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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    I totally agree Biff. I've never understood the mythology which has developed around that tackle. I saw it on the day and a number of times since on replay, (as recently as about 6 weeks ago). As well as posters on here, the same story about the effect on him keeps getting thrown up by commentators in the media when reflecting on why Watts hasn't met expectations. Even if it had been a brutal, bone jarring tackle, it's pretty cleat that Jack Watts has the character to have easily got over it.
  2. The 2017 Membership Thread

    Huh? Whats the relevance?
  3. Where was everyone?

    I posted this in the 3 Word Analysis thread, - just because attendance was brought up in it. It's a comment on both Saturday and the views about us now being able to do without the money for Darwin that were being brought up last week. Playing in Darwin v MCG. The key point I want to make is that 27,000 was a substantial increase on previous attendances against Port. It is likely that a game at the G against Adelaide may have had a few more, but the pie in the sky estimates of 40,000 at the G if we hadn't played in Darwin are so far off the mark, that it is worth noting and remembering. A number of people have brushed off the financial need for games in Darwin without being realistic about where the club is at right now. One more thing, a lot of people become members to support the club. They may attend few or no games, but they want to contribute financially. Saturday's attendance was pretty respectable, - and after seeing the attendance at Collingwood's game, its astonishing that anybody would be critical.
  4. My 3 word player analysis V Pt Adelaide

    Playing in Darwin v MCG. Not the right thread for this, but as attendance has been brought up, I may as well continue it. The key point I want to make is that 27,000 was a substantial increase on previous attendances. It is likely that a game at the G against Adelaide may have had a a few more, but the pie in the sky estimates of 40,000 at the G if we hadn't played in Darwin are so far off the mark, that it is worth noting and remembering. A number of people have brushed off the financial need for games in Darwin without being realistic about where the club is at right now. One more thing, a lot of people become members to support the club. They may attend few or no games, but they want to contribute financially. Yesterdays attendance was pretty respectable, mind you there were very good reasons to attend.
  5. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    W4A, I agree that it would be far better for us to have a bye after Darwin, as it would be for our opponents. I have no doubt the club would be pushing for the best fixture possible, but I also understand that there may be many other factors at play. It surprises me that you think that date that we play in Darwin is a result of mistakes rather than competing priorities. We have played Freo and Brisbane up there, - three of the 8 games have been against those clubs. We all know that we have been crap for many years, so I was curious what our record has been between 2010 and 2016 if we looked at a random round and the results of the following round. I looked at rounds 14 and 15, - totally selected at random. Had to swap for rounds 16 and 17 in 2015 because we played in Darwin in rd 14 that year. Not perfect but as close as possible to a random comparison with Darwin. Darwin - 3 W 4 L In the following round: 0 W and 7 L Rd 14 - 3 W 4 L In the following round: 1 W and 6 L Unsurprisingly, there is barely any difference during such a terrible era. Finally W4A, I'm sure no Melbourne supporter is happy with mediocrity, but the issue is what does the club have to do to keep it moving forward. As far as having a loser's mentality goes, wouldn't that be thinking we cant win in Darwin on a regular and consistent basis in the future?
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Reasons why no change for NT deal: 1. Pretty sure we recently signed up for an extension on the NT deal - 3 years? So little or no chance of changing any time very soon. 2. I know that PJ has worked out the finances and I am happy to rely on his calculations v a levy on memberships or some other alternative. ie a bird in the hand v bird in the bush. 3. Anyone who says the money doesn't matter, clearly doesn't have to find the money to pay for the Football Department, The Womens Team or the NT Academy etc. 4. The NT Academy - not only does this cost money but it is advantageous for us to have a presence there and lets see what that might do for us. 5. If we had not had the injuries, is there any reason why we should not have beaten Adelaide? What is this hellhole stuff? There was exactly the same commentary about Etihad until we started winning. Winning or losing is more about the team not the venue, especially in Darwin. 6. We lack majority support in Darwin? Why would we expect that to not be the case? Have we been a dominant team for 10 years? Do we have 55 to 60 thousand members as Adelaide or Port or West Coast do? But if we do become a dominant team for the next few years, a lot could change. 7. I am not suggesting that this deal should stay in place forever, but what would we have done without the finances from this deal in the last few years and what might happen if if we collapse again in a few years time?
  7. Changes v Adelaide

