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  1. Apparently after last nights win Frawley has made himself available to play again.
  2. Looking forward to Viney running straight past the ball and cleaning up Shuey with a shoulder bone to the head.
  3. They've lost the plot. Which is stupid on my behalf for believing there was a plot. No-one knows whats going on. Players, commentators and the public. They change weekly. One of the worst years ever for inconsistent decisions. Scrap it, rip it up, start again.
  4. I liked it last year and thought it made for a great Finals series and I hope they stick with it. There were massive crowds at training sessions which is a great initiative for getting fans close to the stars. The build up to the first week of finals was really exciting and the crowds at the first week of finals were records. And good games right through the finals were fantastic, I had mates who barracked for Dogs and they had the best 4 weeks of their life, even travelling to Sydney for the GWS game. I'd love for Dees to be alive in September and to be alive for an extra week certainly won't mean I'll lose interest. And I didn't last year. I'll go to training and enjoy the build up. Along with Dreamtime, MND big freeze, Pink day, Anzac day and Womens footy etc we are the envy of every other sporting code in Australia for crowd numbers and engagement. The league do a lot wrong but I think this is one of their better ideas.
  5. I followed a link in there from the After Game thread and after reading a few posts I got out before I caught a disease or ended up on some terrorist watch list. Very sad little pocket of the world.
  6. I'm pretty confident with this game. I actually think we'll win easy. I was worried about both Hawthorn and North because they had talls to worry us. Especially North with Brown and Waite. Collingwood will have to kill us in the midfield to win and while they may get the better of us at times I think if we plan well to limit Pendelbury, Treloar and Adams we should win easily. I think they probably should play Cox to try and stretch our defence but he is no Roughead or Brown. Dees with ease.
  7. Yeah, I have. He is 22, only played 13 odd games, 7 this year, mainly because of injury and put into the right system and structure I think he would be a good addition. He beat Tommy Mac in many one on ones which was a good effort. Also he will cost half what May would. We need another tall defender. I may be wrong but I think your confidence that he is no good after only 13 games is a bit premature. I also think O'Brien is developing into an O.k player.
  8. He's not average. Yes he was good against us, but consider his game versus Oscars with those terrible dropped marks and I think he is an upgrade certainly over the next couple of years when hopefully we're contending. If Thompson comes back in even more reason to contact him and put in a good moneyball offer. Watch the game again Trav and you can see he's the sort of player we need for next year.
  9. I preferred their player Jack Leslie, if he was available, or gettable. Probably on a lot less than May so an offer of around 500 a season would be a good deal for us I reckon.
  10. Yeah but at half time on Saturday I was sure we were a bottom four side. I would like to beat GWS interstate in round 20 and sit around where we are now and the uberhype clactometer go absolutely beserk. Demonland has record number of posts as we anticipate the last 3 games v Saints, Brisbane and Collingwood all at the "G", and a potential finals birth for the first time in a long time. Imagine the permutations. If team A,B and C all lose 2 of their last 3 games and we win all 3 we can make top 4 etc etc. I will give up work and live for the final 3 weeks and what may lie beyond in a state of euphoria. Till we lose to the Saints of course.
  11. There is a truth. A reality. The obvious thing about the game is that Scott coached North to target Oliver. Not unusual. Sheedy always had a thug or two in his sides. The thing that is so upsetting is that we got reamed by the umpires, neither of the incidents did we receive a free kick (thats fu#### terrible umpiring and if they had of given a free to Oliver when they should have all the spite for the rest of the game would have been alleviated) reamed by the commentators who were calling Bernie a head-hunter, we lose the game and now we get one suspended and North get off Scott free. F### the lot of them.
  12. I hate North and I hate the umpires. I had a bad day.
  13. The problem for 3 "conferences" is the number of interstate teams in each conference will form a bias. At the moment for example there are 4 interstate teams in the top 6 with Richmond and Geelong. With Geelongs home ground as well Richmond would be travelling all over the place to play. They would claim it was more unfair than it is now. (Mind you, Richmond supporters whinging is a small price to pay.)
  14. I like your idea. I've often thought of how could Melbourne expand its member base. I never thought of the indians. Or the cowboys for that matter. boom tish! Some of you guys are quick to attack our esteemed Mr Dees2014. 40 year supporter is worth some respect. Rather than criticize why don't you guys come up with an idea to get us to 50,000 members. Nothing wrong with his trying, and it is bad form by the club not to reply.
  15. It's very hard to win week in week out. Hawthorn were the last side to really dominate the competition, where they only had to put the foot down for short periods of time in order to dispose of teams down the bottom of the ladder like we were. They could then save their energy for the tough games like Geelong or Sydney. The competition is in an amazing state of flux at the moment where just about every team can beat another on any day. The only exception being Brisbane and I'm sure they will still take a couple of upset scalps this year. But the dominance of two or three teams of 2-10 years ago is gone for the moment and has left a void that will in time be filled. I believe Melbourne are a chance to be one of those teams. The thing Melbourne has to firstly overcome is to beat teams when they are "on" and really want it. We haven't been able to do that yet. The loss last year to Essendon when they had their march to the "G" was the most insipid. But our loss two weeks ago to Hawthorn was poor. We should know the lesson Hawthorn gave us all when they were flying was if you've got your boot on a teams neck then don't let them back up. That was a chance to win 2 in a row against Hawthorn and start something of a dominance against them. Instead we helped get their season back on track. Weak effort. And I know we're getting better but the next step is to become ruthless. This weeks game is a great test for us. North have had the wood on us for a while now. Scott definitely knows it and will be keen to keep it going, they should be "on". Remember ages ago, I think it was in the Bailey era when people were spruiking Melbourne as the "next big thing" and in the lead up to the game that season against North Scott came out and said he thought North had just as much claim to that title as Melbourne. And they put us away and have ever since. Well nows our chance to beat them and beat them good. End their season. Can we do it? Can we back it up? Can we be ruthless? Or will we be the insipid Dees that we saw against Hawthorn. It's a tribal game and developing dominance over another tribe is important. That's what we need to do.