listen to the SEN breakfast show for about an hour most days and all I have heard Lyon claim about Melbourne, is that he has a personal interest in and keeps a closer eye on the Demons than he does with other clubs, (for example, he has mentioned that he drops by training). I have not heard anything from him that could be classified as a destructive comment about the team, he has largely stated what all Melbourne supporters are aware of, but most other fans would not know. That is the other thing that needs to be borne in mind, he is not just talking to Demon fans.
  13. I got a call from iSelect yesterday at about 2:00pm, and was told they were calling me as a Melbourne member. I was going to ask if they were a new sponsor, but in the back of my mind I thought they already were a minor sponsor and so didn't ask. Are they brand new or upgrading?
  14. Surely you mean confidence rather than arrogance. What mentality does arrogance bring that is positive or constructive? Amongst several synonyms for arrogance are 'conceit' and 'hubris',