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  1. How about MAY-DAY? when he lines you up, you know you're going to come crashing down.
  2. Caligula's cohort

    Farewell Dean Kent

    No F****** Way he is worth pick 75. When Kent is in the team, he is clearly in our best 22. He snags 2-3 goals a game, provides forward pressure, strong tackling and has genuine pace to break lines and can roost it from outside 50. He is clearly worth between 30 - 50. Name a better small forward we have? Garlett is Lazy, Spargo cant kick past 40m and JKH is well... he's JKH... a nobody.
  3. Caligula's cohort

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I'm sick of hearing radio hosts/sport's commentator's thinking Hogan is only worth a early first round draft pick. Which we would then use to secure May. I would be staggered if we agreed to that deal. You don't give up a 23 year old KPF that will kick 50+ goals a season for the next 10 years for a 27 year old KPB. Dees need to play hard ball and get two early first rounders for Hogan. No exceptions!
  4. Caligula's cohort

    Rumour File

    Goddard to Dees... so we have two fossils (Lewis) playing off half back giving away undisciplined free kicks!
  5. Caligula's cohort

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    If you're flabbergasted by Demonland, have a look at the other 17 AFL team fan forums... I bet we sound like Poetry. But on a side note, I too am frustrated when people can't distinguish "loose and lose."
  6. Caligula's cohort

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    T-Mac also plays wing so they can rotate Fritsch down back leaving Pedo and Hoges as the 2 Key forwards.
  7. Caligula's cohort

    Gawn walking laps in tracksuit, HS telling us not to panic...

    Big Max wants the Bluey and Brownlow! No chance he'll miss!
  8. Caligula's cohort

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Charlie Spargo - 4 games for 4 wins. What a great start to a footy career!
  9. Caligula's cohort

    Rejuvenating the backline

    DJ has good speed and aggression but doesn't have any noticeable impact on the footy. He regularly has disposals in single figures and often goes goalless. He may be flagged for delisting, but you might as well try players in all parts of the ground before writing them off. I even remember calling for Jetta to be delisted in his early days playing as a forward.
  10. Caligula's cohort

    Rejuvenating the backline

    I'd like Dion Johnstone to be trialled as a small lock down defender similar to Jetta's role. I haven't heard anything about him this year as a small forward.
  11. Caligula's cohort

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    I see that now after re-reading your post. Gold Coast should be at least a 30 point win today and we should have a 60 point win over Carlton next week which will be big percentage boosters for us. I reckon we'll be nearing top 4 after round 9.
  12. Caligula's cohort

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    You mean 5/3 with 14 rounds to go ProDee?
  13. Caligula's cohort

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    Joel Smith would be my pick. He has good speed and agility, decent tank, good aerial abilities and a good user by hand and foot. He ticks all the boxes... otherwise there's always Bugg.
  14. Caligula's cohort

    Brendan McCartney - Moved to the bench

    With Macca back down on the bench, he can let the players know that bombing the ball inside forward 50 doesn't actually work. Especially when you only have one key forward who is up the ground most of the time. I'm still astounded that we didn't change our forward entries for the entire game against the Hawks. So much for the secret training in Port Melbourne the other week...
  15. Caligula's cohort


    Ahh... Watts pulling the old sore hammy card, so he can play his 150th at the MCG the following week... Rest up Champ you've earned it. I'll be there cheering you on!