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  1. deespicable me


    Got to add Billy Stretch to that list, I think if he is over his navicular problem he will probably get first crack and I also think/hope Baker may push for a spot this year. I liked Corey whenever I got to see Casey, he is probably behind a few but agree he will offer genuine competition for a spot.
  2. deespicable me

    What they're saying over at Alberton Oval

    Somehow I don't think the first round can come quick enough for Wattsy
  3. deespicable me

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yeah sure, all this is accepted by most, they see the Hogan out May in scenario loud and clear. What people aren't so sure about is the trading out of a potential champion of the game, a Brereton or a Carey for a bloke who has shown his full potential and sure we can build a defence around him but he won't finish his career as a champ of the game. Also sure you have to give up something significant to get something that you need but look at Richmond getting in Lynch. We give up two first round picks for Lever, I think we just want very fair at worst compensation for Hogan, if not overs. Or don't do the bl@@dy trade!
  4. deespicable me

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If Hogan doesn't go this year I would think he won't go there (to freo) for quite a while. He has ummed and ahhhhed about moving home and really when you look at it I think he thought he might get on a good contract and be on easy street for the rest of his career. I reckon this is a good thing, He might just dust himself off and having come so close to the crap of off-season moves re-focus and get stuck in. If this deal doesn't go through (and I hope it doesn't) we may see clear air with Jesse, not the "will he won't he" scenario some posters are afraid of. Hold out, hold out.
  5. deespicable me

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Long time reader first time poster on this subject and most every twist and opinion has been canvassed. My only point I would like to add to the discussion is we should never lose sight of the fact as to how good Hogan may yet become. I think this trade is short sighted. Looking to build a side to win the flag in 2019. And that is fair enough. But if WC get Kelly from Geelong they will be the team to beat. And if we don't win the 2019 flag we could rue our decision to trade out Hogan. Remember he hasn't yet committed to the whole idea of playing professional football. If he does when he turns 26 he will be a superstar. We are being short-sighted. I really hope he stays.
  6. deespicable me

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Pick 1 next year is a great bargaining tool, think Kelly from GWS, so this years pick 5 and next years pick 1 would be a great trade for us if that was the scenario that played out.
  7. deespicable me

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    It's unbelievable. It's just so obvious the umpire influence on the game and not a thing. Worst umpiring I think I've seen in a long time.
  8. deespicable me

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    What about Roughead in the last qtr. Grabs the ball, stops running and gets carried to the ground for a free. Watch Reiwoldt if he gets under the ball he just stops running and any contact he goes to ground. F#ck me thats just selective f#ck'n journalism. If Clarrie got half the frees of these so called superstars he'd be even better. The number of times he had to go for the ball on Friday night with only one hand coz Shiels had hold of the other one and there was no free. They can all get f#cked, especially f#cking Richo, his Tiger mates are the worst. They've always got their hands in the air appealing for the free.
  9. deespicable me

    What if?

    They don't give them away. They're very hard to win. And gee.w.s. has had the rolls royce of lists and may never get there.
  10. deespicable me

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    That handpass from Shiels back to Sicily was a step backwards! A glorious step backwards
  11. deespicable me

    Dion Johnstone

    I think he's a definite keep. His second half of the year has seen him come along really well. He will take over from Nev in two years. Anyway I would think we will only want to pick up two or three kids and maybe one or two rookies this trade period. Our list is in great shape.
  12. deespicable me

    Tom Lynch, free agency and equalization

    My thinking is a tariff system where a top four club is slugged an extra fee into their salary cap. A premium over the wage they are offering Lynch of something like 10 or 15%. If they are giving Lynch 800 a year for 4 years then then 80 to 120 gets taken off their wage cap. This makes it harder for the top clubs to get a free agent. You could also offer a tariff the other way for the bottom clubs so if a Carlton pays 1.2 mill a year for a Lynch as a free agent they might get a 10 or 15% discount meaning only 1.08 mill is put under their salary cap. It might help even it all out a bit. It's clearly wrong at the moment.
  13. deespicable me

    Gawny on Game Day (2/9)

    Is that you Barry?
  14. deespicable me

    Favourite Current Dee

    Jack Watts
  15. deespicable me


    I liked Spargo's kick to Tom Mac in the third.