    You are correct Bandi, we have played there 8 times, but the first was 2006 - against Adelaide, they won by 5 points. I think our successes and failures in Darwin would have a lot more to do with the team we have available than the way we play the ground. After all, how many years and games did we get to play at Etihad before we finally had a team good enough to win. That includes against teams for which Etihad was not their home ground, - Freo, Brisbane, etc. As it happens we have a pretty reasonable record in Darwin, we've won 4 and lost 4. Three of those losses were in 12, 14 and 15, I think we all know how well we were going in those years. In between we beat Brisbane in 13. (Oops, thanks BBP quite right lost to Brisbane, that makes our record 3 wins and 5 losses). And further supports team v venue as main influence. I agree with an earlier poster, that we were better placed, team balance wise, last time against Adelaide. I'm not writing off our chances, but as is clearly obvious, a few of our players are struggling because of lack of match play and subsequently their touch and fitness. If we win this, it would suggest that we have a special team this year.
  8. Many of us have felt that the MFC missed a great opportunity when Collingwood took over the facilities at the old Olympic Park and Glasshouse. Things have since improved for the club with training and Admin facilities, but there is still a twinge of regret in my mind. However, perhaps not everything has worked out for the Magpies at the Holden Centre. Reading a Collingwood fan site, it appears establishing a social club there has not been successful. I have copied three posts from Magpies supporters below: What's the go with the social club & glasshouse Went to the game on Saturday and walked past the social club as I walked to my car over the river. I am a social club member and haven't been to the new glasshouse facility once.I wandered in and got told by 2 security guards that social club members had no access to the glasshouse. And because it's so isolated, nobody wants to go there. The club never should have moved it's admin base from Vic Park. If we instead spent the money we've spent on the Glasshouse at Vic Park we'd have top notch facilities there. Closed due to lack of interest, the email said it in double.speak way The other matter which was mentioned is that the Magpies are no longer using the once highly touted Altitude Room at the Holden Centre. I am not suggesting that the Pies, have a white elephant of a facility, but as they say, "not all that glitters is gold".
  9. Match Review Panel Farce

    Words mean things. It's important to use the right words. Are you sure you mean to say 'corruption' Corruption: 'having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain'. Who's paying them and what are they being paid to do? (Surely they aren't all being paid to get us, (MFC). They are human and most of us tend to think that there is a tendency to be inconsistent, error prone, erratic - but corrupt - Nah!
  10. Changes v Adelaide

    The lack of second efforts through the game might be put down to a lack of match fitness. Its the incident where he just gave up and I think left it to Garlett that disappointed me. I would have hoped it would have been a lesson learned from an identical moment earlier this season. In that game, the same thing happened in the pocket and Hogan simply stopped, again Garlett fought on and managed to push the ball towards another player in or near the goal square and a goal resulted. He was match fit in that game and I would have expected that with the follow up review last time, he would have him pushed himself on this deja vu occasion, even if his fitness was limiting his second efforts overall.
  11. AFL 360 tonight

    May be a bit tarnished by reports of his recent actions at a suburban game. He then ran off after that apparently. Haven't heard much more about it in the last few days. I wonder where this incident stands, because I believe he is a Nth Melbourne director.
  12. So Bub, if he had 4 weeks suspension prior to his appointment, does that mean he should automatically be barred from working for the AFL? Dipper had a far worse record and was employed at the AFL. He was involved in both Ozkick and some diversity program which included the International cup. What about Leigh Mathews coaching Collingwood just a few years after his de-registration for the assault of Bruns? There may be many more AFL employees who have suspensions at various levels and we don't know about them. And what on earth does this mean? Can you spell out what is going to happen to the AFL? As far as I am concerned, Farhour's actions reflect on himself not the AFL. I really have no idea where you are going with these statements.
  13. Any chance you may wish to retract this LH? You set up a straw man based on an incredible level of cynicism about the leadership of the AFL and you are 100% wrong. Why would you even begin to think that it would be a smokescreen? "AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan has accepted the resignation of former diversity manager Ali Fahour and said he would not return to the league in another role." I usually find your posts sensible and informative, could not understand where your line of thinking emanated from in this case.
  14. AFL 360 tonight

    Yes, that's the bit I remember. You see Carey looking sh%t scared? I don't and why would he?
  15. Amazing isn't it, the AFL do the right thing, they gather information and wait for due process to take place. That happens in about 48 hours after the matter becomes publicly known. Farhour appears at the NFL Tribunal, the matter is heard. He is suspended for life and decides to stand down from his AFL position. The AFL will now make a considered statement, being in possession of all the facts, rather than just operating on media reports. But no, the AFL are unprincipled &@?$'s, according to the narrative amongst a number of posters here on DL. Obviously what we really need, is to have someone heading the AFL who tweets the first thing that comes to his/her head at the earliest opportunity. Let's have a lynch mob mentality, that's what is missing!