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  1. Caligula's cohort

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Dr. David Buttifant as replacement please.
  2. Caligula's cohort

    Demonland Supercoach 2019 Comp

    Put me in thanks. SC Team: Red Horse
  3. Caligula's cohort

    Round 1 team 2019

    Because Melksham is a Jet!
  4. Caligula's cohort

    Round 1 team 2019

    FB: - N.JETTA(180cm) - S.MAY(193cm) - M.HIBBERD(186cm) HB: - J.LEVER(195cm) - S.FROST(194cm) - C.SALEM(183cm) 😄 - J.HARMES(185cm) - C.OLIVER(187cm) - K.KOLODJASHNIJ(190cm) HF: - C.PETRACCA(186cm) - S.WEIDEMAN(195cm) - J.MELKSHAM(186cm) FF: - A.VANDENBERG(188cm) - T.McDONALD(194cm) - A.NEAL-BULLEN(182cm) RR: - M.GAWN(208cm) - A.BRAYSHAW(187cm) - J.VINEY(178cm) INT: - N.JONES(180cm), B.FRITSCH (188cm), J.SMITH(191cm), B.PRUESS(206cm) EMG: O.McDONALD(196cm), M.HANNAN(189cm), C.SPARGO(173cm), J.LEWIS(186cm) If Lever doesn't get up then replace with Lewis. O.mac doesn't get into the 22 just yet as he's spent the majority of preseason in rehab while Frost has been tracking nicely.
  5. Caligula's cohort

    Vanders raring to go

    As I mentioned on Monday, AVB was the standout in the Rehab group with his leadership and the way he was approaching his training. He should be Tyson's direct replacement in the midfield and rotating forward at times.
  6. Caligula's cohort

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    No one else has mentioned but I thought I would... Lever, Brayshaw and Stretch were really good with the kids today. Signing autographs, taking photos and the like and just being polite, while the kids were nagging them through training. The club has come along way since I was a Redleg which was good to see.
  7. Caligula's cohort

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    I mainly focused on the rehabbers today as the new draftees were at Marvel for induction. In that group were Brayshaw, Oliver, Petracca, AVB, Stretch, Hunt, Harmes, Baker, Jones, Melksham, Lever, Jetta, O.Mac and T.Smith. Melksham, Brayshaw, Oliver and Lever all running boundary laps with a few of them vomiting towards the end. Jonesy doing sprints and a lot of boxing. He's getting a lot of work done on his lower back from the Physio. Petracca also needed further work on his knee throughout the session telling the Physio "It hurts when I stop moving." But he looked to be fine movement wise. All the rehabbers were moving really well actually. Everyone just ticking off each session and building nicely for round 1. Standout for me today was AVB with his leadership, he was really vocal and serious and wasn't letting anyone slack off. He was also showing Stretch and Baker how to tackle. No Viney on the track today.
  8. Caligula's cohort

    Training - Saturday 12th January, 2019

    AFL website reporting that Brayshaw had a niggling back injury but is nearing full training.
  9. Caligula's cohort

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    I always thought you were a Clearance Diver or Ammunition tech for the Army. Those guy blow up bombs all day.
  10. Caligula's cohort

    Training - Friday, 21st December 2018

    I managed to get down to my first pre season training session for the year. Arrived roughly around 0940hrs and Hannan was already leaving the track so not sure what was happening there... As I walked to the boundary fence there was a hype of activity. Rehabbers doing all sorts drills with Crossy, the main squad doing what looked to be AFLX simulation, music was pumping, the Drone hovering and Bradtke doing some solo ruck work with the coaching staff and then a few guys running timed laps around the oval. Viney was running a few laps with good intensity and is looking a little leaner. Lever and Melksham were running with a staff member who looked to be pace setting. They would do two laps and then walk for a minute and repeat, about 10 laps in all at a good intensity. After Baker and Oliver had finished with their rehab duties they were running boundary laps 1 minute on 1 minute off. They both seem to be in good nick and will resume in contact work after the Christmas break. The main group went on to play 3/4 ground hot potato for 15 minutes or so. I was impressed with Sparrow and Bedfords ferocity, they laid quite a few good tackles and smothers to the applause of the Jade Rawlings, furthermore they are noticably quick. Joel Smith is in ripping shape, if he stays injury free, he will have a break out year... no doubt about it. Hibbo looking a little more cut and Garlett seem to be in a good place, he was displaying fantastic touch and footy nous, so i'll be keen to see how he travels next year. Following on from the Hot potato drill, the main group did some ground ball 3 on 1 drills which was a good laugh, especially seeing Spargo, Bedford and JKH trying to take down Gawn or Preuss. It took them a while but they finally got them down. Sparrow, Bedford and Garlett again impressed in these drills. Towards the end of the session, the main group were put through a fairly intense rotating circuit training where they would spend 30 seconds at each station and move on to the next. It consisted of Bag tackling, Machine rowers, straight arm Barbell plate sit ups, Speed ropes, Spin bikes and a few other interesting exercises which looked similar to Jiu Jitsu grappling which again got a lot of laughs from the spectators and media. Preuss basically just lied on top of Frost to catch a bit of respite not to Frosty's enjoyment. Finally to finish it off the main squad had to do full ground suicide runs. ANB, KK, C.Wagner and Jordon were the standouts here with C.Wagner crossing the line first followed by ANB who was 20 meters behind. Frost, May, Preuss and Weidemann were the last to cross. They all then jogged it back to the centre square for drinks and were sucking in the big ones with a few on all fours. Not too long after that the training session was finished around Noon.
  11. Caligula's cohort

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    I was 14 when he was drafted which was really about the time I started to follow the Demons passionately.
  12. Caligula's cohort

    Jordan Clark

    Surely the Weagles would get to him before us with picks 20 and 22.
  13. Caligula's cohort

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    The death of Colin Sylvia has hit me pretty hard. He was my idol growing up watching the Dees play at the MCG. Hopefully the club will rest the number 12 next year temporarily as a tribute to Col. Gone far too soon! Rest easy mate, i'll have a bev in your honour!
  14. Caligula's cohort

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    13. Wagner 16. Oliver
  15. Caligula's cohort

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    I saw on, I think it was instagram that Oliver had changed his username claytonoliver16 and Wagner had changed his username to 13 before promptly changing it.